Roobarb Roobarb is a 70’s Children’s TV cartoon. It was quite a strange cartoon that starred a green dog (Roobard) and a pink cat (Custard).  It was strange because of the way it looked - it shimmered.  This programme was on a tight budget and was created using a cheap source of colouring - marker pens.   The characters of Roobard were voiced by actor Richard Briers - who is well known for 'The Good Life' and 'Ever Decreasing Circles'. Roobarb was written by Grange Calveley. It was produced and Directed by Bob Godfrey who was later involved with bringing us Henry's Cat. In 2005 Roobarb and Custard returned to our screens in a series of new adventures called Roobarb and Custard Too.     Story  The stories in Roobarb mainly consisted of Roobarb coming up with an idea and trying to put it into action.  The trouble was that these ideas were never really thought through, so were nearly always heading to disaster.  If they weren't then Custard the fat pink cat from next door would make sure they did. Roobarb Characters     Roobarb Roobarb was a green dog, who lived on his own in a house (two up - two down).  He wasn't the most intelligent dog, but that didn't stop him from pretending to be.  He would come up with ideas and that usually meant him going to his shed at the bottom of his garden and making his invention become reality (which rarely worked). Roobard always had to look over his shoulder, because Custard was always around waiting to set him up.     Custard Custard was a fat pink cat who lived next door to Roobarb.  He liked to laze around on the fence watching Roobarb come up with his inventions.  He would try to humiliate Roobarb with any chance he could and would normally be seen laughing the loudest at his misfortune (a bit of a bully really). If Custard saw an opportunity that was favourable to himself then he would team up with Roobarb, but if it started to go wrong then he would immediately jump ship.     The Birds  These were quite evil looking birds, that would also laugh alot at Roobarb.  These birds were really Roobarb's audience and he would show off his inventions or skills to them.  But as you've heard previously, Roobarb's plans rarely worked so the birds were mostly laughing.   Roobarb - Stuck Up A Tree Roobarb - Running Roobarb Images (click to enlarge) Roobarb T-Shirts - Roobarb and Custard T-Shirts Roobarb T-Shirts Roobarb DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Roobarb and Custard Region 1 (USA) - NONE Roobarb Video Roobarb - Titles
Roobarb Episodes Series 1 (1974)  1. When Roobarb Made A Spike  2. When Roobarb didn’t see the sun         come up  3. When Roobarb was being bored then         not being bored  4. When the tree fell to pieces  5. When Roobarb found sauce  6. When it was night  7. When it was Christmas  8. When the sun was just right  9. When the opera wasn’t a phantom  10. When there wasn’t treasure  11. When it wasn’t Thorsday  12. When Roobarb was cheating  13. When Custard was sorry  14. When Roobarb mixed the paint  15. When Roobarb’s heart ruled his head  16. When You're Going To Fly - Fly High  17. When The Day Didn't Arrive  18. When Roobarb did the Lion's Share  19. When Roobarb Was at the End           of His Tether  20. When Custard Stole the Show  21. When There Was a Dance At Foxes           Dale  22. When Roobarb Wasn't As Pleased           As Punch  23. When Roobarb Turned Over A New           Leaf  24. When There Was Something Else  25. When the Day Wouldn't Keep Still  26. When Roobarb Got A Long Break  27. When The Pipes Call The Tune  28. When A Knight Lost His Day  29. When Custard Got Too Near The Bone  30. When There Was A Big Mix Up    Roobarb & Custard Too Episodes   Series 1 (2005)   1. When There Was A Surprise  2. When Custard Was Grounded  3. When Custard Wrote A Book  4. When There Was An Elephant  5. When Custard Was Very, Very Naughty  6. When The Books Went Bye Bye  7. When There Was A Wind-Up  8. When Roobarb Found The Hieroglypics  9. When It Ended In Tears  10. When There Was A Big Band  11. When The Garden Was Dry  12. When There Was A Time Warp  13. When It Was Cool To Be Smooth  14. When There Was A Pottery Party  15. When The Computer Went On           The Blink  16. When There Was An Opera  17. When The Mouse Arrived For           Christmas  18. When Roobarb Went On A Fitness           Drive  19. When Modern Thingumajigs Need           Tweaking  20. When The Wind Blows, The Space           Age Will Stop  21. When There Wasn't A Boiled Egg  22. When Rookie Fell Out Of The Sky  23. When The Laughing Had To Stop  24. When Roobarb Was Bowled Over  25. When Walter's Web Caught Roobarb's           Eye  26. When There Was A Dance Festival  27. When There Was Magic  28. When The Ballet Hit The Skids  29. When A Dinosaur Broke Loose  30. When Jeremy Barker Turned Up  31. When There Was A Country Fayre  32. When The Molecules Got Loose  33. When There Was A Duel  34. When It Was A Wibbling Week  35. When The Astrognomes Landed  36. When Everything Went Lumpy  37. When Communications Weren't The           Best  38. When There Really Was A Something  39. When There Was A Cuckoo Roobarb - Himself Roobarb - Custard Roobarb - The Birds ©
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