Star Fleet Story     (back to main page)  It is 2099 and Space War 3 has ended, bringing a time of peace. The Earth had become the centre of power in our solar system, which is protected by Earth Defence Forces and Star Fleet. But peace is shattered when Pluto Alpha Base is attacked by an Imperial Alliance Battle Cruiser, commanded by Commander Makara. Captain Carter the head of Pluto Alpha Base tries to co- ordinate a defence, but they are no match for the Battle Cruiser, and take heavy damage. All their fighters are destroyed and the Battle Cruiser continues to head towards Earth. General Kyle, the head of Earth Defence Force, sends more fighters to intercept the Battle Cruiser, but aren't able to stop it. So he has no choice but to call on Dr Benn the head of X Project, a secret project that is only 90% ready and hadn't been tested. But General Kyle realises that they have no other option if they want to save Earth.   Dr Benn tries to assemble a team to fly the star of the X Project, a new kind of spaceship called X- Bomber. But he only has the option to choose 3 of the most promising pilots from Star Fleet. The pilots he chose were Shiro Hagen, whose father was the designer of the project, John Lee and Barry Hercules. They were transferred to Moon Base where they were shown X-Bomber for the first time. They were also introduced to Lamia a beautiful woman who is Dr Benn's secretary. But they were reluctant to carry out the mission as they hadn't been given training. Dr Benn called their bluff when he promised to go without them. So they agreed to pilot the ship and learn as they went along. X-Bomber launched from Moon Base to intercept the Imperial Fleet. This surprised Makara who turned her attention to destroying this new ship. She launched her Imperial Fighters against them. So Shiro, Lee & Hercules used the manual guns of X-Bomber to defend themselves, but are hit by Laser Torpedoes and X-Bomber crashes on the Moon, knocking the crew out.   It is then that Orion, Makara's 2nd in command, pushes her to finish off Earth, but is reminded that their main mission is to find F01 (they don't know what F01 is) before conquering Earth. Makara thinks that the Imperial Alliance will be invincible if they have F01. Lamia is distraught when she sees X-Bomber crash and takes a buggy from Moon Base (with Kirara) to help them, whilst dodging laser blasts on the way. She helps the crew back on their feet, who asses the damage to the ship. Its bad news, they can't take off, so they come up with a plan to use a concentrated laser beam rocket on the attacking troop carriers and the head of the X-Bomber lifts back and destroys them. The Imperial Battle Cruiser retreats and the crew of X- Bomber set about repairing X-Bomber. Dr Benn orders Lamia to return to Moon Base, but refuses as she thinks the crew need her.   Shiro speaks with Dr Benn in private and wonders if F01 is a person with fantastical powers and ESP, an alien among them. Dr Benn explains to Shiro that years ago a spaceship crashed on Mars with a capsule and a baby girl inside of it (with a creature called Kirara protecting her). Professor Hagen brought her back & she was raised in secret and if he was her father. Shiro is sworn to secrecy to not tell others this secret, but Lamia has overheard it and is convinced that she is F01. Earth's time is up. Star Fleet start evacuating their HQ and ask for X-Bomber's help. But X- Bomber still appears to be crippled. Lamia is mortified that all these people on Earth could be killed and contacts Commander Makara and tells her that she is F01. She pleads with her not to attack Earth. So Makara agrees and sets course for Moon Base and Lamia. But X-Bomber isn't totally crippled, and when the Imperial Battle Cruiser approaches it fires its last resort weapon X- Impulse at it. The only down side of using the weapon is that it drains 90% of their Quantum Power. The Battle Cruiser is severely damaged and has to retreat from X-Bomber. They've won! (for now).   A few days later reports come in that Transport Cruisers, sent to rebuild Pluto Alpha Base, have been disappearing. It is suspected that the Imperial Fleet are intercepting them, so X-Bomber is sent to escort and protect the next set of Transports. Indeed it is the Alliance, who are trying to establish a base of operations on Jupiter. As X-Bomber gets closer, they are surrounded in an asteroid belt. Luckily they try out their new shields (which turns everything inside to green) and successfully fight off the attack. As they get closer to Jupiter they discover the new Imperial base and try to destroy it.   But Makaras Battle Cruiser has been laying in wait for them. Jupiter Base attacks them from the front and Makara's ship attacks them from behind. So X-Bomber launches 3 small ships against them, piloted by Shiro, Lee and Hercules. But there are too many rocks and gun emplacements around for them to get a good shot at Jupiter Base, so the 3 ships join together to make Big Dai-X a powerful robot. The robot pummels the defences of the base and destroys it (it even roars while its doing it). Makara and Orion can't believe it, they have been foiled by X-Bomber again, and retreat. Once X-Bomber arrives at Pluto Alpha Base, Shiro searches for Captain Carter, but he is nowhere to be found. He was taught to trust his instincts and knows that Carter is still alive. It is then that Pluto Alpha Base is contacted by the mysterious sailing ship called the Skull, who says Lamia wears a special pendant and is a compatriot of theirs. Lamia knows that the they telling the truth and steals a ship and heads towards them. Just as she's about to reach the Skull, Makara arrives and orders the Skull to be destroyed.    Astro Fighters (Imperial) attack the Skull, co-ordinated by Orion. The Skull holds its own for a while, but are eventually outgunned by the Alliance. Dr Benn is persuaded to help the Skull and they cause further damage to the Imperial Battle Cruiser, which retreats and the Skull flies off. X-Bomber is ordered to catch up with the Skull and find out if Lamia is F01. But Makara once again threatens Earth. So X-Bomber diverts to intercept them. But it seems that it is a trap to lure the Skull into coming to X-Bombers aid. Suddenly the electrics of X-Bomber go haywire and PPA goes berserk. They are being pulled off course by a Black Hole! They try to breakaway from its pull, but they are running out of power. Makara is waiting for their power to run out and sends Orion and his fighters to finish them off.   X-Bomber has to soak up the attacks and is having trouble maintaining power to its engines to get free of the Black Hole. Orion is confident that they have got them, but Dr Benn is persuaded by the crew that they should stop and fight. Orion did his job of using up their power and thinks they are helpless. But X-Bomber has some power in reserve and fire their lasers at the incoming fighter carriers and use X Impulse to disable the Imperial Battle Cruiser. Lee starts getting upset when they drift powerless in the void. Also they find out that the Oxygen system is damaged and that they will run out of air soon. Lamia sends a distress signal to the Skull, but before she can finish it, the ship starts moving. It is pulled free by the Skull, which doesn't hang around for long and flies off into space.   The Imperial Master isn't happy with Makara and Orion's failures and order them home to the Thalian Zone for trial and execution. When they arrive, they are lead through to the execution area, where the Imperial Master is waiting for them (he's huge!!). He's furious that they haven't captured F01 and calls them incompetent. Defeat is not tolerated. Makara asks him to review their battles in detail, as he has the ability to replay situations. She tried to blame Orion for all their failures and promises to revise her tactics and has a new plan to get him F01. He allows her one last chance and gives them a deadline of 6 months, otherwise their goal of total domination of the galaxy will be lost for another millennium. Makara immediately puts her new plan into action and calls on the help of Captain Carter!! He has been brainwashed and knows nothing of his loyalty to Earth and is now fitted with his own symbiont. Makara puts him in charge of attacking X-Bomber which Orion is furious about.    X-Bomber is contacted by the Skull to meet them at the Planet Zeus, a lush green planet. It is instructed to land on the sea of trees in front of the Skull. The Skull asks for Lamia to come alone, but the rest of the crew are cautious (as usual Lamia is like a lemming and tries to give herself up again!). They were wise to be cautious as the Skull was a hologram created by Captain Carter. When X-Bomber tries to take of they find out that the trees are alive and that vines are stopping them from taking off. Captain Carter contacts X-Bomber and assures them that he will return Lamia after they have interrogated her. Lee is too trustworthy and believes Carter, but the others aren't as easily persuaded and refuse. So the Imperial Battle Cruiser starts attacking X-Bomber, not realising they are destroying some of the vines that are holding them down. Luckily the real Skull comes to their rescue and start attacking the Battle Cruiser. In the meantime X-Bomber breaks free of the vines and escapes along with the Skull. Orion wants Carter removed for his failures, but Makara is impressed by his tactics. Shiro is haunted by the thought that Captain Carter is working for the Alliance.    It is only when the X-Bomber crew rescue an Imperial Soldier do they realise how desperate the Imperial Alliance is. It seems that the soldier was being attacked by his own troops for deserting them, but in fact he hides a more sinister reason. The Imperial Alliance have decided that if they can't capture F01, that instead they will kill F01. This soldier has a time bomb fitted inside of himself and is willing to die for their cause and blow himself and Lamia up. Luckily the crew of X-Bomber get to him in time and eject him into space before he can carry out his orders. Shiro can no longer contain his feelings about Captain Carter and challenges him to a duel (unknown to the rest of the X-Bomber Crew). Makara is happy for this to proceed and Carter sees Shiro as an unworthy opponent. But Carter is overconfident and Shiro shoots down Carter's ship, which crash lands on a nearby asteroid.  Shiro gets to a mortally wounded Carter, who's symbiont has moved off his face. It is then that Carter's memories come flooding back to him. He is mortified when he realises what he has done in the name of the Imperial Alliance. He smashes the insect hand that the Alliance gave him and begs Shiro to kill him for his crimes. Shiro refuses, how can he kill his friend and mentor. But Carter forces his hand when he shoots at Shiro, who returns fire and kills him. The Skull is sighted again and at last they respond & ask for the person with the token to come across to the Skull. Dr Benn refuses as he knows that Lamia has such an item (a jewel). Lamina convinces Shiro to take her to the Skull as they can at last find out the truth about herself and the Skull, Dr Benn is furious that he has disobeyed his orders and that he has endangered them all. Lamia and Shiro meet Halle on board the Skull, who checks if the token is real. But this meeting has been overseen by Makara, who launches an attack on the Skull. But when the fighters attack, Lamia is propelled into space and wounded. Not only that, one of the Imperial Fighters tried to clamp onto her and take her back to their Battle Cruiser. Luckily Shiro is able to shoot the clamp using his ship and rescue her. Orion cant believe it, his troops nearly had her again!. X-Bomber picks up Shiro, and Lamia who is wounded and needs an operation. Dr Benn has to perform an emergency operation to save her life. Hercules is furious with Shiro as his actions have put Lamia in danger. He confronts Shiro and punches him in the face because of it. Continue Story...>>     Star Fleet - Big Dai-X Star Fleet T-Shirts - NONE Star Fleet DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Star Fleet DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Star Fleet Video
Star Fleet Episodes Series 1 (1982)  1. Scramble X-Bomber!  2. The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance  3. Find F-01!  4. Wipe Out The Transport Fleet  5. The Mysterious Ship 'Skull'  6. X-Bomber Goes Forth  7. Mortal Combat In The Gravity Graveyard  8. An Attack Beyond Tears  9. Target: The Commander  10. Galaxy Adrift  11. Farewell, The Eternal Battlefield  12. Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter  13. Battle To The Death:             X-Bomber Vs. The Imperial Alliance  14. Lamia: Girl Of Destiny  15. X-Bomber: Death On Planet Morphane  16. Lamia Kidnapped  17. Asleep In The Ice Prison  18. Commander Makara's Promotion             / Destroy The Prison  19. F-01: Assassination Plot  20. Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!  21. Callinean: A Battle With No Tomorrow!  22. Board The Imperial Alliance Flagship!  23. The End Of Earth  24. A New Beginning For The Galaxy Star Fleet - Shiro Star Fleet - John Lee Star Fleet - Dr Benn's prep talk Star Fleet - The brainwashing of Captain Carter Star Fleet - Lamia and Kirara Star Fleet - The Imperial Fleet attacks Star Fleet - Time for Big Dai-X Star Fleet - Maraka talks with the Imperial Master Star Fleet - X-Bomber Star Fleet - X-Bomber covered in vines Star Fleet - Titles Star Fleet - Captain Halle Star Fleet - PPA Star Fleet - Get up John Lee!! Star Fleet - Lamia's in trouble Star Fleet - Lamia imprisoned Star Fleet - The Crew Star Fleet - The Imperial Master Star Fleet Images (click to enlarge) Star Fleet - Makara Star Fleet - Imperial Battle Cruiser Star Fleet - Captain Orion is mortally wounded Star Fleet - Imperial Master threatens Star Fleet - F01 emerges Star Fleet - Imperial Master's Fortress Star Fleet - Dubbing Director, Louis Elman Star Fleet - X-Bomber snared Star Fleet - Earth Defence Force Star Fleet - Gerry Anderson comments on the show Star Fleet - Brian May (doing a cover of Star Fleet) Star Fleet - Peter Marinker (voice of Dr Benn) Star Fleet - The Skull Star Fleet - X-Bomber Star Fleet - Shiro and Carter showdown ©
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