Star Fleet Star Fleet Characters (back to main page)  Shiro Hagen     (voiced by Jay Benedict) He is the son of Professor Hagen, but hasn't seen him for years. He enrolled in the Star Fleet Training Program, where he learnt to fly via the use of flight simulators. He also became an excellent shot using the various target practice scenarios, and by listening to the advice of his instructor, Captain Carter. Fresh from Training he was asked to be one of the pilots for the experimental ship, X-Bomber. It quickly became apparent that he was the leader out of the 3 pilots chosen. We are not sure why Shiro always wears his helmet. Maybe it is hiding a disfigurement? He even sleeps in it! Maybe Star Fleet have issues with theft, as he has his name written on the side of it too? The first time Shiro met Lamia, he couldn't take his eyes off her and the more he got to know her, the more he fell in love with her. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the rest of the crew and is even teased about it, which upsets him. When he found out that Captain Halle was destined to be with Lamia, he thought his heart was going to explode. How could he let someone else get close to the woman he loves?    Shiro leads with his heart and doesn't always think things through. Because of this others have been injured on the journey, including Lamia. When he learned that Pluto Alpha Base was destroyed, he was sure that his old teacher Captain Carter had survived. It was only later that he learned that he had been converted to become a minion of the Imperial Alliance. He cannot forgive himself for killing his Star Fleet instructor, after he was converted by the Imperial Alliance and used against them.   Barry Hercules     (voiced by Constantine Gregory) Barry Hercules also went through Star Fleet Training School with Shiro and Lee, they are all good friends. He was glad to be chosen as one of the pilots of X-Bomber. Hercules seems to have a hate / hate relationship with X-Bomber's resident android (PPA). He is always hurling insults at the droid, such as saying "he hopes his circuits fuse". If Shiro steps out of line, then it is Hercules who steps in to tell him, or even thumps him if its really bad. To relax Hercules likes to play the guitar.   John Lee     (voiced by Mark Rolston) John Lee is the final pilot of X-Bomber and also joined Shiro and Hercules through Star Fleet Training School. He is also the peacemaker when Shiro and Hercules comes to blows. Also if they are feeling down, then Lee is the clown of the group to cheer them up. Lee is sarcastic to the others when they ask him obvious questions. One thing that Lee loves is food, if you hadn't already guessed by his portly figure. He annoys some of the others as he always seems to leave his laundry hanging around all over the place. Even though Lee joins the crew of X-Bomber on dangerous missions, he admits that he is scared easy.   Dr Benn Robinson     (voiced by Peter Marinker) Dr Benn is the commander of Moon Base and is in charge of the secret X Project. He personally selected the pilots for X-Bomber from the Star Fleet Training School. He has become a mentor to the crew and has moulded them into a force to be reckoned with. Dr Benn is also a great tactitioner and thinks up various ways to defeat each obstacle that the Imperial Alliance throws at them.   Lamia     (voiced by Liza Ross) Lamia is a beautiful woman. She was Dr Benn's secretary and was put in charge of radar on X-Bomber. But Lamia's past is clouded, as she was found on Mars by Professor Hagen, when she was a baby. She was brought up by him in secret, unknown to Shiro, and raised like a daughter. This mystery started to fade when the Imperial Alliance came looking for F01, a person with fantastic powers. Lamia had an idea that this person could be her and when Captain Halle arrived on the scene, with the Skull, it became apparent that she was F01. Lamia / F01 was destined to bring peace to the universe with her fantastic powers in the year 3000, which the Imperial Alliance feared. Which is why they wanted to capture her and use her powers for themselves.   The crew of X-Bomber laid down their lives to protect Lamia and during this time it became apparent that she had deep feelings for the pilot Shiro Hagen. This relationship would have blossomed further if it was not for the fact that she would transform into F01 and merge with Captain Halle. In the end they had to part ways, as she had the task of keeping the peace throughout the universe. When she did gain her powers, F01 confronted the Imperial Master and demanded that he should stop his attack on Earth and that she didn't want to hurt him. This threat was ignored and F01 finally had to destroy him and his planet fortress. His reign of terror had ended and peace returned to the universe.   P.P.A.     (voiced by John Baddeley) PPA stands for Perfectly Programmed Android and he helps maintain and run X-Bomber. He is always trying to order the pilots around, who seemed to ignore him and give him verbal abuse, even though he outranks them (Hercules is always threatening to shut his circuits down). PPA isn't programmed for courtesy. He has the ability to fly and is very useful for putting out fires. Also he seems to panic too quickly in difficult circumstances. As time goes on, he becomes more humble and is accepted more by the crew. He respected and admired Dr Benn   Kirara     (voiced by ?) He is an alien that would lay his life down to protect Lamia and watched her grow into a woman. He is her own personal bodyguard and is known for not being very patient. Later Kirara went berserk, after Lamia was kidnapped by the Alliance, and the crew of X-Bomber had to tranquilise him. Eventually he was killed manning a huge gun on the deck of the Skull, when it was trying to help X-Bomber attack the Imperial Master's Fortress.   Captain Carter     (voiced by Garrick Hagon) He is an officer in Star Fleet. He used to teach the new pilots at Star Fleet Training School, including Shiro. Lee and Hercules Carter looks a bit of a poser with his sunglasses, beret and even wears his coat over his shoulders! He built up a close friendship with Shiro and taught him many skills to survive in the outside world. But he mysteriously gave it his teaching position to head up Pluto Alpha Base. It was as if he knew that it would be attacked by the Imperial Alliance and wanted to put up the best defence they could. During the attack, Carter was captured by the Imperial Alliance forces and taken to Commander Makara. Here she interrogated him using the laser memory dissimilator to find out what was F01. Afterwards he was converted into an Imperial Captain, where his arm was replaced and he was fitted with a symbiont. His tactical skills proved invaluable to the Alliance and they used his personal friendship to lure Shiro into a fight with him. Carter was overconfident when their ships met in battle, but Shiro had developed his skills and shot him down. When Shiro found the injured Carter, he saw the symbiont leave his face and Carter's memories flooded back. He was horrified when learned what he had done in the name of the Imperial Alliance and smashed his replacement arm. He begged Shiro to kill him for his crimes, but he refused. So Carter forced his hand and shot at Shiro (missing on purpose) and Shiro shot him down and killed him. A tragic and to Captain Carter's life.     General Kyle     (voiced by Kevin Brennan) He is the leader of EDF (Earth Defence Force) and commands Star Fleet. He is based on Earth and it was the General that decided that X-Bomber had to be introduced earlier than expected, otherwise Earth could have been destroyed. He has nerves of steal and has no qualms standing up to the Imperial Alliance, even if the odds are stacked against him.   Professor Hagen     (voiced by ?) He is Shiro's father, who worked for Earth Defence Force on a number of secret projects, such as X-Project (X-Bomber) which he designed. Because of this he didn't get enough time to spend with his son. During this time of isolation away from his family, a child was discovered on Mars, whom he cared for and brought up like his own daughter. He disappeared from the institute years ago and no one has seen him since. In fact he had gone to investigate where Lamia had come from, but his ship was damaged and he was rescued by the Skull and taken to their planet. He he saw that the people of the planet were pacifists and that they were totally defenceless. So he decided to build a huge weapon, in secret, to defend it. He was delighted when his son came to the planet and they were reunited. He decided to help his son defend Earth and joined the crew of X-Bomber.   Commander Makara     (voiced by Denise Bryer) Makara is the Commander of a Battle Cruiser for the Imperial Alliance. She, as most Imperial beings, is fitted with a symbiont (talks with a male voice), which itself can talk to others, mostly the Imperial Master. She has ambitions to climb the ladder in the Imperial Alliance and sees the capture of F01 and the destruction of X-Bomber as a way of gaining it. So she blasted her way through the galaxy to get to earth and find F01. She treats her second in command, Orion, with contempt and calls him an imbecile every time he fails her. She is classed as one of the Imperial Alliance's top tacticians, but has found out that X-Bomber, lead by Dr Benn, as out smarted her at nearly every turn. Eventually her persistance paid off and she captured and imprisoned Lamia / F01.   Eventually X-Bomber rescued Lamia and her career was left in tatters, so she decided to throw all her forces forward in one final attack on X-Bomber and kill Lamia (against the Imperial Master's orders). During the battle, Big Dai-X smashed its way into her Imperial Battle Cruiser and killed the Commander and all aboard.    Captain Orion     (voiced by Sean Barrett) Orion is Commander Makara's second in command. He doesn't use tactics against his enemy and instead just commands wave after wave of Imperial Fighters at their enemy. In the past this has worked, but now that they have come up against X- Bomber, this weakness is highlighted. He carries out Makara's orders and when he questions them, then he is shouted down by her and he obeys. He wasn't pleased when it looked like Captain Carter was going to replace him as second in command, and was pleased when Shiro killed him. Makara thinks that is a coward and an imbecile (for all his failures), which upset him. Therefore when he was mortally wounded in battle, he decided that he would prove her wrong. So he went on a suicide mission and rammed X-Bomber. Makara was impressed by his last gesture.    Imperial Master     (voiced by Jacob Whitkin) The Imperial Master is the leader of the Imperial Alliance. He is huge and dwarfs others around him. Anyone who looks him in the eye is up for certain death. He lives and travels on the Fortress Planet and even has the ability to project his image to others over long distances. He doesn't tolerate failure, and has no qualms in executing repeat offenders, as Makara and Orion nearly found out, before they talked their way out of it. When Lamia / F01 warned him that she would stop his reign of terror, he laughed it off and tried to kill her. Eventually she had no choice and Lamia killed him.    Kaliban     (voiced by ?) He is one of the Imperial Alliances inventors, who creates fantastic war weapons. He created an assasin to kill Lamia, after Makara failed to capture her, but instead his creation killed Dr Benn. One of his other inventions was the Death Ball, which he piloted. He was eventually killed when Big Dai-X destroyed the Death Ball.   Imperial Fleet They appeared out of the Thalian Zone before attacking Earth. Their soldiers are insect like and others seem to be humanoids that have metal attachments to their face and body. Some are even fitted with symbionts. It is unknown whether these humanoids have been brainwashed and fitted with them. The Alliance only ever think of conquest and power and have various fighters, ships, weapons to make sure they stay the dominant power in the universe.   Star Fleet - Big Dai-X Star Fleet - Shiro Hagen Star Fleet - Captain Carter Star Fleet - General Kyle Star Fleet - Professor Hagen Star Fleet - Commander Makara Star Fleet - Captain Orion Star Fleet T-Shirts - NONE Star Fleet DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Star Fleet DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Star Fleet Video
Star Fleet Episodes Series 1 (1982)  1. Scramble X-Bomber!  2. The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance  3. Find F-01!  4. Wipe Out The Transport Fleet  5. The Mysterious Ship 'Skull'  6. X-Bomber Goes Forth  7. Mortal Combat In The Gravity Graveyard  8. An Attack Beyond Tears  9. Target: The Commander  10. Galaxy Adrift  11. Farewell, The Eternal Battlefield  12. Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter  13. Battle To The Death:             X-Bomber Vs. The Imperial Alliance  14. Lamia: Girl Of Destiny  15. X-Bomber: Death On Planet Morphane  16. Lamia Kidnapped  17. Asleep In The Ice Prison  18. Commander Makara's Promotion             / Destroy The Prison  19. F-01: Assassination Plot  20. Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!  21. Callinean: A Battle With No Tomorrow!  22. Board The Imperial Alliance Flagship!  23. The End Of Earth  24. A New Beginning For The Galaxy Star Fleet - Barry Hercules Star Fleet - John Lee Star Fleet - Dr Benn Robinson Star Fleet - Lamia Star Fleet - PPA Star Fleet - Kirara Star Fleet - Shiro Star Fleet - John Lee Star Fleet - Dr Benn's prep talk Star Fleet - The brainwashing of Captain Carter Star Fleet - Lamia and Kirara Star Fleet - The Imperial Fleet attacks Star Fleet - Time for Big Dai-X Star Fleet - Maraka talks with the Imperial Master Star Fleet - X-Bomber Star Fleet - X-Bomber covered in vines Star Fleet - Titles Star Fleet - Captain Halle Star Fleet - PPA Star Fleet - Get up John Lee!! Star Fleet - Lamia's in trouble Star Fleet - Lamia imprisoned Star Fleet - The Crew Star Fleet - The Imperial Master Star Fleet Images (click to enlarge) Star Fleet - Makara Star Fleet - Imperial Battle Cruiser Star Fleet - Captain Orion is mortally wounded Star Fleet - Imperial Master threatens Star Fleet - F01 emerges Star Fleet - Imperial Master's Fortress Star Fleet - Dubbing Director, Louis Elman Star Fleet - X-Bomber snared Star Fleet - Earth Defence Force Star Fleet - Gerry Anderson comments on the show Star Fleet - Brian May (doing a cover of Star Fleet) Star Fleet - Peter Marinker (voice of Dr Benn) Star Fleet - Imperial Master Star Fleet - Kaliban Star Fleet - Imperial Fleet ©
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