Terrahawks Terrahawks is an 80’s Children’s TV puppet show, which was based on an idea that Gerry Anderson had in 1977, entitled Thunderhawks. At that time, Gerry and his Japanese backers failed to get it off the ground. This was also the first series from the newly formed company Anderson Burr Pictures. This company was created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr, after they became friends during the failed Thunderhawks bid. Only three fully working Zeroids were made. To make it look like more, they changed the plate that showed the Zeriod number on it.      Story The year is 2020 and hidden in South America is the base of the Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron (Hawknest) - an elite fighting force which is headed by Dr Ninestein One thousand feet below the White House is the Battlehawk, the flagship of the Terrahawks. It carries in its hold the Battle Tank that is literally dropped into situations. On the back of the Battlehawk is the smaller Terrahawk which can be launched when needed.   An alien android called Zelda has attacked Earth from her base on Mars. Her goal is to all enslave all humanoids in revenge for her humanoid makers using androids as slaves. She has brought a number of monsters with her (in suspended animation) to help her do this task. One such monster is Lord Sram ruler of Planet Felony. His roar can destroy things (he speaks quite posh for a monster) and his blood evaporates and becomes toxic. During the show the Terrahawks use a series of codes, here is what they mean: ten-zero = Negative ten-ten = affirmative ten-twenty = location ten-thirty = stand(ing) by ten-forty = battle stations ten-fifty = launch ten-ninety = mayday one-zero = top secret   Also at the end of each show, the Zeroids and Cubes play a game of noughts and crosses (tic-tac- toe) and the winner was different each week.  Please note that the version shown in the USA didn't have this credit, which is a shame, as they are missing out. Terrahawks Characters      Dr 'Tiger' Ninestein  He is the Terrahawks leader and is one of nine clones created by Professor Stein (hence the name Ninestein). After an outstanding military career, he was persuaded to mastermind the creation of the Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron, and lead it as their commander. He is always trying to beat his top score in a computer game (750), but keeps being interrupted when he is just about to beat it. He does not like suggestions from Sergeant Major Zero and believes that Zeroids should not think for themselves and that they are nothing to them (sounds like he's got a few issues that he needs to resolve!). He keeps reminding Zero of the human attributes that he doesn't have (well, what he thinks he doesn't have).   He treats his owns car (a Rolls-Royce) better than the Zeroids (what is it with Gerry Anderson shows and Rolls-Royce's). This car will remind you of Knight Rider as it talks and thinks for itself. He sounds a bit like the actor John Wayne (but he's supposed to be based on Jack Nicholson) and owns a jacket with a comm-link in the sleeve of the arm (what a poser, I bet he can't text with it!). He is quite an aggressive leader and orders people to 'blast them' if they move, or even if they don't move. Tim is his talking watch and can monitor his health. If he was killed in action, then a clone could be operational within 2 hours of his arrival at Hawknest. This is due to a procedure that Hiro created that can download Ninestein's knowledge and experience (every 24 hours) from his brain and store it. Great quote - 'Expect the unexpected'.     Captain Mary Falconer She joined Terrahawks after a career as a civilian pilot and free-fall parachutist, and after getting space mission experience. She is a bit of a goody two shoes and likes everyone to get on. Ninestein keeps saying to her that she is "a day at the beach". Fairplay and Justice are her goals in life and she is always defending the Zeroids rights against Ninestein.     Lieutenant Hiro He is Japanese and was found by a temple of elders on Mount Fuji when he was a baby, and raised by them. He was chosen to join Terrahawks because of his phenomenal intelligence, and his involvement in research into highly advance technology. Hiro designed the Terrahawks Computer Command Centre.   He flies the Treehawk up to the space station (which is surprisingly called Spacehawk) to monitor Earth and is its first line of defence against any alien invaders. He seems to wear glasses that have no glass in them. I wonder if anyone has told him, that someone has stolen the glass? Either that or he's living on another planet :) He designed and prototyped the Zeroids and believes the Iranium Crystal that powers them has induced emotions in them.     Captain Kate Kestrel As well as having extensive space mission experience, Kate is an international singing star. She is an extrovert member of the Terrahawks team, and joined as a Hawkwing Pilot. Under the ocean a fan creates a whirl pool that enables the Hawkwing to take off from the middle of the vortex, therefore disguising the location on the Terrahawk base.   In her spare time, she loves composing new songs. She also loves to change the colour of her hair, to match her outfits (its a shame that she has no taste in clothes or hair colour).     Lieutenant Hawkeye Due to a childhood accident, he is assisted by micro-computer enhanced eyes. Lieutenant Hawkeye has lightening fast reflexes in flying and high speed gunnery. He is renowned as an excellent pilot. Speaks with a Southern American accent.     Sergeant Major Zero Sergeant Major Zero. is the Zeroids commander on Earth. His power source induces human like emotions, and he is prone to 'thinking for himself', much to the annoyance of Dr Ninestein, who would like to pull him apart and fix him (bully!). He can use Macrovision to visually zoom in on objects and he can increase his mass to be heavier than a Black Hole, which is useful against a Cube force field. When he's not rolling around he likes to sit on his stand (or perch). He is always disobeying orders and is gradually picking up more emotions. He even snores when he is asleep! Zero tries to exert his authority over 101 when they meet in Spacehawk, but 101 has none of it (as he is only higher in command on Earth, not in space). He is one of the original 3 prototypes made by Lieutenant Hiro. The other two gave their lives performing heroic acts. Great quote - 'Well, I'd better get rolling'.     Sergeant 101 A rather effeminate Zeroid who talks to Lieutenant Hiro's plants. He is in charge of Zeroids 1-100. 101 and Sergeant Major Zero are always squabbling between each other - its a power thing!     Zeroids They are the expendable foot soldiers of the Terrahawks. They are positioned on the outside of Earth ships and can undock themselves when needed (ie. to attack). They were designed and prototyped by Hiro. They are made in Japan and are powered by Iranium Crystal. These Crystals seem to bestow emotions in the Zeroids, which was unplanned and they have produced great heroic acts.     Zelda Zelda is an android who was created in 1834 (Earth Time) as a bodyguard to Prince Zegar on the Planet Guk. She was accidentally given the power of self-determination by her creators. Her people (androids) were slaves of humans on Planet Guk, but using their superior intellect they overcame their creators and destroyed them. They based themselves on the oldest & wisest and that is why they think they look so beautiful. Currently Zelda looks like the oldest & wisest inhabitant of Planet Guk (who was 186 years old!).   Once the humanoids were destroyed on her planet, Zelda became the Imperial Queen of the Planet Guk. Her burning ambition is galactic domination and enslavement of all humanoids. She has a mysterious unearthly power, which enables her to control matter and create things out of nothing. She found out there was a large colony of humanoids on the Planet Earth, so set off to enslave its inhabitants. She destroyed the exploration base on Mars and set up base there, so that she could attack Earth more easily. She controls these attacks from the The Mothership that hovers above the Docking Ring, which is circular and has 6 claw like feet. Her her fleet of spaceships dock to this (Fin, Dog, Shark, Rhino, Ice Box and Phantom), making it a city.   She sent a minute spaceship to Earth, so that it wouldn't be detected by radar. Once inside Earth's atmosphere it started growing. She has an evil cackle and is always trying to find out where the Terrahawks secret base is, so that she can destroy it.     Youngstar He is the son of Zelda and was created in 1884 (by Zelda). He is desperately in need of a nasal hair trimmer. He loves eating mineral delicacies.     Cystar She is the sister of Zelda and was created in 1874 (by Zelda). She always wears badly fitting wigs. Cystar likes to be on the winning side and will blame everyone else when it goes wrong.     Cubes  Zelda has her own foot soldiers - Cubes. They can work as a team and are each equipped with a laser. If they combine together they can create a near impenetrable force field (except for a Zeroid at full mass hitting it). They don't talk, but give off a menacing hiss. Zelda can also channel her powers through the Cubes, which includes mind control.    Terrahawks - Zeriods Attack Terrahawks - Dr Tiger Ninestein Terrahawks - Zeroids Terrahawks - Zelda Terrahawks - Youngstar Terrahawks - Cystar Terrahawks - Cubes Terrahawks T-Shirts - NONE Terrahawks DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Terrahawks DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Terrahawks DVDs Terrahawks Video Terrahawks - Mary and Ninestein Prepare
Terrahawks Episodes Series 1 (1983)  1. Expect The Unexpected (Part 1)  2. Expect The Unexpected (Part 2)  3. Thunder Roar  4. Close Call  5. From Here To Infinity  6. Space Samurai  7. The Sporilla  8. Happy Madeday  9. Gunfight At Oaky's Corral  10. The Ugliest Monster Of All  11. The Gun  12. Thunder Path  13. Mind Monster  14. To Catch A Tiger  15. The Midas Touch  16. Operation SAS  17. Ten Pop Pop  18. Unseen Menace  19. A Chirstmas Miracle  20. Midnight Blue  21. Play it Again, Sram  22. My Kingdom For A Zeaf  23. Zero's Finest Hour  24. The Ultimate Menace  25. Gold  26. Ma's Monsters   Series 2 (1984)   1. Two For The Price Of One  2. Child's Play  3. Jolly Rodger One  4. Runaway  5. First Strike  6. Terrabomb  7. Doppleganger  8. Timewarp  9. Space Cyclops  10. Operation Zero  11. Space Giant  12. Cry UFO  13. Cold Finger Terrahawks Images (click to enlarge) Terrahawks - Captain Mary Falconer Terrahawks - Lieutenant Hiro Terrahawks - Captain Kate Kestrel Terrahawks - Lieutenant Hawkeye Terrahawks - Sergeant Major Zero Terrahawks - Sergeant 101 Terrahawks - Titles Terrahawks - Logo Terrahawks - Get Ready For Liftoff Terrahawks - The Game Terrahawks - Zeroids Are Ready For Action Terrahawks - Battlehawk Terrahawks - Ready For Takeoff Terrahawks - Into The Vortex Terrahawks - Zeroid Returns To Their Stand Terrahawks - Zeroids Prepare Terrahawks - Ninestein's Ship Terrahawks - Hawkeye and Kate Kestrel Terrahawks - The House Opens Up Terrahawks - Take Off Terrahawks - Takeoff Terrahawks - Zelda's Fleet Terrahawks - Zelda Lands On The Moon Terrahawks - Mars Invaded Terrahawks - Earth Attacked by Zelda Terrahawks - The Ships Terrahawks - Earth Defended By Hawknest Terrahawks - Hiro's Ship Terrahawks - The Team Celebrates Christmas Terrahawks - Ugly Alien Terrahawks - A French Zeroid Terrahawks - The Terrahawk Takes Off Terrahawks - The Terrahawk Terrahawks - Noughts And Crosses Terrahawks - DJ © JedisParadise.com
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