The Adventures of Spot The Adventures of Spot is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. The character of Spot was created in 1978 by Eric Hill for his young son, Christopher. Spot books have been published in 53 languages in over 100 countries throughout the world. In 1986 a series of thirteen animated films, based on the books by Eric Hill, was produced by King Rollo Films Ltd. The stories were narrated by Paul Nicholas, and David McKee (from Mr Benn) helped to turn the books into the animated episodes. In 1992, due to Spot's popularity, a further thirteen episodes, each lasting five minutes, was produced. This time the show was narrated by Jane Horrocks. In the USA, Spot has been voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who was well known for voicing the young ‘Simba’ in Disney’s The Lion King. He’s has also been voiced by Haley Joel Osment who was known for portraying the young boy in the movie the Sixth Sense.   Two special episodes, both lasting 26 minutes, have also been produced; 'Spot's Magical Christmas' and 'Spot and his Grandparent go to the Carnival'.   Story  Spot is a mischievous, playful and extremely lovable puppy, Sally and Sam are his mother and father, who are also his friends.  Each of Spot's adventures are based on everyday experiences that are familiar to young children, and every day is full of wonder and discovery. The Adventures of Spot Characters  Spot He is a young puppy that lives with his parents, and likes to help them around the house. He loves to discover what things are and sings songs about what he sees. Spot enjoys solving mysteries. Such as the time he found a key and wondered what lock it would open. He tried every lock he could find and eventually found out that it fitted the lock on his father’s tool box. He even has a favourite bone. He lost it once and searched everywhere. Once he found it, he made sure he’d never lose it again, by tying a piece of string to it and then dragging it around (boy, he must like that bone!).   Spot loves to play with his friends especially down at the playground. He also likes playing with all the toys he has, especially his bath toys. His favourite is his boat. Like most children, Spot doesn’t like to walk downstairs, and instead bounces down the stairs on his bum. After he’s spends most of the day running round and playing with his friends, its time to curls up in his basket and go fast asleep, with his orange teddy bear.   Sally She is Spot's mum, who looks after Spot and tries to keep him safe. She encourages him to learn about items and think for himself (such as asking him to find matching things). Spot likes to play games, such as hide and seek. Spot hides and Sally seeks. Its amazing all the animals she finds in the house looking for him! After a long day, she loves nothing more than having a sleep on her rug.   Sam He is Spot's dad. He likes to take Spot to the playground, to play on the slide, see-saw etc with his friends. Once he lost his key for his toolbox and searched everywhere. Luckily Spot was on hand, who found it and opened the toolbox for him. It was lucky that Spot found the key, as he used his tools to build a tree house for Spot, who helped. Helen  She is one of Spots friends. She is a blue Hippopotamus, and as you can guess is very big. She likes playing with all her friends down at the playground, but she can runs into difficulties due to her size. Steve and Spot have to sit together on the opposite to her to counter balance the see-saw. Plus Spot has difficulty pushing her on the swings. This doesn’t faze Helen, who takes everything in her stride and is one of the happiest Hippo’s around. Helen is certainly prepared for rain, as she always ensures she has her umbrella and Wellington Boots with her. Her favourite colour is pink.     Steve He is a monkey, who is nimble on his feet and is very good at climbing. Steve can be mischievous sometimes, such as the time he shook a wet tree to make Spot wet.   Tom He's a a young crocodile who is Spots friend. Spot likes to go around to Tom’s house and play together. Spot notices that Tom matches the green leaves on the bush outside. He likes playing 'Monkey in the Middle'.     Sybil Like most cats, she likes sleeping and is quite happy to curl up in the soft cushions and go to sleep. She doesn’t like to be disturbed while sleeping and especially by a lively puppy like Spot. When Spot was looking for his missing favourite bone, she told him just where he had left it . The Adventures of Spot - Spot plays in the bath The Adventures of Spot T-Shirts - NONE The Adventures of Spot  DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Spot DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Spot DVDs The Adventures of Spot Video The Adventures of Spot - Spot talks to Bird
The Adventures of Spot Episodes Series 1 (1987)  1. Spot's Surprise Parcel  2. Spot's Lost Bone  3. Spot's First Walk  4. Spot in the Woods  5. Spot's Birthday Party  6. Where's Spot  7. Sweet Dreams, Spot  8. Spot Goes to School  9. Spot Goes To The Circus  10. Spot Follows His Nose  11. Spot Goes Splash  12. Spot's Windy Day  13. Spot Goes On Holiday           (or) Spot Goes To The Beach   Series 2 (1987)   1. Spot Goes To A Party  2. Spot's Winter Sports  3. Spot Goes to the Fair  4. Spot's Favourite Toy         (or) Spot's Favorite Toy  5. Spot's First Picnic         (or) Spot Goes on a Picnic  6. Spot at the Playground  7. Storytime With Spot  8. Spot Goes to the Farm  9. Spot Stays Overnight         (or) Spot Sleeps Over  10. Spot Makes A Cake  11. Spot Goes to the Park  12. Spot Finds A Key  13. Spot in the Garden   Series 3 (1995)   1. Spot's Alphabet         (or) Spot: A.B.C  2. Spot's Busy Year         (or) Spot: Year  3. Spot Learns to Count         (or) Spot: Count  4. Spot Tells the Time         (or) Spot: Time  5. Spot's Opposites         (or) Spot: Opposites  6. Spot's First Word Game         (or) Spot's First Words  7. Spot Looks at Colours         (or) Spot's Colours         (or) Spot Looks at Colors  8. Spot Looks at Shapes         (or) Spot's Shapes   Series 4 (2001)   1. Spot's Show  2. Spot's Treehouse  3. Spot's Breakfast  4. Spot's Hobby Horse         (or) Spot's Horse  5. Spot's Grandpa  6. Spot's Umbrella  7. Spot's Band  8. Spot's Bath  9. Spot's Tent  10. Spot Cleans Up          (or) Spot Tidies up  11. Spot Helps Grandma  12. Spot's School Trip  13. (Spot Plays) Hide and Seek   Specials   1. Spot's Magical Christmas (1995)  2. Spot and his Grandparents go to         the Carnival (1997)  The Adventures of Spot Images (click to enlarge) The Adventures of Spot - Sally finds Spot The Adventures of Spot - Sally reads Spot a story The Adventures of Spot - Helen is prepared for rain The Adventures of Spot - Helen and Spot on the swings The Adventures of Spot - Tom and Spot play The Adventures of Spot - Sally meets a Bear The Adventures of Spot - Spot plays in the Toybox The Adventures of Spot - Title The Adventures of Spot - Spot's Looking for something The Adventures of Spot - Spot and Steve climb ©
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