Space Patrol / Planet Patrol Space Patrol / Planet Patrol is a 60’s Children’s TV puppet show and was written and created by Roberta Leigh. She also produced it with Arthur Provis. In the UK it was know as Space Patrol and in the USA it was known as Planet Patrol. A total of 39 episodes were made.     Story   The year is 2100 and the people of Earth, Mars and Venus have joined together to create a Galactic Force called Space Patrol. Its Headquarters are in New York , where Colonel Raeburn oversees the operations that each Space Patrol is on (the spaceships they use are called Galasphere's). His secretary is a Venusian is always one step ahead of him, predicting what he will ask for next. She has great pleasure in pointing out how good Venusian are (and probably how useless humans are!!) and sounded a bit like Mickey Mouse!.    We follow Galasphere 347 on their adventures. Its crew is made up of 3 people. Captain (Larry) Dart, the commander of the ship who is level headed most of the time. Slim a small Venusian who is very logical (the Spock of his time) and Huskey a Martian whose always up for a fight and never stops eating (he like sausages alot). Also it looks like he's been busy cloning himself as everyone from Mars looks just like him! I think they pulled out all the stops to come up with the most far out names for what the Galasphere was powered by - Mesan Power, Yobba Rays, Zergon Drive etc.   They were ahead of their time, because they were into cryogenics to enable them to travel large distances. They used the Freezer to slow down the aging process while travelling (its strange that everyone back at base never aged while they were frozen). If they were in real trouble they would contact the brilliant Professor Haggerty, who would (at the very last moment) come up with a plan to save the Galaxy, helped by his daughter Cassie. He is a bit of a chauvinist about women - tut, tut. Huskey brought his pet, Gabbler (a Martian Parrot), to see the Professor to see if he could teach him to speak English. Afterwards they wished he hadn't, because he just doesn't stop talking.   One planet's inhabitants think that humans are beneath them and stupid - the Neptunian's. They have the power to control people via telepathy, to become their slaves so they don't have to work. So Captain Dart & Crew had better watch out! It seems that the crew of Galasphere 347 were a bit overworked. Each time they were about to get some shore leave, it was cancelled for another mission - the slave drivers!   Space Patrol - New York Space Patrol T-Shirts - NONE Space Patrol DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Space Patrol Video Space Patrol - Slim And Captain Dart Space Patrol Episodes Series 1 (1962)  1. The Wandering Asteroid  2. The Dark Planet  3. The Slaves Of Neptune  4. Fires Of Mercury  5. The Shrinking Spaceman  6. Robot Revolution  7. The Cloud Of Death  8. The Rings Of Saturn  9. Volcanoes Of Venus  10. Mystery On The Moon  11. The Miracle Tree Of Saturn  12. The Forgers  13. The Swamps Of Jupiter    Series 1A (1963)   1. The Planet Of Thought  2. The Glowing Eggs Of Titan  3. The Planet Of Light  4. Time Stands Still  5. Husky Becomes Invisible  6. The Walking Lake Of Jupiter  7. The New Planet  8. The Human Fish  9. The Invisible Invasion  10. The Talking Bell  11. The Buried Space Ship  12. Message From A Star  13. Explosion On the Sun    Series 2 (1964)   1. The Unknown Asteroid  2. The Evil Eye Of Venus  3. Secret Formula  4. The Telepathic Robot  5. Deadly Whirlwind  6. The Jitter Waves  7. Sands Of Death  8. The Hairy Men Of Mars  9. The Grass Of Saturn  10. Force Field X  11. The Water Bomb  12. Destruction By Sound  13. The Shrinking Gas Of Jupiter Space Patrol Images (click to enlarge) Space Patrol - Colonel Raeburn Space Patrol - Colonel Raeburn's Secretary Space Patrol - Slim And Huskey Space Patrol - Slim Space Patrol - Captain Dart And Huskey Space Patrol - The Team Space Patrol - Time For Adventure Space Patrol - Huskey Space Patrol - Everyone To Their Station Space Patrol - Captain Dart Checks Their Course Space Patrol - Colonel Raeburn Commands Space Patrol - The Crew Of Galasphere 347 Space Patrol - Robot Space Patrol - Asleep In The Freezer Space Patrol - Time To Freeze Space Patrol - Its Very Spacious Space Patrol - Captain Dart Comes For His Ordres Space Patrol - Titles Space Patrol - Speeding Along Space Patrol - Galactic Travel Space Patrol - Impressive Building Space Patrol - Galasphere 347 Arrives Space Patrol - The Latest Hover Bikes Space Patrol - Planning Trouble Space Patrol - You Are Very Good Looking Space Patrol - Gabbler Space Patrol - Captain Dart and Huskey Suited Up Space Patrol - Spooky Space Patrol - Who Says We Look Similar? Space Patrol - Intro 2 Space Patrol - Hover Bikes Space Patrol - Cassie Helps Professor Haggerty Space Patrol - Cassie And Professor Haggerty Space Patrol - Gabbler Space Patrol - Gabbler And Huskey Space Patrol - Neptunians Space Patrol - Professor Haggerty Space Patrol - Roberta Leigh Space Patrol - Space Patrol - Space Patrol - Exploring Space Patrol - An Alien World Space Patrol - NO VIDEO...YET ©
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