The Smurfs The Smurfs is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. The characters were created by the Belgian cartoonist Pierre 'Peyo' Culliford in 1958, and first appeared as background characters in a story of 'Johan and Peewit'. The popularity of the Smurfs rose over the years and in 1976 a film was made - 'The Smurfs and the Magic Flute'. The Smurfs also spawned a hit record with Father Abraham. Also popular were the Smurfs Figures, where new and wonderful Smurfs appeared.   In 1981 it was the turn of Hanna-Barbera to put the Smurfs on the small screen. The series ran until 1990, when it was cancelled due to a dwindling audience. A total of 256 episodes were made. Over the years the Smurfs disappeared from our TV screens, the Smurfs attractions in America were gradually removed and it looked bleak for the Smurfs. But then the cartoons started to be repeated again on channels like Boomerang and their popularity started to rise again. Sadly Peyo died in 1992.   There has been talk of the Smurfs returning in a new movie. This was supposed to tie in with the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 2008, but it seems that it has been postponed for the moment. The 50th Anniversary Celebrations consists of travelling to certain cities around Europe and placing white Smurf figurines around the city (in conjunction with UNICEF). When found, these can be painted and entered into a competition. Also there is an accompanying exhibition that tells the story and history of the Smurfs.     Story  The Smurfs are a group of small blue creatures, who mostly all wear white hats and trousers (I'm surprised the don't get cold). They live deep in the forest, in a hidden village, in their mushroom houses. Supposedly they are the only Smurfs in the World. They are a happy bunch of Smurfs (who are lead by Papa Smurf), but this doesn't last as Gargamel, an evil wizard, has made it his task in life to track down and capture them all. It's just he hates their 'goody, goody'  ways!    Aided in his pursuit of Smurfs is his equally villainous cat, Azrael. Luckily Gargamel doesn't know the location of the Smurfs village, so they are safe for the moment. When Smurfs aren't rushing around, then they like to have a game of football (soccer) but they don't seem to know the rules, which can lead to trouble. The Smurfs are good at building things and have even built a wooden dam nearby to the village. They constantly maintain it to ensure that it does not collapse in the future. When speaking they constantly use the word 'Smurf', which they use instead of other words. Such as 'I was Smurfing all day'. The Smurfs Characters    Papa Smurf He is the leader of the Smurfs, who is wise and the voice of reason. He is the oldest Smurf at 542 years old. Papa Smurf is the only male Smurf who wears different coloured clothes to the others (he wears a red hat and trousers). Also he is also the only one to sport a beard. Papa Smurf also knows magic and uses it to counter Gargamel's Magic. He locks himself away in his workshop and experiments with potions. One thing he absolutely hates is being interrupted during this time, so you have been warned.   He is also the village doctor who can use a number of remedies to aid the other Smurfs. Papa Smurf also tells small white lies when he leads the Smurfs on long missions. They always ask him 'is it much further?' which he nearly always replies 'its not far now', when in fact it is miles away (apart from when he gets fed up of them asking and shouts 'Yes it is!!').     Gargamel He is an evil wizard that hates Smurfs because they are always happy, and he hates happiness. Gargamel can even smell when a Smurf is nearby! The Smurfs can even smell him, as he supposedly smells terrible. He intends to catch every last Smurf and put them in a pot and cook them. The trouble is that he doesn't know the location of the Smurfs village, so he tries every trick in the book to smoke them out.   He even created a Smurfette to try to lead the Smurfs into a trap, which was one of his most devious plans. But as with most of the plans that Gargamel puts together, they always seem to fall flat. He even pretended to be Sorcerer Smurf, which confused Papa Smurf, as he thought they were the only Smurfs in the world. Gargamel has made it to the village a few times, such as the time he used one of the wishes from Genie Meanie to get there. But as always the Smurfs thwarted him by using their own Genie Meanie wishes to get him back!   He even used Dreamy's magic whistle to transport himself into the village. But Papa Smurf used a potion on him to make him nice. It just looked unnatural with Gargamel saying how much he loved them all and telling off Azrael when he was trying to eat Dreamy!!     Azrael  Azrael is Gargamel's cat and companion. He would love to eat a Smurf, but never seems to get one. Poor Azrael is always on the receiving end of Gargamel's rage. We aren't sure if Azrael acts evil because he is, or because he is told to be by Gargamel. Either way Gargamel is always shouting at him to catch the Smurfs.     Jokey  He is the joker out of the Smurfs. He loves nothing more than running up to someone and giving them a surprise present. But before you can say 'ah, that's lovely', wait until they've finished opening their present, because "kaboom!!", it blows up and gives them a black face. The strange thing is that he keeps doing this to all the Smurfs, but still they fall for the gag every time!!   As with most jokers, he doesn't like others to play the same gag on him. He even gave King Smurf one of his exploding presents. Everyone else thought it was hilarious, but for some reason King Smurf didn't and ordered Jokey to be jailed.     Dreamy As you can guess by his name, he is a dreamer. He craves excitement and adventures, but finds none of these living in the Smurf's village. One day he decided to go on a trip around the world to see new horizons. All the other Smurfs tried to make him stay and show him how wonderful it was living in the village. But Dreamy had made his mind up and bade farewell to them all, but not before Papa Smurf had given him a magic whistle that would return him to the village if he ever got in trouble.   Initially Dreamy loved exploring, but found out that he got cold, was frightened of the sounds in the forest and got soaked in the rain. He was then captured by Gargamel who used his magic whistle to get into the Smurfs village. Poor Dreamy wished he'd never left the safety of the village. Luckily Papa Smurf saved the day with one of his magic potions.   Dreamy's Smurf Day wish was to get in a spaceship and visit a strange new world. But its not that easy to get into space. He tried everything, even using a kite! The other Smurfs started to make fun of him and even called him AstroSmurf. But Papa Smurf saw how much time and effort he'd put into this task and told the other Smurfs that all Smurfs should have their Smurf Day wish come true. So they helped him build a spaceship and gave him some Raspberry Potion, which made him fall asleep.   When Dreamy awoke he thought he'd taken off and landed on another planet. He met the people who live on the planet, but in reality it was the other Smurfs disguised. Dreamy enjoyed himself so much that he decided he wanted to stay on the planet. How will the Smurfs convince him that he must go home, without shattering his dream....?     Brainy He is is very intelligent (as you can tell because he wears glasses - lol) and is Papa Smurf's assistant. He can be quite bossy to the other Smurfs, but they try not to take notice of him when he's like that. Also he tries to make out how brave he is, but in reality he isn't. Once Papa Smurf had to go away for a few days. That is when Brainy thought he was better than everyone else and so declared himself King Smurf.   As you can tell, the other Smurfs weren't to happy about that, but Brainy was cunning as he offered Hefty the position of General. So with Hefty by his side, he intimidated all the other Smurfs to do his bidding. They even built him a Palace. He made the village into a fortress to supposedly keep others out, but it also stopped other Smurfs running away.   That was the final straw for some of the Smurfs, and they setup a resistance to King Smurf. So for the first time in history there was a Smurf War. Luckily for the Smurfs, Papa Smurf returned and told them all off, especially Brainy, and made sure the village returned back to normal.     Smurfette Smurfette is the only female Smurf (don't ask how the other Smurfs came into being!). But she wasn't born a Smurf, but was instead made from Blue Clay (and other ingredients) and had dark hair (that's important for later). She was made by Gargamel to entice the Smurfs from their village into a trap, by using her womanly persuasion. The trap was sprung and she 'accidentally' bumped into the other Smurfs in the forest. The Smurfs were just curious, they had never met a female Smurf, so took her in and made her comfortable. They even gave her a house, which they painted pink.   To keep in touch with Gargamel, she used a magic make-up compact. But she's was already having second thoughts on setting a trap for the Smurfs, but Gargamel threatened her and said that he made her, but could easily break her. So she invites all the Smurfs to a picnic, to set the trap, but they seem more interested in their hobbies than bothering to turn up (which is a bit rude!). So she tries to wash them all away to Gargamel by opening the Dam, but the water accidentally carries her away.   Even though the Smurfs know she had tried to drown them, they still rescued her, which is when she confesses that she's not a real Smurf and that Gargamel forced her to be nasty. All she wants is to do is become a real Smurf. Nearly all the Smurfs agree that this is impossible, apart from Papa Smurf, who decides that he will try using his potions and magic on her. Once he'd finished, its like Smurfette is reborn. Her hair is now blonde (see I told you we'd get back to that) and wow, she is gorgeous. The Smurfs cannot take their eyes off her and even start fighting between each for her affections (something that is unheard of concerning Smurfs). She even has her own day named after her.     Clumsy Clumsy is always bumping into people or things. He can't help it, that's just the way he is. But because of this it seemed that no one liked him. So he thought if he was a wizard then all other Smurfs would like him. But when he tried magic it kept going wrong, so he asked to be Papa Smurf's assistant. Trouble was that Brainy was already his assistant. So he decided to look in Gargamel's magic book and try another spell. Boy, should he not have tried, as he turned himself into a lizard. Papa Smurf tried to turn him back, but failed.   All the other Smurfs wouldn't play with him and they called him a monster (I thought Smurfs were supposed to be nice?). Eventually he was turned back into a normal Smurf and knew that the others really did like him and they just got used to his clumsy ways.     Lazy As you can guess, this Smurf is very lazy. He likes nothing more than lying down and going to sleep. Once Lazy and Hefty were asked to get rid of a terrible potion that Papa Smurf had made by accident. They were supposed to take it far away and bury it in the desert but as he's lazy, he persuaded Hefty that it was too far to walk and instead that they should throw it down a ravine.   The trouble was that the top came off the bottle in the ravine and the liquid was spilt on a baby bird. This bird turned into a huge Howlibird intent on eating Smurfs! Eventually Lazy and Hefty had to own up about not burying it and Papa Smurf had to dream up a way of dealing with this bird.     Vanity Vanity is the vainest Smurf you'll find. He constantly carries a mirror around with himself because he loves his own reflection. He was so upset when his mirror was broken in a football game (soccer), but he really should have been told it's dangerous to play holding a mirror.   So he went off in a huff, and came across a huge mirror in the forest. This is when he found out that looking in the mirror at himself could be dangerous for his health, as he was sucked into the mirror where Gargamel was waiting for him on the other side! Luckily all the other Smurfs came to his rescue.     Handy  He is the skilled workman of the group. Not only is he good at making things, he also likes inventing things. He even made Smurfette some Smurf coloured glasses, so she would think he was the most handsomest Smurf ever and like him more. To make them work, he used magic from the end of a rainbow. The trouble is that she only put them on after she was blown away in a storm and was caught by Gargamel, who she thought was handsome.     Eventually Handy rescued Smurfette only to find out that he didn't need the glasses for Smurfette to like him, as she liked him a lot anyway (and gave him a kiss!!).     Grouchy  Grouchy is always telling every Smurf how he hates 'this and that'. The trouble is that it's making him ill being grouchy all the time. So he went to see Papa Smurf to see what he could do. Papa Smurf prescribed that he should always look on the bright side of life. The trouble is that its very difficult for him to get out of this habit and Papa Smurf is always reminding him of when he's being too grouchy.     Hefty  Hefty is the strongest Smurf and the only one to have a tattoo (so he must be tough!). If he tells any Smurf to do something then they do it (he is a bit intimidating). When Brainy appointed himself King Smurf, he wisely appointed Hefty as his muscle. He did this by offering him a top level position of 'Royal General Colonel Captain of the Guards' and a medal. Tut, Tut!!     Greedy Greedy is a good baker, but anything he bakes he eats. He just can't stop himself as he's always hungry. If there is any spare food going around then he's your Smurf.     Harmony He thinks that he's a very talented musician, but he's far from it. When he plays his bugle, it has the rest of the Smurfs diving for cover and also covering their ears. Still, it seems that Harmony doesn't notice this and continues to play on in ignorance of the pain he's causing. Brainy even made Harmony his 'First Chief Head Spokesman and Newscaster' when he pronounced himself King Smurf.     Feathers  He is a friendly stork who helps out the Smurfs when he can. He allows them to sit on his back when flying, to use him as a plane. Mostly to thrown things at Gargamel. The Smurfs - Papa Smurf mixing potions The Smurfs - Papa Smurf The Smurfs - Clumsy The Smurfs - Lazy The Smurfs - Vanity The Smurfs - Handy The Smurfs - Grouchy The Smurfs T-Shirts - The Smurfs T-Shirts The Smurfs T-Shirts The Smurfs DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Smurfs DVDs Region 1 (USA) - The Smurfs DVDs The Smurfs Video The Smurfs - The home of the Smurfs
The Smurfs Episodes Series 1 (1981)  1. The Astrosmurf  2. Jokey's Medicine  3. Vanity Fare  4. St. Smurf And The Dragon  5. The Magical Meanie  6. Sorceror Smurf  7. Bewitched, Bothered, And Besmurfed  8. King Smurf  9. The Smurfs And The Howlibird  10. Soup A La Smurf  11. All That Glitters Isn't Smurf  12. Dreamy's Nightmare  13. Romeo And Smurfette  14. The Magic Egg  15. Smurphony In 'C'  16. Sideshow Smurf  17. Supersmurf  18. Paradise Smurfed  19. Sir Hefty  20. The Baby Smurf  21. The Fake Smurf  22. Painter And Poet  23. Haunted Smurfs  24. The Purple Smurf  25. The Fountain Of Smurf  26. The Magnifying Mixture  27. Foul Weather Smurf  28. The Hundredth Smurf  29. The Adominable Snowbeast  30. Gargamel The Generous  31. The Smurfette  32. Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't  33. Spelunking Smurfs  34. The Smurfs' Apprentice  35. Smurf-Colored Glasses  36. The Clockwork Smurf  37. Fuzzle Trouble  38. Smurfette's Dancing Shoes  39. The Smurfs And The Money Tree    Series 2 (1982)   1. The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No  2. The Adventures Of Robin Smurf  3. The Cursed Country  4. S-Shivering S-Smurfs  5. Sister Smurf  6. The Black Hellebore  7. Revenge Of The Smurfs  8. The Three Smurfketeers  9. Heavenly Smurfs  10. It Came From Outer Smurf  11. The Sorcery Of Maltrochu  12. Squeaky  13. The Kaplowey Scroll  14. The Goblin Of Boulder Wood  15. Gormandizing Greedy  16. Waste Not, Smurf Not  17. Johan's Army  18. The Lost City Of Yore  19. Magic Fountain  20. The Imposter King  21. For The Love Of Gargamel  22. The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs  23. The Haunted Castle  24. Smurfs At Sea  25. One Good Smurf Deserves Another  26. The Blue Plague  27. The Last Laugh  28. The Raven Wizard  29. The Ring Of Castellac  30. The Sky Is Smurfing, The Sky Is           Smurfing  31. Turncoat Smurf  32. The Return Of Clockwork Smurf  33. The Littlest Giant  34. Bubble, Bubble, Smurf In Trouble  35. Smurf Van Winkle  36. The Prince And The Peewit  37. The Enchanted Baby  38. Clumsy Smurfs The Future  39. Sleepwalking Smurfs  40. Smurf Me No Flowers  41. The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy  42. A Mere Truffle  43. The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of  44. The Box Of Dirty Tricks  45. Papa's Wedding Day  46. All's Smurf That End's Smurfy    Series 3 (1983)   1. Once In A Blue Moon  2. All Creatures Great And Smurf  3. The Smurf Fire Brigade  4. The Winged Wizard  5. Every Picture Smurfs A Story  6. The First Telesmurf  7. Handy's Kite  8. The Magic Earrings  9. The Last Smurfberry  10. A Little Smurf Confidence  11. Hogatha's Heart Throb  12. Born Rotten  13. The Tear Of A Smurf  14. The Miracle Smurfer  15. The Smurf Who Would Be King  16. How To Smurf A Rainbow  17. Smurfette For A Day  18. Peewit Meets Bigmouth  19. Lumbering Smurfs  20. Handy's Sweetheart  21. Speak For Yourself Farmer Smurf  22. A Hovel Is Not A Home  23. Forget Me Smurfs  24. The Grumpy Gremlin  25. Clumsy Luck  26. Willpower Smurfs  27. Baby Smurf Is Missing  28. The Smurfs' Time Capsule  29. Wedding Bells For Gargamel  30. To Smurf A Thief  31. Greedy And The Porridge Pot  32. Harmony Steals The Show  33. The Golden Smurf Award  34. The Moor's Baby  35. Hefty's Heart  36. A Hug For Grouchy  37. The Magic Rattle  38. All Hallows' Eve  39. The Littlest Witch  40. April Smurf Day  41. The Magic Stick  42. Baby's First Christmas  43. Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep  44. Wolf In Peewit's Clothing  45. A Bell For Azrael  46. The Chief Record Smurf  47. Smurfing In Sign Language  48. A Chip Off The Old Smurf  49. A Gift For Papa's Day  50. Good Neighbor Smurf  51. The Smurfstone Quest  52. Hats Off To Smurfs  53. The Noble Stag  54. Smurfy Acres  55. No Times For Smurfs    Series 4 (1984)   1. Symbols Of Wisdom  2. Blue Eyes Returns  3. The Secret Of The Village Well  4. Stop And Smurf The Roses  5. Gingerbread Smurfs  6. Jokey's Shadow  7. Jokey's Funny Bone  8. Tick Tock Smurfs  9. The Master Smurf  10. Tailor's Magic Needle  11. The Traveler  12. A Pet For Baby Smurf  13. The Incredible Shrinking Wizard  14 .Breakfast At Greedy's  15. The Secret Of Shadow Swamp  16. The Trojan Smurf  17. Smurf The Other Cheek  18. A Float Full Of Smurfs  19. Smurfette's Sweet Tooth  20. Smurf On Wood  21. The Smurfomatic Smurfolator  22. Petrified Smurfs  23. Papa's Worry Warts  24. Lazy's Slumber Party  25. The Pussywillow Pixies  26. The Bignose Dilemma  27. The Smurfbox Derby  28. A Circus For Baby  29. Babies In Wartland  30. The Smurfwalk Cafe  31. The Smurfiest Of Friends  32. Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow  33. Bigmouth Smurf  34. Baby's Enchanted Didey  35. The Man In The Moon  36. Smurfette's Golden Tresses  37. The Whole Smurf And Nothing But           The Smurf  38. Gargamel's Giant  39. The Patchwork Bear  40. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer  41. Hopping Cough Smurfs  42. The Little Orange Horse With The           Gold Shoes  43. Monster Smurfs  44. The Bad Place  45. Smurfing For Ghost's  46. The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle  47. Smurfiplication  48. Gargamel's Misfortune    Series 5 (1985)    1. Stuck On Smurfs  2. Puppy  3. Papa's Day Off  4. The Smurflings  5. He Who Smurfs Last  6. Baby's First Word  7. The Masked Pie Smurfer  8. Sassette  9. Papa's Puppy Prescription  10. Poet's Writer's Block  11. Smurf A Mile In My Shoes  12. Dreamy's Pen Pals  13. Papa's Flying Bed  14. Mud Wrestling Smurfs  15. The Sand Witch  16. Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow  17. Bigmouth's Friend  18. Wild And Wooly  19. The Dark-Ness Monster  20. The Grouchiest Game In Town  21. Queen Smurfette  22. Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates  23. Educating Bigmouth  24. Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals  25. The Comet Is Coming  26. Happy Unhappiness Day To You  27. The Great Slime Crop Failure  28. Papa's Family Album  29. Love Those Smurfs  30. Mutiny On The Smurf  31. Things That Go Smurfing In The Night  32. Alarming Smurfs  33. Smurfette's Rose  34. The Mr. Smurf Contest  35. Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?  36. Unsound Smurfs  37. All Work And No Smurf  38. Gargamel's Time Trip  39. They're Smurfing Our Song  40. Brainy's Smarty Party    Series 6 (1986)   1. Smurfquest (Part 1)  2. Smurfquest (Part 2)  3. Smurfquest (Part 3)  4. Smurfquest (Part 4)  5. Gargamel's New Job  6. Grouchy Makes A Splash  7. No Smurf Is An Island  8. Don Smurfo  9. The Prince And The Hopper  10. Smurfette's Gift  11. The Most Popular Smurf  12. A Loss Of Smurf  13. The Last Whippoorwill  14. The Color Smurfy  15. Lazy's Nightmare  16. All The Smurf's A Stage  17. Smurfs On Wheels  18. The Littlest Viking  19. Baby's New Toy  20. Bringing Up Bigfeet  21. The Scarlet Croaker  22. Calling Dr. Smurf  23. Can't Smurf The Music  24. The Royal Drum  25. It's A Puppy's Life  26. Sweepy Smurf  27. Journey To The Center Of The Smurf  28. The Tallest Smurf  29. Essence Of Brainy  30. Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice  31. The Root Of Evil  32. Tattle Tail Smurfs  33. Greedy Goes On Strike  34. Future Smurfed  35. Crying Smurfs  36. Gargamel's Dummy  37. Smurfs On The Run  38. A Myna Problem  39. The Horn Of Plenty  40. I Smurf To The Trees  41. Clumsy's Cloud  42. Bookworm Smurf  43. Farmer's Genie  44. Master Scruple  45. Scruple's Sweetheart  46. The World According To Smurflings  47. The Enchanted Quill  48. The Most Unsmurfy Game  49. Put Upon Puppy  50. Heart Of Gold  51. The Village Vandal  52. The Gallant Smurf  53. Sassette's Tooth  54. Snappy's Way  55. Fire Fighting Smurfs  56. Handy's Window-Vision  57. Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf  58. Jokey's Cloak  59. Papa's Last Spell  60. Lure Of The Orb  61. Smurfette's Flower  62. Reckless Smurfs  63. Head Over Hogatha    Series 7 (1987)   1. Smurf On The Wild Side (Part 1)  2. Smurf On The Wild Side (Part 2)  3. Smurf On The Wild Side (Part 3)  4. Smurf On The Wild Side (Part 4)  5. The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend  6. The Smurfstalker  7. Poltersmurf  8. Baby's Marvelous Toy  9. Sleepless Smurfs  10. Cut-Up Smurfs  11. Gargamel's Sweetheart  12. Wild About Smurfette  13. Sing a Song of Smurflings  14. Smurfing for Gold  15. Jokey's Joke Book  16. Poet's Storybook  17. The Fastest Wizard In The World  18. Dancing Bear  19. Gargamel's Last Will  20. Sassette's Bewitching Friendship  21. Azrael's Brain  22. Castaway Smurfs  23. Legendary Smurfs  24. Smurfing The Unicorns  25. Vanity's Closest Friend  26. Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure  27. Nobody Smurf  28. Scruple And The Great Book Of Spells  29. Bouncing Smurf  30. The Clockwork Smurfette  31. I Was A Brainy Weresmurf  32. The Answer Smurf  33. Vanity's Wild Adventure  34. Soothsayer Smurfette  35. Crooner Smurf  36. Papa For a Day  37. Flighty's Plight  38. To Coin a Smurf  39. Smurfette Unmade  40. Foul Feather Fiend  41. Sassette's Hive  42. Little Big Smurf  43. Locomotive Smurfs  44. A Long Tale for Grandpa  45. Where the Wild Smurfs Are  46. The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas  47. Swapping Smurfs  48. Predictable Smurfs  49. Hefty's Rival  50. Snappy's Puppet  51. Prince Smurf  52. The Return of Don Smurfo  53. Skyscraper Smurfs  54. Bad Luck Smurfs  55. Smurfing Out Of Time  56. A Hole In Smurf  57. Smurf Pet  58. Timber Smurf  59. The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong  60. Smurfette's Lucky Star  61. The Smurfy Verdict  62. Chlorhydris' Lost Love  63. Stop And Go Smurfs  64. Poet The Know-It-All  65. All The News That's Fit To Smurf  66. Gargamel's Quest  67. Gargamel's Second Childhood    Series 8 (1988)   1. The Lost Smurf  2. Archives of Evil  3. Bigmouth's Romance  4. Bungling Babysitters  5. Clockwork's Powerplay  6. Clumsy in Command  7. Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests  8. Denisa's Greedy Doll  9. Denisa's Slumber Party  10. Grandpa's Nemesis  11. Grandpa's Walking Stick  12. A House For Nanny  13. It's A Smurfy Life  14. Land Of Lost And Found  15. Long Live Brainy  16. A Maze of Mirrors  17. Memory Melons  18. Nanny's Way  19. Pappy's Puppy  20. Shutterbug Smurfs  21. Smoogle Sings The Blues  22. A Smurf For Denisa  23. Smurf The Presses  24. Stealing Grandpa's Thunder    Series 9 (1989)   1. The Smurfs That Time Forgot (Part 1)  2. The Smurfs That Time Forgot (Part 2)  3. Cave Smurfs  4. Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep  5. Mummy Dearest  6. Shamrock Smurfs  7. Karate Clumsy  8. Like it or Smurf It  9. Papa's Big Snooze  10. A Fish Called Snappy  11. The Smurf Odyssey  12. Trojan Smurfs  13. Fortune Cookie  14. Imperial Panda-Monium  15. Smurfette's Green Thumb  16. Hefty Sees a Serpent  17. Phantom Bagpiper  18. Jungle Jitterbugs  19. The Clumsy Genie  20. Scary Smurfs  21. Sky High Surprise  22. Gnoman Holiday  23. Greedy's Masterpizza  24. The Monumental Grouch  25. Curried Smurfs  26. G'day Smoogle  27. Grandpa's Fountain of Youth  28. Big Shot Smurfs  29. No Reflection On Vanity  30. Papa Lose His Patience  31. Swashbuckling Smurfs  32. Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure  33. Small-Minded Smurfs  34. Bananas Over Hefty  35. Smurfs of the Round Table  36. Wild Goes Cuckoo  37. Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo  38. The Golden Rhino  39. Hearts 'N' Smurfs   Specials   1. The Smurfs' Springtime Special (1982)  2. The Smurfs' Christmas Special (1982)  3. My Smurfy Valentine (1983)  4. Smurfily Ever After (1984)  5. The Smurfic Games (1984)  6. 'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy (1987) The Smurfs Images (click to enlarge) The Smurfs - Gargamel The Smurfs - Azrael The Smurfs - Jokey The Smurfs - Dreamy The Smurfs - Brainy The Smurfs - Smufette The Smurfs - Don't upset King Smurf The Smurfs - Happy Birthday The Smurfs - Time for a rest The Smurfs - Handy The Smurfs - A group of Smurfs The Smurfs - Gargamel finds the village The Smurfs - Currently tied up The Smurfs - Band The Smurfs - Party The Smurfs - Vanity loves himself The Smurfs - King Smurf The Smurfs - The home of King Smurf The Smurfs - Dreamy the Spaceman The Smurfs - Dreamy on another planet The Smurfs - Clumsy is a lizard The Smurfs - Naughty Smurfette The Smurfs - Titles The Smurfs - Nice Smurfette The Smurfs - Gargamel sets a trap The Smurfs - Gargamel flies in The Smurfs - Hefty The Smurfs - Greedy The Smurfs - Harmony The Smurfs - Feathers ©
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