Sara and Hoppity Sara and Hoppity is a 60’s Children’s TV puppet show that was created and written by Roberta Leigh and were based on the Sara and Hoppity Books she had written. It was Directed by Arthur Provis and commissioned by Associated-Rediffusion in 1962.     Story  Sara Brown has a toy called Hoppity, who is very naughty. Sara lives with her mummy and daddy in a shop that mends toys (a Toy Hospital). An old man brought in a broken windup toy, called Hoppity, to sell. He found the toy in a goblin ring and its a magic toy. The reason he was called Hoppity is because he only had one leg, and when he was wound up, he couldn't dance properly and could only hop.   Poor Hoppity was in a state, because he had no clothes, mouth etc. and he looked like an ugly piece of wood. But Sara wanted him and asked her parents if they would buy Hoppity for her, but they thought he was only fit for the rubbish tip. Luckily Miss Julie gave her Sixpence to buy him. She is an old woman who stays up in the attic and makes clothes for all the dolls. Sara washed him and got her daddy to put a new leg on him, even though he could only find one that was a bit shorter than the other one. Miss Julie made him some clothes and mummy painted his face, gave him hair and put a key in his back to wind him up.   But that's where the trouble starts, as Hoppity keeps telling Sara to do naughty things (Tiddly Tum, Tiddly Tee). When she gets caught doing them, she tells them that Hoppity told her to do it, but no one believes her, as dolls can't talk. Poor Sara. Sara and Hoppity - He’s Not Dressed Sara and Hoppity T-Shirts - NONE Sara and Hoppity DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Sara and Hoppity Video Sara and Hoppity - He’s Dancing On The Table Sara and Hoppity Episodes Series 1 (1962)  1. Sara And Hoppity  2. Hoppity Is Stolen  3. Sara And Hoppity Bake A Cake  4. Sara And Hoppity And Shaggy Dog  5. Sara's Friend Has An Accident  6. Shaggy Is Taught Some Tricks  7. Sara And Hoppity Go Skating  8. Sara And The Broken Toys  9. Shaggy In Trouble  10. A Present For Miss Julie  11. Gorgey Georgie Comes To Stay  12. Sara And Father Christmas  13. Aunt Mathilda's New Dress  14. Gorgey Georgie Is Naughty Again  15. Sara And Hoppity Get Lost  16. Sara's Birthday  17. Sara Does The Spring Cleaning  18. Gorgey Georgie Comes To Tea  19. Sara And The Junk Man  20. Sara And Hoppity Help Mummy  21. Hoppity Does Something Wrong  22. A New Hat For Mummy  23. A New Kite  24. Fun On The Sands  25. A Birthday Cake For Daddy  26. A Present For Jimmy  27. Shaggy And The Flowers  28. Sara And Hoppity Clean The Shop  29. Sara And Hoppity Do The Wallpapering  30. The Snowman  31. Pancake Day  32. Aunt Mathilda's Hat  33. Jimmy Comes To Tea  34. Sara Is Naughty  35. The Goldfish Pond  36. The Coalman Comes To Call  37. Mummy Loses Her Ring  38. A Visit To The Seaside  39. Sara Goes To School  40. A Day At The Beach  41. The Lonely Junk Man  42. The Brass Band  43. The Painting Competition  44. A Day In Bed  45. Sara And Hoppity Quarrel  46. Gorgey Georgie Goes Visiting  47. Father Christmas And The Presents  48. Hoppity And The Jelly  49. The Grandfather Clock  50. The Windy Day  51. The Fancy Dress Party  52. Washing Day Sara and Hoppity Images (click to enlarge) Sara and Hoppity - Exploring Sara and Hoppity - What A Strange Looking Doll Sara and Hoppity - He Now Has Hair Sara and Hoppity - Hopping Around Sara and Hoppity - Trying to Keep Things Tody Sara and Hoppity - Lunch Time Sara and Hoppity - Fixing Toys Sara and Hoppity - A New Toy Has Arrived Sara and Hoppity - Please Fix My Toy Sara and Hoppity - Sara’s Mother Sara and Hoppity - Intro 2 Sara and Hoppity - Titles Sara and Hoppity - Intro 1 Sara and Hoppity - Asks Sara To Help Out Sara and Hoppity - Helping Out NO VIDEO...YET ©
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