The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. In September 1985, a sensation hit the toy shops - Teddy Ruxpin. It was a toy bear that read stories to its owner and his lips would move in sync. Nothing like this had been seen in toy shops before. 2 years after his toy shop debut and still riding the crest of a wave, Teddy Ruxpin splashed onto our screens with his 1st animated adventure. Again they were extremely popular and 65 episodes were created. There was even talk of making more episodes, but this didn't come about. The show was created by Ken Forsse. Teddy Ruxpin was always softly spoken and there was a number of messages that it was trying to teach the children watching it, such as friendship. It had some nice cheesy songs and Teddy sounded a little like Michael Jackson. Teddy Ruxpin and his friends disappeared from our screens and toy shops for years. The fans that grew up with Teddy wanted to see them again and show their children. In 2005 there was an announcement from BackPack Toys that the Teddy Ruxpin toy was being resurrected and he would again be reading stories again.   This time he was built upon modern technology. Out were the tapes that slotted into his back and in were the cartridges that had mp3's on them. But the toy was delayed until 2006. But in 2006 another announcement came, The (animated) Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin was coming out on DVD at last. So now a whole new generation will at last witness the phenomenon of Teddy Ruxpin, toy and cartoon.   Story   Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby have travelled all the way from Rillonia to Grundo. The reason for this is that Teddy found a treasure map and a half a medallion. On the half a medallion were 3 words - 'Spirit', 'Treasure', 'Ledge'. They didn't know what they meant, but they knew that the answer was to be found at the top of the Treacherous Mountains. On the way, they bump into Newton Gimmick, who is an inventor who wanted to help them on their quest, so they set off in his airship to the Treacherous Mountains.   But Tweeg (the local baddie) finds out about the map and swaps it for a fake one to send the adventurers in the wrong direction. Luckily they realise this after a while and turn around and head the right way. Along their way they come across a number of people who either help or hinder them on their quest, find out below about them all and what adventures they get up to. The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Characters      Teddy Ruxpin  He is an illiop, who lives on an Island called Rillonia, which is just off the coast of Grundo. It was Teddy that found the Treasure Map of Grundo in an old trunk in his house (with the half medallion), and decided that he was going to try to find it. Teddy is an extremely nice bear, who never seems to raise his voice to anyone and has a knack of making friends. On his journey the number of friends willing to help him kept growing and he even befriended Prince Arin, and helped him look for his sister.   Eventually they reached the top of the Treacherous Mountains and to the 'Hard to Find City', which is guarded by the Gutangs. Sneaking past the Gutangs, they find the other half of the medallion on a wall. Once put together, it spells out "Only the Pure of Spirit may find the Treasure of Knowledge" and it opened a secret door to treasure. The medallion fused together and fell into Teddy's hand, as if it wanted him to take it.   Also 6 Crystals levitated into the air and each of the friends took one of the crystals which had a word inscribed on each - Imagination (Gimmick), Honesty (Grubby), Bravery (Prince Arin), Trust (Princess Aruzia), Friendship (Teddy Ruxpin), Freedom (for them all). But their joy was short lived, as they were discovered by the Gutangs and chased out of the city, leaving all the treasure behind and Tweeg happily snuck in and claimed the treasure for himself. After their escape, Teddy wears the medallion around his neck.     Grubby He is a nervous caterpillar (Octopede) who says that he hates adventure. But Teddy Ruxpin is his friend and he will follow him anywhere. He likes cooking and one of his specialities is Root Stew and wants everyone to taste it as he thinks it is lovely. But don't tell him, as the others think it tastes terrible. Teddy even worked out that it was so sticky and horrible, that it could even be used as a weapon when it was fired from a slingshot (it clogs up propellers).   Teddy never tell Grubby any secrets, as he is terrible at keeping them and will blurt it out to the first person he sees. Once, he fell in love when he was shrunk to the size of a bug. He just couldn't take his eyes of a pretty Caterpillar called Karen, who turned up to the bugs Annual Spring Dance. They spent days together, until one day she went into a cocoon. Poor Grubby didn't know what was happening until she emerged as a butterfly. She help them get back to Gimmick's house and get back to normal size. But the relationship was doomed, he was just too tall for her, and they went their different ways and it broke his heart.     Newton Gimmick  He is an inventor who lives in 'Gimmicks Valley' and is under constant attack from Tweeg, but he doesn't let that bother him. He invented an airship, which consisted of a small galleon (wooden ship), with a large balloon over it. He burns fuel in its furnace to supply the hot air for the balloon. As with most inventors, he sometimes has trouble explaining himself in simple terms and instead speaks in jargon or uses words others do not know (he really does waffle on).   Once they had returned from the Treacherous Mountains, he started work on finding a use for the 6 Crystals they had found. He put one of them in a machine he had and suddenly it turned it into a reducing machine (makes people and objects smaller and larger again).     Jack W. Tweeg  Tweeg lives in a very thin and tall castle, overlooking 'Gimmicks Valley'. He loves nothing more than using his telescope to spy on Gimmick and fire cannon balls at his house to try to make him leave. Luckily for Gimmick, Tweeg is the worlds worst shot as he never hits the target. He aspires to be evil, but still has a way to go. No only that, he’s paranoid that people are out to steal his secret formula, which is supposed to make gold from buttermilk (yeah sure, like it really exists!). He even thinks that Gimmick is forming an army against him. Tweeg is always telling L.B. that they are partners, but in reality he thinks nothing of the sort. Instead he wants the Treasure of Grundo all to himself and uses L.B. to do all the hard work. He even gets L.B. to pull him around in a cart! He was overjoyed when he saw Teddy Ruxpin and his friends, in the 'Hard to find City', being chased off by the Gutangs. With Ruxpin out of the way, Tweeg stepped in to claim the treasure for himself. But his joy was short lived as the treasure faded away to nothing. Understandably Tweeg wasn’t happy. One of Tweeg’s ambitions is to join M.A.V.O. (the Monsters and Villains Organisation) and is always trying to buy his way in and become more evil. He sees this as a stepping stone to help him become the ruler of Grundo.     L.B. He is a bounder who works for Tweeg. He’s a little bit thick, as he believes Tweeg when he says they are partners, but in reality Tweeg knows he's the boss. L.B. does all of Tweeg’s dirty work and is the muscle in this partnership. But L.B. gets his own back on Tweeg by telling him he's not very good at being bad. Plus he’s keeps getting Tweeg’s name wrong (on purpose) and calling him Twink, Twaz and any other word beginning with 'T', which infuriates Tweeg. It was L.B. that stole the Treasure Map of Grundo from Newton Gimmick. In fact Gimmick put it in his mouth to stop L.B. biting him, but he didn't realise he had done this. He took it straight to Tweeg, who gave him another map with fake directions on it. L.B. placed the map near Gimmicks house for them to discover, so they would go in the opposite direction to the treasure.   At one time L.B. shrank Gimmick & friends. He then preceded to take Gimmick's house apart, looking for anything useful. Eventually he came across the 6 crystals they found in the 'Hard to Find City'. He didn't know what they were, but he thought Tweeg might like them.     Prince Arin He is the son of King Nogburt and was imprisoned by the Mudblups. Teddy and friends helped rescue him and they then found out he was searching for his sister Princess Aruzia, who he believes had been kidnapped. So they put their quest to find the treasure on hold and decided to help the Prince find his sister. On their journey they came across the Grunges and during this visit the Prince was accidentally knocked into a soup cauldron. When he was pulled out of it, he grew to the size of Wooly and was transformed into a really nasty metal knight. Both Wooly and himself fought and eventually the effect wore off and he was back to normal. The Prince agreed that his father would pay for any damage that was caused to the village (his father won't have any money left soon if he keep on like this). Eventually he found out his sister had been kidnapped by the Gutangs and was being held in the 'Hard to Find City'. They used their stealth and cunning to infiltrate the city and rescue her.     The Wooly Whatsit  He loves nothing more than sitting at the base of Rainbow Falls being covered in water. He can be quite grumpy when you first meet him, but when he gets used to you, then he is quite cuddly. He may be cuddly, but he is large and extremely strong. He was really upset when he found out that Princess Aruzia had been kidnapped. Once he falls asleep, it is quite hard to wake him. He is too big and heavy to fly in the airship, so was left behind when the others went to the top of the Treacherous Mountains to rescue the Princess Aruzia.   But Wooly just can't be left out and he scaled the Mountain. He arrived in the 'Hard to find City' just at the right time, as the Gutangs were just about to send their full might of their air force to shoot Teddy and his friends down in the airship. So Wooly used his strength to single handedly destroy all the Gutangs aircraft.     Fobs  They are small cuddly creatures with beaks and they are always helpful, friendly and loyal. L.B. is scared of them because of this and runs a mile to get away from any. They speak in high pitched voices and laugh a lot. Once Rainbow Falls dried up and a few weeks later the Fobs started to lose their colour. Luckily the Wooly Whatsit removed a boulder that was blocking the water and the Fobs colour came back when the swam in it.     Grunges  They live in 'The Forest with No Name' and grow vegetables on the footpath through it. So they were upset when Teddy and friends accidentally trampled over them, but they calmed down when they found out that Prince Arin was travelling with them. They like singing 'Do the Grunge'. They get their strength and aggression from a special soup they make, which has Vitamin Z in it. But when Teddy and friends were invited to a feast, too much Vitamin Z was put in the soup.   Prince Arin accidentally fell into the cauldron of soup, and became really aggressive and a fight between Wooly and Prince Arin began. They nearly destroyed the Grunges village (to their horror) but luckily the effects wore off when they plunged into a river.     Gutangs They are warriors that kidnapped Princess Aruzia and held her high up in the Treacherous Mountains, in the ancient 'Hard to find City'. This city is heavily guarded and they maintain a constant vigil for any intruders (they really are quite nasty). They are a war like race who go around wearing armour that looks like an Owl's face and body. They certainly are into the flying theme, as they even have planes shaped like bats.   Once they found out that Teddy and friends were in their city, they chased them back to the airship. But just as it looked like they were going to escape, the Gutangs fired boulders at the ship and knocked out its propulsion and used a grappling hook to pull them back in.     Quellor He is the leader of M.A.V.O. (the Monsters and Villains Organisation) and is also known as the Supreme Oppressor. He is on a quest to get all 6 of the Crystals, as it has been foretold that obtaining all 6 and placing them into the 6 gaps on the M.A.V.O. wall will stop any threat of goodness to them. But there is a warning, that M.A.V.O. should stop the 6 Crystals falling into the hands of illiops.     Eleanor Tweeg  She is the mother of Tweeg and is a nasty Troll, who did awful things to Tweeg when he was growing up, such as insulting him. But Tweeg doesn't mind as it made him a really rotten guy. She can't stand the sight of him and is always saying that he won't amount to anything, which is because he isn't as nasty as she wanted him. She never has a good thing to say about her husband, because he was too nice and he was a Grunge (or maybe it was because he liked surfing?).     Elroy Tweeg  He is the father of Tweeg and is a Grunge. In fact he is a member of the Surf Grunges, who hang around on 'Ben's Beach' surfing, chilling out and partying. He is classed as their number 1 surfer and could handle any wave that the sea could throw at him. But when he married Tweeg's mother, she insulted him and even tried to take away his surf board. That was the last straw for him and so on one of the greatest waves seen, he rode off on it into the sunset.     Mudblups They live underground and do not like visitors (they are just plain grumpy). If anyone does trespass, then they put them to work in their coal mines as slaves. Because they live underground, they do not like bright lights and never journey above ground in the daylight.     Wizard of Grundo  He was supposed to be a nice wizard, but when the others met his, he was wasn't interested in helping them unless they had money (his whole castle is geared up to make money from people). But he isn't a Wizard at all and he uses tricks to convince people of his power and magic. His partner in crime is Louis, who goes around Grundo filming everything. Once someone has paid money for a magic vision and a message from the mystic messenger, the Wizard gets Louis to beam some of the images from the other side of a glass window (the Magic Eye) so fooling them.   Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Tweeg Fires A Warning Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Teddy Ruxpin Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Fobs Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Grunges Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Gutangs Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Quellor Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Eleanor Tweeg Teddy Ruxpin T-Shirts - NONE Teddy Ruxpin DVDs Region 1 (Europe) - Teddy Ruxpin DVDs (R1) Region 1 (USA) - Teddy Ruxpin DVDs Teddy Ruxpin Video Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Grubby And Teddy
Teddy Ruxpin Episodes Series 1 (1987)  1. The Treasure of Grundo  2. Beware of the Mudblups  3. Guest of the Grunges  4. In the Fortress of the Wizard  5. Escape from the Treacherous Mountain  6. Take a Good Look  7. Grubby's Romance  8. Tweeg's Mom  9. The Surf Grunges  10. The New M.A.V.O. Member  11. The Faded Fobs  12. The Medicine Wagon  13. Tweeg Gets the Tweezles  14. The Lemonade Stand  15. The Rainbow Mine  16. The Wooly What's-It  17. Sign of a Friend  18. One More Spot  19. Elves and Woodsprites  20. Grundo Graduation  21. Double Grubby  22. King Nogburt's Castle  23. The Day Teddy Met Grubby  24. Secret of the Illiops  25. Through Tweeg's Fingers  26. Uncle Grubby  27. The Crystal Book  28. Teddy and the Mudblups  29. Win One For the Twipper  30. Tweeg Joins M.A.V.O.  31. The Mushroom Forest  32. Something In the Soup  33. Captured  34. To the Rescue  35. Escape From M.A.V.O.  36. Leekee Lake  37. The Third Crystal  38. Up for Air  39. The Black Box  40. The Hard To Find City  41. Octopede Sailors  42. Tweeg the Vegetable  43. Wizardland  44. The Ying Zoo  45. The Big Escape  46. Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday  47. Wizardweek  48. Air and Water Races  49. The Great Grundo Ground Race  50. A Race To The Finish  51. Autumn Adventure  52. Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets  53. Harvest Feast  54. Wooly and the Giant Snowzos  55. Winter Adventure  56. Teddy's Quest  57. Thin Ice  58. Fugitives  59. Musical Oppressors  60. M.A.V.O. Costume Ball  61. Father's Day  62. The Journey Home  63. On the Beaches  64. L.B.'s Wedding  65. The Mystery Unravels Teddy Ruxpin Images (click to enlarge) Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Grubby Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Newton Gimmick Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Jack W Tweeg Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - L.B. Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Prince Arin Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - The Wooly Whatsit Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Grubby Is In Love Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Gimmick Explains His Plan Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - The Knight Attacks Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Time To Party Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - LB Doesn't Like The Cart Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - LB Sneaks Around Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Gimmick's Airship Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - A Gutang On Guard Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Attacks From The Air Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Tweeg Is Rich Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Wake Up Wooly Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Quellor Plans His Next Move Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Surfing Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Looking Worried Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Saved At Last Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Titles Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Smile For The Camera Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Wooly Doesn't Like The Machine Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Elroy Tweeg Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Mudblups Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - Wizard Of Grundo Teddy Ruxpin (Cartoon) - The Team Teddy Ruxpin Merchandise Toys (Europe) - NONE Toys (USA) - Teddy Ruxpin Toys ©
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