SuperTed Story  Superted is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon about an ordinary teddy bear who was being made in a factory. They found something wrong with him, so he was picked off the conveyor belt and threw away like a piece of rubbish, down a chute into an old dark store room. The poor teddy bear sat there all alone until Spotty (a spotty man) arrived in his rocket ship from outer space. He took pity on the lonely bear and brought him to life by sprinkling him with cosmic dust.   Spotty took him to a magic cloud to see Mother Nature who gave the teddy bear special powers. When he says his magic word, he transforms into SuperTed (well, he unzips his fur and steps out wearing a SuperTed costume). SuperTed is committed to helping others and doing good deeds.   But there is one person that doesn't like SuperTed and that is Texas Pete. He hates the teddy bear because he keeps stopping him from carrying out his dastardly plans. So every time he gets a chance, he tries to do away with SuperTed, with the help of his accomplices, Bulk and Skeleton.  Superted Characters     SuperTed     (voiced by Derek Griffiths) SuperTed has superhuman strength and flies using his rocket boots. He doesn't have to wear a spacesuit or helmet in space. He lives is a number of places. On Earth, he lives in a tree house, shaped like a teddy, which is in the middle of the jungle. In Space, he lives in his own space station, that looks like a teddy too.   If there is trouble, then people around the world can call him on his hotline and he will spring into action to help them. Texas Pete has used this for his advantage, by calling out SuperTed on hoax calls to ensure that he is nowhere near Tex and one of his dastardly schemes.   SuperTed’s best friend is Spotty, but sometimes they do fall out with each other, such as the time he complained that he always rescuing Spotty. At night he sleeps with a spotty bear.     Spotty     (voiced by Jon Pertwee) He comes from the planet Spot, where his parents and his sister, Blotch, still live (its very hot there). He collects cosmic dust and is always asking SuperTed to tell him his magic word (he keeps promising that he won't tell anyone else). Spotty can be quite accident prone and SuperTed is always helping him out of a spot of trouble. If Spotty gets flustered then he starts stammering.   He travels around space with SuperTed using his Spotty Rocket, and his rocket pack. Like SuperTed, he doesn't need a spacesuit and helmet to survive in space.      Texas Pete     (voiced by Victor Spinetti) Tex, as he is known to others, is one of the meanest cowboys on the planet and is always looking for ways to kill SuperTed, because he is always foiling his evil plans. He loves to steal things and make people unhappy. If Tex promises to do something, then don't believe him, as he is always going back on his word.   He treats both of his henchmen, Bulk and Skeleton, very badly. He will call them names and put their lives on the line rather than his. If he starts to call you his friend, then you know you are in trouble and the best thing to do is run away!!   Once, he tried to find out SuperTed’s magic word by staging situations that would require SuperTed's help. Tex had SuperTed’s tree house bugged, to find out the magic word. Luckily everything didn't go to plan. Tex also has a spaceship.   There are a number of things that Tex hates (apart from SuperTed). He hates being called kind and generous (Skeleton never said it again to him) and he doesn't like being kissed (yuk!).   Once, he dropped in on Mr & Mrs Spot. This wasn't to say hello, but instead to steal the cosmic dust that Spotty had be collecting for years.  Skeleton     (voiced by Melvyn Hayes)  Skeleton is exactly that, a skeleton. His main objective is to have a happy and quiet life. But being one of Texas Pete's henchmen ensures that this does not happen. He is what you would call a complainer and is always expecting something terrible to happen (which in most cases it does).   Skeleton is not one of the butchest people and sounds quite effeminate. He is always wearing slippers and sleeps in a coffin. He classes Bulk as one of his friends, but cannot say the same about Texas Pete, who is always bullying him into doing bad things. He has trouble keeping himself together and is always losing his head (literally). Once a seagull carried his arm off and it took him ages before he got it back (the poor thing didn't know what to do!).  Bulk     (voiced by Roy Kinnear) Bulk is Texas Pete's other henchman and does anything that Tex says. One of his favourite things is to eat, which is why he is rather rotund. He is strong, which is what Tex needs in certain situations, but is a bit thick. This lack of brain power means that Bulk doesn't think for himself and instead blunders into situations causing havoc for Tex.   Bulk is the only other person to have known SuperTed's magic word. He knew it for a few seconds, then forgot it again (much to Tex's displeasure). But during that time  he said the magic word and became SuperBulk. His costume looked the same as SuperTed’s, but was a but more stretched. He zoomed around the sky like a bee and kept making buzzing sounds. He carried on all day, until the fuel in his rocket boots were empty. Superted - Superhero Superted - Texas Pete Superted - Skeleton SuperTed T-Shirts - NONE SuperTed DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - SuperTed DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Superted Video
Superted Episodes Series 1 (1982)  1. SuperTed and Mother Nature  2. SuperTed and The Gorilla  3. SuperTed and The City Of The Dead  4. SuperTed and the Elephants Graveyard  5. SuperTed and The Giant Kites  6. SuperTed and The Goldmine  7. SuperTed and The Great Horrendo  8. SuperTed and The Gun Smugglers  9. SuperTed and The Inca Treasure  10. SuperTed And The Lumberjacks  11. SuperTed and Nuts In Space  12. SuperTed and the Pearlfishers  13. SuperTed and The Pothole Rescue  14. SuperTed and The Stolen Rocket  15. SuperTed and The Train Robbers  16. Trouble In Space - Part 1  17. Trouble In Space - Part 2  18. SuperTed at Creepy Castle  19. SuperTed at the Funfair  20. SuperTed At The Toy Shop  21. SuperTed In China Town  22. SuperTed In The Arctic  23. SuperTed Kicks Up The Dust  24. SuperTed on Planet Spot  25. Bulk's Story  26. SuperTed Meets Father Christmas  27. SuperTed And The Crystal Ball  28. SuperTed and The Magic Word - Part 1  29. SuperTed and The Magic Word - Part 2  30. SuperTed and The Whales  31. SuperTed Goes To Texas  32. SuperTed In Spotty And The Indians  33. SuperTed and The Rattle Snake  34. SuperTed Goes Round The Bend  35. SuperTed's Dream  36. Tex's Magic Spell     The Further Adventures of SuperTed Series 1 (1989)   1. Phantom of the Grand Ol' Opry  2. Dot's Entertainment  3. Knox, Knox, Who's There?  4. The Mysticetae Mystery  5. Texas is Mine  6. Sheepless Nights  7. We Got Nutninkhamun  8. Leave it to Space Beavers  9. Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere  10. Farewell, My Lovely Spots  11. Ben-Fur  12. Spotty Earns His Stripes  13. Ruse of the Raja Superted Images (click to enlarge) Superted Superted - Tex Has Found Something Superted - Spotty Is His Friend Superted - Bulk Is On Top Of The World Superted - Flying In Formation Superted - Stop This Train Texas Pete! Superted - Texas Pete Is In Trouble Superted And Spotty Roar Into Action Superted - Costume Superted - Texas Pete Has The Upper Ground Superted - Teddy Factory Superted - Threw Him Away Superted - Title Superted - Spotty Arrived Superted - Spotty Brought Him To Life © Superted DVDs Superted - Spotty Superted - Bulk Superted - What Is Your Magic Word?
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