Rosie and Jim Rosie and Jim is a 90’s Children’s TV show. The first series of Rosie & Jim was filmed at various locations in the Black Country - perhaps you remember seeing them? 215 programmes have been transmitted, giving twelve years of quality pre-school viewing  from ITV. British Waterways used Rosie & Jim and the Ragdoll to convey their 'Safety near Water' message round the canal network. In 1992 Rosie & Jim was awarded the international TV Ontario Award.     Story  Rosie and Jim are two rag dolls that live on a narrow boat which is from Birmingham (UK), which is called the Ragdoll. There they sit with an accordion on their lap and only come alive when no one is looking, such as Neil, who steers the boat, sings songs and relaxes as the world passes by slowly.   They learn to experience things by following Neil (Tootle) on his adventures and secretly joining in the same thing he does, but end up causing trouble. Still, they never seem to get in trouble, as no one ever seems to see them! Two of the most popular faces in children's television. Rosie and Jim Characters    Rosie     (played by Rebecca Nagan) Rosie is the most mischievous out of the two rag dolls, She likes danger, and is always causing trouble for Neil on his adventures. She even stole his bike and the Hot Air Balloon he was supposed to go in.     Jim     (played by Robin Stevens) Jim is more level headed than Rosie and tries to tell her when things aren't a good idea (which she seems to ignore). Once he got the chance to ride a horse, but once on it he realised that he was facing the wrong way. How silly he looked!   Jim also tries to sing the songs that Neil makes up, but he isn't very good at it.     Neil     (played by Neil Brewer) Neil loves to play the harmonica while floating along the canals and on occasion plays the accordion. He has a knack of making up songs based on his experiences. He's quite adventurous, such as going up in a hot air balloon and taking riding lessons, but Rosie and Jim seem to ruin his experience in some sort of way.   He's not the most fashion conscious person as as he wears a waistcoat, hat, ponytail and life jacket (when on the water). Rosie and Jim also have a pet name for him, 'Tootle'.     Duck He is an ornament that sits on top of the boat, in the shape of a duck. He likes to flap his wings and lets Rosie and Jim know when the coast is clear. Duck also lets them know when there is something for them to see, who then pop up through the hatch to see what he’s found. Rosie And Jim - Watch With Mother Exhibition Rosie and Jim Images (click to enlarge) Rosie and Jim T-Shirts - NONE Rosie and Jim DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Rosie and Jim DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Rosie and Jim Video Rosie And Jim - On The Canal Boat
Rosie and Jim Episodes Series 1 (1990) John Cunliffe 1. Locks 2. Painting 3. Supermarket 4. Tunnel 5. Horse Towing 6. Glass 7. Boat Building 8. Washing 9. Coal 10. Sheep Shearing 11. Falcons 12. Woollen Mill 13. Bread 14. Shopping/Food 15. Weaving 16. Hampton Ferry 17. Milk 18. Sailing 19. Steam 20. Abbey 21. Rubbish 22. Pottery 23. Fairground 24. Letters 25. Getting Lost Series 2 (1991) John Cunliffe 1. Automata 2. Butterflies 3. Houses 4. Hair 5. School 6. Bricks 7. Small Animals 8. Hats 9. Hospital 10. Boat Painting 11. Sheepdog 12. Waterworks 13. Blacksmith 14. Library 15. Dredging 16. Rope 17. Trees 18. Shoes 19. Brass 20. Flying 21. Coracle 22. Puppet Show 23. Shire Horses 24. Eggs 25. Boat Festival Series 3 (1995) Pat Hutchins 1. Radio Station 2. Babies 3. Steam Train 4. Barn Owl 5. Gingerbread Man 6. Brass Band 7. Flower Baskets 8. Lost And Found 9. Ten Pin Bowling 10. Doctor 11. Potatoes 12. Gymkhana 13. Street Market 14. Picture Gallery 15. City Farm 16. Hat Factory 17. Suitcase 18. Soap Factory 19. Bouncy Castle 20. Morris Dancing 21. Flood On The Boat 22. Shoe Maker 23. Scarecrow 24. Roller Skating 25. Night Time Series 4 (1996) Pat Hutchins 1. Circus 2. Earring 3. Gondola 4. Mouse 5. Restaurant 6. Safari 7. Gymnasium 8. Lost Kitten 9. Stripes 10. Lights 11. Pizza 12. Window Dressing 13. Vet 14. Bus 15. Dog Agility Training 16. Race 17. Milk Float 18. Ballroom Dancing 19. Umbrella 20. Sleepy Baby Series 5 (1997) Neil Brewer 1. Harmonica 2. Spring Cleaning 3. Water Skiing 4. Cake 5. Sing Song 6. Pony And Trap 7. Ducks 8. Football 9. Chimney Sweep 10. Windy Day 11. Chair 12. Kites 13. Tailor 14. Hot Air Balloon 15. Bike Ride 16. Parrot 17. Beach 18. Roundabout 19. Mattress 20. Theatre Series 6 (1998) Neil Brewer 1. Noodles 2. Pigeons 3. Camping 4. Big Ben 5. Golf 6. Tower Of London 7. Newspaper 8. Waterslide 9. Fish 10. Stilts 11. Diy 12. Ketchup 13. Lullaby 14. Driftwood 15. Tower Bridge 16. Music Boat 17. Recording Studio 18. One Man Band 19. Chinese Lion Dance 20. Music Party Series 7 (1999) Neil Brewer 1. Honey Bee 2. Chainmaking 3. Armour 4. Frogs 5. Thatching 6. Sailing 7. Drawing 8. Disco 9. Remote Control 10. Keep Fit 11. Dry Walling 12. Baby Elephant 13. Washing Day 14. Lifeboat 15. Knitting Factory 16. Road Boat 17. Line Dancing 18. Wallpaper 19. High Bar 20. Riding Lesson Series 8 (2000) Neil Brewer 1. Disappearing Dog 2. Upside Down 3. Where's The Wedding 4. Mother's Day 5. Steel Band 6. Disappearing Trousers 7. Jumble Duck 8. Flour Trail 9. Birthday Party 10. Lots Of Knots 11. Flashing Fire Engines 12. Amazing Teddy 13. Rescue The Rubbish 14. Water, Water Everywhere 15. Hop To The Hospital 16. Lazy Day 17. The Window Cleaner 18. Little Ducklings 19. Runaway Roller Blades 20. The Magic Show ©
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