Pipkins Pipkins is a 70’s Children’s TV puppet show created by Michael Jeans and the programme was shown continuously from 1973 to 1981. 313 episodes were produced. The series was originally called Indigo Pipkin, the name of the chief character who was played by George Woodbridge. Unfortunately George Woodbridge died during the recording of the second series.  Wayne Laryea, who played Johnny, his assistant, took over and the programme was renamed Pipkins.     Story  The plot of Pipkins was very simple - a group of animals and one human, who all lived together, ran an organisation called 'The Help People'.  They performed useful tasks, that were seldom advertised in Yellow pages, such as rescuing model aeroplanes from trees.  Each member of the household had a job. Tortoise lived in a cash register and acted as treasurer.  As he was a cautious pessimist he wouldn't allow anyone to spend any money, as they might never have anymore!   Pig, who had a 'Brummie' accent, was the inventor who created amazing machines - mostly connected with food. The monkey was called Topov because he was always on top of something. Octavia was the ostrich who just walked around looking beautiful and singing opera. Hartley Hare was the Managing Director, or at least he thought so.  The others had different ideas.   Pipkins - Hartley Hare Looks Tired Pipkins T-Shirts - NONE Pipkins DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Pipkins DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Pipkins Video Pipkins - Pig, Topov and Hartley
Pipkins Episodes Pipkins - Mr Inigoís Shop Pipkins - Mr Inigo Pipkins - Mr Inigo Helping Hartley Hare Pipkins - Hartley Is Fed Up Pipkins - Titles 1 Pipkins - Hartley The TV Camera Hare Pipkins - Picture of Pig Pipkins - Picture Of Tortoise Pipkins - Picture Of Topov, Pig and Tortoise Pipkins - Hartley Hare Calls A Meeting Pipkins - Inigo Pipkins Titles Pipkins - Pig Is Always Eating Pipkins - Titles 2 Pipkins - The Pipkins Van Pipkins - Tortoise Is In Charge Of The Money Pipkins - Johnny Drives The Van Pipkins - Topov The Monkey Pipkins - Johnny And Hartley Hare Pipkins Images (click to enlarge) Pipkins - Pipkins Puppets Van Pipkins - Mr Inigo Relaxing Pipkins - Hartley Hare Pipkins - Hello Pig Pipkins - Hartley Hare Stirs It Up Pipkins - Itís Time For A Story Pipkins - Topov Relaxing Pipkins - Pig Wants Johnnyís Food © JedisParadise.com
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