Teen Titans Teen Titans is a 00’s Children’s TV cartoon which was based upon the characters from the DC Comic 'The New Teen Titans' (from the 1980's). 5 series of the show were made before it was cancelled (even though there had been talk about a 6th Series). Since then a TV movie has been made, Trouble in Tokyo, and there are rumours that more could be on the way. The characters live on in the DC Comic - Teen Titans GO!. The theme tune for the show is sung by Japanese group Puffi Amiyumi, who also have their own cartoon show. But for one episode (Series 2 Episode 11), the titles and theme tune were changed, and Puffi Amiyumi were joined by Rocky Toy-C in singing the theme tune.     Story  The Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes. They live in a custom building called Titan Tower, which is in the shape of a big 'T' and it is located just offshore from a city. Here the Titans relax, but they also train using their specially constructed obstacle course to keep them in shape to fight against the bad guys. Each Teen Titan carries a receiver / locator that beeps when they are needed, and the team assembles together.    Teen Titans Characters    Robin     (voiced by Scott Menville) He is the leader of the teen titans and is normally the cool headed one of the group. He is very agile and he uses a metal staff when fighting. Robin has a passion for motorbikes and is highly skilled at riding them, but he does seem to crash a lot of them, so his insurance must be sky high! Robin's real name is Dick Grayson and is the same Robin who eventually becomes Batman's sidekick. He has an enemy called Slade who he is determined to take down, after he threatened the lives of his team-mates.   Robin wasn't too impressed when he was blackmailed into taking a villains daughter out on a date. He had to dress up in a tuxedo and smile...that must have been difficult :) The cape he wears can withstand extreme high temperatures and can help to shield him. In his spare time he likes listening to music. Secretly he likes Starfire, but doesn't make this obvious, but eventually Starfire plays his hand and a spark ignites between the two.   In the future Robin changes his name to Knightwing and has a new costume to go with it too.     Cyborg     (voiced by Khary Payton) He is Beast Boy's best friend, probably because they both love to play video games. Over half of his body is now machine, which gives him super strength. He can fire laser bolts and can even detach his mechanical limbs if he needs to. He likes working on his car, but gets annoyed when Beast Boy interrupts him They may be friends, but they know how to squabble. Cyborg can also remove his hand and control it like a remote control car. He even has a camera in his finger!   He is the main man concerning the security of Titan Towers and has put in extensive defences inside and surrounding the Tower. So he wasn't too happy when Slade's Robot Ninjas got past it. He loves nothing more than finding an 'all you can eat' restaurant and emptying the place of food. But he met his match in Toyko when the owner of a restaurant wasn't pleased with his eating habits and chased Cyborg out of the place with a cleaver.   In the future he was forgotten by the others and he lived in a dilapidated Titans Tower. It was more like a prison for him, as he was down to his last power cell, which was attached to the Tower.     Starfire     (voiced by Hynden Walch) She is an alien from Tamerania. She is always wants to see the best in everyone, no matter how bad they are. She can fly and shoot bolts of energy from her hands. Once she chased 'Warp' into a wormhole and found herself 20 years in the future, where she found that her absence had contributed to the break up of the Teen Titans (she wasn't around to smooth things over).   Starfire also has a big crush on Robin, which is quite obvious, but Robin plays it cool. Which is probably the best thing to do, as she can go over the top. But when she gets jealous, boy do the sparks fly! Once she had an enormous spot come up on her head, she was mortified. But it didn't stop there, she grew tusks on her neck, her fingernails grew long and ugly, and many other things happened.   She couldn't bear to be seen, so travelled into space before finding a planet where she was told by a beautiful woman that she was going through the Tameranian transformation and that should would turn into a crystallise. Which is when the woman transformed into a Tameranian Crystallise eater!! Luckily her friends the Teen Titans had followed her and came to her rescue. When she emerged from the crystallise she found out that she had gained a power...she could now shoot bolts of energy from her eyes too.   One things Tameranians like to do is sing to people to make things better. The only problem is that Tameranian songs sound terrible!! Also they have the ability to learn any language of a person by kissing them. But Robin isn't too pleased when she does this. She was upset when the Titans went to Tokyo and Robin said he only had time for being a superhero and romance was off the cards. But after a few near misses trying to bring down a Japanese baddie called Brushogun, he changed his mind and sealed their romance with a kiss (ahh).     Raven     (voiced by Tara Strong) She always looks like the most unhappiest person on the planet. She rarely smiles and nearly always wears black to go with her mood. She has strange powerful powers, such as contacting the spirit world and being about to use her energy to pickup things from afar. Before she unleashes her power, she performs an incantation (Azurath Metrion Zinthos). She does have the ability to help the healing process. Raven is very worried that she could lose control of her powers, so she uses meditation to keep a tight control of it.     Beast Boy     (voiced by Greg Cipes) He is Cyborg's best friend and loves to play video games with him. He likes to each lots of pizza and Tofu?. He has the ability to change into the shape of any animal, but the only colour they come in is green as Beast Boy is green too. Sometimes (or is it all the time?) he doesn't know when to stop talking and can aggravate situations and he seems to be accident prone.   When he met Terra, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was everything he ever wanted and she was just as silly as him. She told him that she could not control her powers and swore him to secrecy, and not tell the other Teen Titans. But when the others guessed she couldn't control her power, she thought it was Beast Boy who had told her secret. She left Titan Towers and in the process broke Beast Boy's heart.    It was shattered even more when she came back and betrayed the Titans with Slade's help. He always believed there was good in her, but this was the last straw. He was now fighting for real against the girl he loved and it hurt like hell. In the future he goes bald (which his past self didn't like) and became the freak show at the travelling circus. This was mainly to do with feeling protected from the outside world, which didn't take kindly to his sort!     Terra     (voiced by Ashley Johnson) She is an unknown mutant who has the power to manipulate the earth and rocks around her. When she first bumped into the Teen Titans, she was taken aback with their kindness and immediately accepted their hospitality. This was also due to the fact that she was homeless and hungry. She ate them out of house and home and became very close to Beast Boy, and the Teen Titans offered her the chance to become a Teen Titan.   This was when she told Beast Boy that she hadn't been able to totally control her powers and the reason why she kept moving from place to place is because she had accidentally caused earthquakes, mud slides and avalanches. She swore him to secrecy about this. But when the other Teen Titans guessed that she couldn't control her powers, Terra thought that Beast Boy had betrayed her confidence and she fled from the Teen Titans. At the same time she broke Beast Boy's heart by leaving.   Later she returned with more control over her powers and everything seemed to be great, but she seemed to be more rash and didn't think of the consequences of rushing into situations. This is when Terra and Raven clashed, as she didn't follow orders, but eventually they worked together to save Titan Tower. This was when she was accepted as the sixth Teen Titan. Terra's life then took a turn for the worst when she was recruited by Slade to become his apprentice, which the other Teen Titans eventually found out when she deactivated the security of Titan Tower to Slade.   His Robot Ninjas swarmed into the place overcoming the Titans. But Terra was nowhere to be seen, as she was out on a date with Beast Boy! She was shocked when Beast Boy turned his back on her when her treachery was revealed. Slade trained her further and gave her a neural suit to wear and she promised to fight alongside him forever.   But when she was on the back foot against the Titans, she got no sympathy from Slade. He just beat her and revealed that the suit had bonded with her and could never be taken off. She was horrified and rebelled, but it was too late, he controlled her. But with the help of Beast Boy, she used mind over matter and took control of her body and fought back. During this fight with Slade, she set off a volcanic eruption and so laid down her life to stop it (in this act of bravery she turned into stone). The Teen titans have promised to reverse the effect.     Slade     (voiced by Ron Perlman) He is a very softly spoken villain whose face is covered by a metal mask. He is very resourceful and likes to send his robot ninjas into situations and overwhelm the opposition before he arrives to finish what they started. He's been on the lookout for an apprentice to carry on his work and unfortunately for Robin he was chosen. As you can guess, Robin refused, but Slade thought he could blackmail him into joining him.   It worked initially as Slade had injected the rest of the Titans (without their knowledge) with a drug that could kill any of them when Slade wanted to. Only by using his cunning did Robin outwit him and reverse the effects of the drug, which is when he terminated his apprenticeship. But Slade didn't stop looking and found a new apprentice in the shape of Terra. He played on her fears, that she couldn't control her powers and didn't fit in. Slade said he could become her mentor and teach her to control her powers. Terra could seen the advantages of this and accepted his offer and Slade then used her.   He got her to spy upon the Titans and find out their weaknesses, and when Terra disabled the security of Titan Towers he began the operation to destroy them. He did a good job of brainwashing Terra and even gave her a suit which allowed him to interface with her remotely and use / control her power so they could fight as one. He was bitterly disappointed with her when she ran from the Teen Titans when they became organised against her, and he decided she needed to be punished.    She tried to rebel, but he used the neural interface to take control of her. Eventually she broke free of this control and battled against Slade and it looked like he fell to his death in a volcanic eruption that Terra caused, or did he....?     Control Freak     (voiced by Alexander Polinsky) He is a TV Nerd that gets upset that Warp Trek is not on the rental list of his local video store. So he uses his special remote control to take control of other things which suddenly take on a life of their own, which mostly involve destroying things.     Killer Moth     (voiced by Thomas Hayden Church / Marc Worden) He is intent on taking over the city with his giant moths, but one thing gets in his way, his daughter (called Kitten). She is very spoilt and is angry when her boyfriend, Fang, breaks up with her. So like all spoilt girls, she turns to her dad, who in turn is forced to get her another boyfriend for the prom to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. After his moths start chomping through the city, Robin is told that one of his demands is that Robin takes Kitten to the junior prom! So he's the unlucky one.     The Master of Games     (voiced by Jim Cummings) He kidnaps the young champions of Earth to compete in the Tournament of Heroes, which included Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg . In each round he puts them head to head against each other and promises great prizes for the winner. Little do they know that the losers are absorbed into the Master of Games gem on his chest, thus giving him their powers. He was defeated by Robin who released the others from the gem and put a stop to the tournament, or did he.....'Welcome to the Tournament of Heroines'.     Larry     (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) He made a grand appearance when he first arrived...out of Robin's head!! His name was Nosyarg Kcid (which is Dick Grayson backwards) and is a version of Robin from another universe (dimension 49/8). He is very small and looks like a Robin Soft Toy. Because the Titans couldn't get used to his strange name, they called him Larry for short. He is Robin's number one fan and is able to bend time (using his magic finger) to enable him to watch Robin on his television battle crime.   Using his magic finger he can do loads of things, such as teleport himself to lots of places and other cool things (its magic!). He may sound annoying, but he has his heart in the right place. But he also seems to be a bit accident prone and his magic never truly works, as the Teen Titans discover.   Teen Titans - Titan Tower Teen Titans - Robin Teen Titans - Control Freak Teen Titans - Killer Moth Teen Titans - The Master Of Games Teen Titans - Larry Teen Titans T-Shirts - NONE Teen Titans DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Teen Titans DVDs (R1) Region 1 (USA) - Teen Titans DVDs Teen Titans Video Teen Titans - The Team
Teen Titans Episodes Series 1 (2003)  1. Final Exam  2. Sisters  3. Divide and Conquer  4. Forces of Nature  5. The Sum of His Parts  6. Nevermore  7. Switched  8. Deep Six  9. Masks  10. Mad Mod  11. Apprentice (Part 1)  12. Apprentice (Part 2)  13. Car Trouble   Series 2 (2004)  1. How Long Is Forever?  2. Every Dog Has His Day  3. Terra  4. Only Human  5. Fear Itself  6. Date With Destiny  7. Transformation  8. Titan Rising  9. Winner Take All  10. Betrayal  11. Fractured  12. Aftershock (Part 1)  13. Aftershock (Part 2)   Series 3 (2004)  1. Deception  2. X  3. Betrothed  4. Crash  5. Haunted  6. Spellbound  7. Revolution  8. Wavelength  9. The Beast Within  10. Can I Keep Him?  11. Bunny Raven or How to Make a           Titananimal Disappear  12. Titans East (Part 1)  13. Titans East (Part 2)   Series 4 (2005)  1. Episode 257-494  2. The Quest  3. Birthmark  4. Cyborg the Barbarian  5. Employee of the Month  6. Troq  7. The Prophecy  8. Stranded  9. Overdrive  10. Mother Mae-Eye  11. The End (Part 1)  12. The End (Part 2)  13. The End (Part 3)   Series 5 (2005)  1. Homecoming (Part 1)  2. Homecoming (Part 2)  3. Trust  4. For Real  5. Snowblind  6. Kole  7. Hide and Seek  8. Lightspeed  9. Revved Up  10. Go!  11. Calling All Titans  12. Titans Together  13. Things Change   Specials  The Lost Episode (2005)  Trouble in Tokyo (2006) Teen Titans Images (click to enlarge) Teen Titans - Cyborg Teen Titans - Starfire Teen Titans - Raven Teen Titans - Beast Boy Teen Titans - Terra Teen Titans - Slade Teen Titans - Old Cyborg Teen Titans - Raven Shuns The World Teen Titans - Raven And Starfire Attack Teen Titans - Beast Boy Is Now A Dinosaur Teen Titans - Terra Eats Loads Teen Titans - Slade's Ninjas Teen Titans - Don't Upset Robin Teen Titans - Slade Threatens Terra Teen Titans - Starfire Enjoys A Moment With Robin Teen Titans - Wow, Look At Starfire Teen Titans - Robin Is Now Knightwing Teen Titans - Old Beast Boy Teen Titans - Starfire Is Chatted Up Teen Titans - Cyborg Vs Gizmo Teen Titans - That's One Big Spot Teen Titans - Raven Attacks Teen Titans - The Team Is Ready For Action Teen Titans - Cyborg Intro Teen Titans - Beast Boy Intro Teen Titans - Titles Teen Titans - Raven Intro Teen Titans - Starfire Intro Teen Titans - Beast Boy Vs Wildebeest Teen Titans - Robin Vs Hot Spot Teen Titans - Terra Is Controlled By Slade Teen Titans - Slade's Monsters Teen Titans - Starfire Takes On A Dragon Teen Titans - Beast Boy And Terra Fight Teen Titans - Robin And Slade Face Off Teen Titans - A Confused Cyborg Teen Titans - Beast Boy Is Heartbroken Teen Titans - Starfire And Robin Kiss At Last Teen Titans - The Titans Are Heroes Teen Titans - Larry Loves His New Bike © JedisParadise.com
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