Rainbow Brite Story Rainbow Brite is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. It told of a miserable place, where it was permanently dark and was an inhospitable place, which was littered with monsters that would give anyone nightmares. Even the trees were evil and they would try and trap you. A little girl called Wiz arrived in a ball of light on the planet, guided by a good spirit. She decided that this planet deserved saving from darkness and misery and went on a quest to save it and bring happiness back to it.    It is not an easy path that she had chosen and she needed to find the Sphere of Light and set it free to restore the colour of the Planet. This is easier said than done as it was in the evil one's castle. The evil one uses lightening to destroy or freeze anything that is good on the planet. Wiz was joined on her quest by a small white furry creature call Twink (who is a sprite) and a white stallion called Starlight, who tells her that the only way to get into the castle and fight the evil one is to use the Colour Belt.   The evil one had thrown it in the 'River of No Return', so that it would be lost forever, but the river was not to be found and instead a dry river bed was found. Little did they know when they travelled on it that the water would spring from the ground and carry them off. Two servants of the evil one, Murky & Lurky, were sent to stop them from finding the Rainbow belt and ultimately finding the Sphere of Light.   When they reached dry land they found a baby, which Wiz declared she would take care of. When sheltering in a nearby cave from the rain, they came across the colour belt. This magically told them that there were 7 Colour Kids that collected colour star sprinkles with the help of sprites, and that they were being held prisoner. So again another side quest began and Wiz, Twink & Starlight set out to free them, with Murky & Lurky trying to stop them.   They eventually rescued all but 1 Colour Kid, only to find out that the Baby had been kidnapped by Murky & Lurky and taken back to the castle. Wiz asked the Colour Kids to collect as many star sprinkles as they could and wait for her signal and then use them all together. Wiz, Twink & Starlight made their way into the castle and avoided Murky & Lurky and accidentally came across the 7th Colour Kid, which they set free. She gave the signal to the colour kids when she confronted the evil one at the top of the castle.   The colour kids congregated on the castle throwing their coloured star sprinkles, which helped reveal that the little baby was infact the Sphere of Light. The rainbow belt sent a rainbow around the evil one, which made him disappear. The gloomy Castle collapsed to reveal a new golden castle and the Sphere combined with the coloured Star Sprinkles to create Rainbow Land. The good spirit rewarded Wiz for her bravery and said that she was no longer Little Wiz and will now be know as Rainbow Brite and that she was charged with protecting Rainbow Land from others who wanted to turn it into a gloomy place. Starlight had also changed, and his mane was now multi-coloured. Rainbow Brite Characters     Wiz / Rainbow Brite Wiz was spirited to the most inhospitable planet were no colour existed. Once she defeated the Evil King of the Shadows, she used the Colour Belt to return colour back to Rainbow Land. Also she became Rainbow Brite. The Star Sprinkles are used to power her Colour Belt. Using the belt she can create rainbows and bring colour and happiness to the planet earth.   But the colour belt does not work everywhere, such as the Treacherous Pits where Murky and Lurky live. She has a crush on Brian, a friend of hers from Earth.     Twink He was unhappy before Wiz came across him, as he has been living in fear from all the monsters on the planet. Initially he wouldn't help Wiz, but he cannot leave this little girl to go to the evil one's castle alone. Now Twink won't leave her side and will do anything to help her.    Starlight He is the most wonderful horse in the universe and he can fly and talk. Not only that, but he seems to have the biggest ego in the Universe, as he is always bragging how good he is.   He cannot fly everywhere, such as the Treacherous Pits, where his energy is sapped.     Murky Once the Evil One was out of the way, Murky continued to try to rid Rainbow Land of all its colour. He uses his potions to make others feel gloomy and give up all hope. He lives in the Treacherous Pits with Lurky, who he bullies to get him to do what he wants. Don't get too close to Murky, as he can walk past flowers and turn them into a miserable grey colour.   He sits in a trashcan, which is the makeshift sidecar attached to the side of the grunge buggy.     Lurky He is the dumb one out of the two and is the muscles of the Gang. Lurky accidentally keeps messing things up of Murky...its just he's a bit clumsy. If given half the chance he would be good, but Murky doesn't let him. He drives the grunge buggy.     Brian He is a young boy who was befriended by Rainbow Brite, after she tried to cheer him up. I think Rainbow Brite has a crush on him, as she like to blow kisses to him, which embarrasses him, as the lipstick stays on his cheeks for a small time. He tries to act as if he doesn't have a care on the planet, but in reality he cares about Rainbow Land and Rainbow Brite and will do anything to help them.     Sprites The Sprites mine the Star Sprinkles for the Colour Kids.     Evil King of Shadows Also known as the Evil One. He was the ruler of the planet, when it was grey, and Murky and Lurky were servants of him. But with the help of the Rainbow Kidsand the Sphere of Light, Rainbow Brite banished him from the planet.     Sphere of Light This small baby girl was infact the Sphere of Light. Her energy helped Rainbow Brite expel the King of the Shadows.     Monstromurk He was created by Murky to keep everything grey. But he was too powerful to control so he was imprisoned in a bottle, until Murky could work out a way of controlling him. Lurky accidentally let him free to cause havoc on Rainbow Land and to enslave Murky and Lurky.   Eventually Murky created a crown that would make the Monstomurk forget about everything and allow him to control him. Once he was wearing it, he instructed him to attack Rainbow Land again and was ultimately defeated by Rainbow Brite and imprisoned in the bottle again.     Red Butler He is in charge of the Red sprinkles and is a bit competitive. He likes to excel at everything and feels threatened when Brian comes on the scene.     Canary Yellow She is in charge of the Yellow star sprinkles.     Patty O'Green She is in charge of the Green star sprinkles.     Shy Violet  She is the most intelligent one out of the Colour Kids. She is in charge of the Violet star sprinkles.     Indigo She is in charge of the Indigo star sprinkles.     Lala Orange  She is in charge of the Orange star sprinkles.     Buddy Blue He is in charge of the Blue star sprinkles. Rainbow Brite - Concerned Rainbow Brite T-Shirts - NONE Rainbow Brite DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Rainbow Brite Region 1 (USA) - NONE Rainbow Brite Video Rainbow Brite - And Starlight
Rainbow Brite Episodes Series 1 (1984)  1. Beginning of Rainbowland - Part 1  2. Beginning of Rainbowland - Part 2  3. Peril in the Pits  4. The Mighty Monstomurk Menace - Part 1  5. The Mighty Monstomurk Menace - Part 2  6. Invasion of Rainbow Land  7. Mom  8. Rainbow Night  9. Star Sprinkled  10. Chasing Rainbows  11. Murky's Comet  12. A Horse of a Different Color  13. Queen of the Sprites      Movies  1. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers        (1985) Rainbow Brite - Attacks A Monster Rainbow Brite - Twink Is Worried Rainbow Brite - Starbright Before The Transformation Rainbow Brite - Starlight Can Walk On Rainbows Rainbow Brite - Murky And Lurky Hide Rainbow Brite - Lurky Loves To Drive Rainbow Brite - Meeting In Rainbow Land Rainbow Brite - The Colour Belt Rainbow Brite - The Colour Belt Works Its Magic Rainbow Brite - Indigo Adds Colour Rainbow Brite - Titles Rainbow Brite - Starlight To The Rescue Rainbow Brite - Evil King Of Shadows Captures The Light Rainbow Brite - Rainbows Surround Evil Rainbow Brite - All The Colour Kids Add Their Colour Rainbow Brite - A Rainbow Coloured Horse Rainbow Brite - The Monstromurk Attacks Rainbow Brite - Brian Arrives By Rainbow Rainbow Brite Images (click to enlarge) Rainbow Brite - Rainbow Land Rainbow Brite - Frozen Sprites Rainbow Brite - Wiz / Rainbow Brite Rainbow Brite - Evil King Of Shadows Rainbow Brite - Sphere Of Light Rainbow Brite - Monstromurk Rainbow Brite - Red Butler Rainbow Brite - Canary Yellow Rainbow Brite - Twink Rainbow Brite - Starlight Rainbow Brite - Murky Rainbow Brite - Lurky Rainbow Brite - Brian Rainbow Brite - Sprites Rainbow Brite - Murky And Lurky Rainbow Brite - Patty O’Green Rainbow Brite - Shy Violet Rainbow Brite - Indigo Rainbow Brite - Lala Orange Rainbow Brite - Buddy Blue Rainbow Brite - Hi Lala Orange © JedisParadise.com
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