Pob Pob is an 80’s Children’s TV show, consisting of Fifty-two 25 minute programmes.  They were transmitted on Channel 4 television between October 1986 and November 1987. Thirteen 15 minute episodes were transmitted on Channel 4 television from April 1988. Eight 15 minute episodes were transmitted on Channel 4 television from October 1988. Two 25 minute episodes were transmitted on Channel 4 television from January 1990.     Story  Do you ever wonder about interference on your television screen?  It could be Pob - the first character produced by Ragdoll Productions.  Pob lives inside your television and leaves messages for his special guests on labels with red and yellow string in his secret garden.   He sent clues to Dick King-Smith, who was a popular children's author, to find out what Pob had left him.  Dick explained all of the historical places he came across and was aided by his lovely black Labrador - Hattie (who often got too excited looking for what Pob had left them).  Pob left the item they were searching for attached to red and yellow string, and sometimes it was a joke item - at Dick's expense (which Pob laughs a lot at).   Meanwhile cheeky Pob sends a Magic Box to Rod Campbell to discover what's in it.  But does Rob just open it?  Oh no, Rob sits down and draws a device to open it, as he knows that Pob leaves messy surprises inside.  So once the drawing is done, he goes and builds it, then tries it out and avoid then surprise in the box.   Also Alan Dart makes things for Pob and shows you the viewer how to do it too.  Afterwards Pob plays with the thing that Alan had made (oh and they were better than what Blue Peter made!). Pob - With A Friend Pob T-Shirts - NONE Pob DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Pob Video Pob - With A Lighthouse
Pob Episodes Pob - Spraying Pob - Writes His Name Pob - Party Time Pob - Dick King-Smith And Hattie Investigate Pob - Meets A Chicken Pob - The Chicken Inspector Pob - Dick King-Smith Helps Out Pob - Dick King-Smith And Hattie Pob - Map Of The Farm Pob - Underwater Pob - Getting Ready Pob - The Contraption Begins Pob - The Plans To Open The Box Pob - Rod Campbell Is Up For Opening The Box Pob - Wants To Know What’s In The Box Pob - Receives A Letter Pob - Has A Cut Out Of Himself Pob - Outline Pob Images (click to enlarge) Pob - Wiping The Screen Clean Pob - Has Become Chinese Pob - Making A Duck Card Pob - Arrives Pob - Parachutes In Pob - Likes Dick Pob - Wonders Pob - Playing Horse Shoe Pob - The Contraption Pob - Makes A Camera Pob - Takes Our Photo Pob - Plays Trains Pob - End Credits © JedisParadise.com
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