Sesame Street Sesame Street was a 60’s Children’s TV show, that cost several million dollars and began on the 10th November 1969. It was an American educational programme that was aimed at preschoolers. The show was influenced by the format of TV commercials, where they tried to get their message across in 30 seconds and repeat important information (in this case letters and numbers). This reinforced what was being taught and made it easier for the children watching to memorise it. The shows consisted of a number of sketches, stories, animations and interactions with people that lived in Sesame Street. It was Kermit that came up with the name of the Sesame Street, like open sesame.   There were a large number of advisors that reviewed the planned material (for its educational content), they consisted of teachers, psychologists and the producers of the show. To visualise ideas, storyboards were created and from this the scene was produced. Before releasing that segment on Sesame Street, it was evaluated by a group of children, to see if the children learnt anything from it. Sesame Street is still going strong today, teaching a new generation of children. But it seems that today's children could be frightened by the Sesame Street of the past! The Sesame Street Old School DVD warns viewers that the old shows are for adults only. Maybe Oscar the Grouch is too Grumpy? Whatever the reason, I hope that this trend doesn't continue, as I think children of any age can still enjoy the shows of the past.     Story   Sesame Street was created to help children to read, and count. It was innovative by using animation, clips of animal, puppet characters (Muppets) and actors that interacted with them. The title of the show referenced a street that was shown in the show, where characters from it lived. It was meant to represent a place that the viewer might actually live in. The trouble was that the street looked like a set in a TV studio, so I'm not sure they were successful with that part of their idea. Each episode centred on teaching the viewer a number of letters and numbers, which were dotted throughout the show.    Initially the viewer was introduced to Sally, Gordon, Susan, Bob, Mr Hooper, Jenny who lived on the street. Who in turn introduced us to the famous Sesame Street characters or Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Gouch, Bert & Ernie, and many more. Even one of the Muppets greatest even stars in the show - Kermit the Frog. Sesame Street Characters    Big Bird He is the figure head of the show. He is an 8ft 2 inch tall yellow bird. He's a bit goofy, but the kids seem to like him.     Ernie He lives in the basement of an apartment with his best friend Bert. He's always happy, and loves to sing, which sometimes upsets Bert. Ernie loves to take a bath with a pal of his, Rubber Ducky, who makes bath times fun. He has even named the bath Rosie! Ernie has many favourite things and gets very emotional when he comes across them (I think he likes everything).     Bert He lives together with his best friend Ernie. Bert is the opposite of Ernie, very controlled (such as his emotions) and thinks things through. He doesn't like noisy places and is a bit of a grouch.     Oscar the Grouch  Oscar lives in a trash can in Sesame Street. As you can guess, he's a grouch (literally). He doesn't like being disturbed and especially he doesn't like people bashing on his trash can. Oscar tries to avoid fresh air and sunlight and is happier staying inside his 3 and a half room trash can (its huge on the inside) going through the garbage he's collected. Anything dirty, dingy, rusty is a bonus. He especially likes to be taken on trips to the garbage dump, where he can pickup some extra things for his trash can. Oscar has also changed colour over the years. Initially he was orange, but changed to green. Maybe he went mouldy and is still orange underneath?     Anything People As their name suggests, they can be anything. They are a family that have no features. Instead they can stick features to their heads, such as eyes, noses, ears and hair. I'm surprised they recognise each other, but I guess its the voice they go on.     Kermit He is Sesame Street's roving reporter and the straight man compared to other Muppets.      Cookie Monster  Well, where do we start with Cookie Monster. Ah yes, 1) he is a Monster 2) he likes cookies. Just don't get in his way when he eats them. His eyes go all wobbly and he shovel's them into his mouth at a fantastic pace. So fast, that not all of the cookies make it in! But if cookies aren't around, then anything else is fair game to be eaten. Sesame Street - Big Bird Is Really Tall Sesame Street - Big Bird Sesame Street T-Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Sesame Street T-Shirts T-Shirts (USA) - Sesame Street T-Shirts Sesame Street T-Shirts Sesame Street DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Sesame Street DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Sesame Street DVDs Sesame Street Video Sesame Street - Ernie And Bert
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