Sparky’s Magic Piano Sparky’s Magic Piano is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon, based on characters which were created for Capital Records in 1947. They released a number of audio stories starring Sparky: Sparky and the Talking Train Sparky's Magic Piano Sparky's Magic Echo Sparky and the Magic Baton   Out of these stories, Sparky's Magic Piano became the most popular and because of this a Cartoon was made of this story in 1987. This cartoon starred the vocal talents of some famous people. Mel Blanc (who supplied the voice of Bugs Bunny and many more), Vincent Price (the master of the Horror Movies) and Tony Curtis (Hollywood actor).     Story  Sparky is a little boy who doesn't like having Piano lessons each week. The main reason for this is that he isn't any good at playing it (time for the fingers in the ears) and his mother wants him to practice everyday! His piano teacher, Miss Pickett, isn't happy with him, as he never seems to improve and she puts this down to him not practicing each day as he should.   But one day Sparky miraculously plays the piano as if he is a professional pianist. His teacher and mother are ecstatic, but little do they realise that it isn't Sparky playing the piano. Instead his piano has come to life and is playing the songs that Sparky asks for. All that Sparky needs to do is go through the motions and pretend he is playing.   But things start to turn sour when his Mother and Miss Pickett decid that he should go on tour. Sparky played to thousands of people in prestige places such as the Hollywood Bowl an Carnegie Hall. He was getting more confident and flamboyant, and he had changed. He no longer listened to his friend the piano and become a rude little boy. It will only end in trouble!! Sparky’s Magic Piano Characters    Sparky He is an 8 year old little boy, whose life changed when his piano started to speak to him. It seems that Sparky is the only person that can hear the piano speak. With the piano helping him out and playing the music, he took to the stage where he became a massive hit. So popular was his concerts that suddenly he became an overnight sensation and he was touring the country. Even the President of the United States came to watch him.   But all the attention started to go to his head and he became very spoilt and was rude to the piano. When the piano stopped playing for him, everyone in the audience started to laugh at Sparky, as they could hear how dreadful his real piano skills were.     The Piano He is a kindly piano, who could see that Sparky was getting frustrated with his piano lessons. So he decided to tell Sparky that he could help him play and all he needed to do was run his fingers over the piano keys and he would play the notes for him. The Piano and Sparky struck up a lovely friendship, but when Sparky started to become popular the piano noticed a difference in him that he didn't like. He had become spoilt and the piano wanted to talk to him about it, but Sparky didn't want to talk to him.   So during an encore in a concert, the piano decided enough was enough and so stopped playing for Sparky. Sparky demanded that he continued to play for him, but his mind was made up. He decided he needed to be taught a lesson.     Beans He is Sparky's faithful dog, who watches him while he has his piano lessons. Beans will protect Sparky from anyone who tries to do him harm. He even oversaw Max, Sam and his father swapping Sparky's piano for a duplicate one. So Beans ran off to get Sparky and show him what was happening. Beans goes everywhere with Sparky and even gets his own 1st class seat when flying with him.     Mrs Wilson  She is Sparky's mother, who wants Sparky to learn the piano. She would love for him to play well, so forces Sparky to practice for 1 hour each night, but little does she know that he sneaks out most nights to play baseball. So you could call her a pushy mother. She is so shocked when she hears Sparky playing the piano really well and it is too much for her and she faints. It seems that all her dreams are coming true.   She is blinded by the her aspirations for Sparky and herself, so pushed him forward to earn them fame and fortune with a whirlwind concert tour. She even ignored her husbands pleas that he is only a little boy who should be in school.     Mr Wilson He is Sparky's Dad. He is a sceptical person and didn't believe that Sparky had turned into a boy genius with the piano. He even looked everywhere in the room to find out where the music was really coming from (such as the hi-fi). He was happy that Sparky was a good piano player, but he kept his feet on the ground and pointed out that Sparky was a little boy that should be at school and not playing concerts.   Sparky's Dad was not at all happy when he found out his Wife and Miss Pickles had taken Sparky on a concert tour. Because he works so hard, too much sometimes, it took him a while to get some time off from work and try to bring Sparky home. His Wife hadn't noticed that Sparky had become arrogant and rude, but his father saw it straight away and knew action needed to be taken.     Miss Sarah Pickett She is Sparky's piano teacher, who was always disappointed with him because of his lake of commitment to learn the piano. She was just as shocked as everyone else when Sparky played so well. Miss Pickett thinks that Sparky is the finest pianist she has ever heard and she was the person who thought of putting him on stage to play.   Miss Pickles was also dazzled by the thought of fame and fortune. She had no qualms in pushing herself forward to tell the world's press that she was the teacher of the child prodigy, Sparky.     Max He is a music critic for National Magazine. In his job he sees the good and the bad and when he first sees Sparky, he pre- judges him and thinks he will be bad. One other thing clouds his judgement, he hates child prodigy's, so when he finds out that Sparky is very good he tries to discredit him and find out his secret. He even tried to swap Sparky's piano for an identical one, but Sparky was too smart for him and he swapped it back. Poor Max went mad when he saw Sparky playing the piano so elegantly and Sam had to get the men in white coats to drag him away to the mental hospital.     Sam Sam works with Max and follows him around most of the time. He isn't as mean as Max and thinks that Sparky has a fantastic talent (but he doesn't tell Max). He is always hungry and is always looking for something to eat.   Sparky’s Magic Piano - He’s Adored Sparky’s Magic Piano - Sparky Sparky’s Magic Piano - Max Sparky’s Magic Piano - Sam Sparky’s Magic Piano - Miss Sarah Pickett Mr Wilson Sparky’s Magic Piano T-Shirts - NONE Sparky’s Magic Piano DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Sparky's Magic Piano Region 1 (USA) - Sparky's Magic Piano Sparky’s Magic Piano Video Sparky’s Magic Piano - Starting Out Sparky’s Magic Piano Episodes Series 1 (1987) 1. 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