The Mighty Thor The Mighty Thor is a 60’s Children’s TV cartoon that was based on the Marvel Comic of the same name. The animation was crude, but they cleverly reused animation throughout the series, thus reducing the cost of producing it. Surprisingly for this time, the lip syncing was excellent and each story was made up of 3 episodes, where two of them always ended in a cliff hanger. It was animated by Gantray Lawrence Animation.     Story  The God of Thunder, Thor, was banished from Asgard to Earth by his father, Odin, because of his reckless ways. His memory was removed and he was given the form of Dr Donald Blake, a human whose aim in life was to help others and overcome his own disability. Odin gave him this form to teach Thor the virtues of humanity.   After more than a decade Odin steered Don Blake towards Norway, where he came across a cane. Upon striking this cane on a boulder, he turned back into Thor, The God of Thunder and the cane was transformed into Mjolnir, his trusty Hammer. Thor helps humanity survive against the evil that is on the planet and to battle with the monsters that his evil half brother (Loki) sends to earth from Asgard. The Mighty Thor Characters      Thor Thor is in love with Nurse Jane Foster and petitions Odin to allow him to marry her. Odin will not allow an immortal to marry a mortal, but Thor hopes that one day he will change his mind. He even gave up his powers to be with her, but the Grey Gargoyle wanted battle Thor and would kill Don Blake to bring Thor out of hiding. If it weren't for 'Voldor the Brave' (a friend from Asgard) the he would have surely of perished. Instead Voldor gave Dr Blake the power to turn back into Thor.   He also talks too much and describes nearly everything his is doing or about to do. I would have thought his enemies would have worked out a way to use it against him (well, they do know what's going to happen next).   Thor's hammer can propel him through the air and if Thor doesn't hold the hammer for 60 seconds, then he turns back into Dr Donald Blake. Also if he strikes the floor with his hammer, he can turn back into the Doctor.     Loki Loki, is the Prince of Evil and Thor's half brother. He is an evil God and would like nothing more than to kill Thor. He was exiled for his crimes and entombed in a tree, but used his own will on the tree to escape (it sounds a bit lame, but he made a leaf fall from the tree into a passer bys eye, therefore someone shed a tear for Loki, so setting him free).    He tried to battle Thor, but he was not strong enough, so he tried another way. He found a way to hypnotise him to do his bidding and tricked Thor in giving his hammer to another Thor that Loki had conjured up. But Loki hadn't banked on Thor turning back into Dr Blake (he wasn't holding the hammer for more than 60 seconds). When this happened, it broke the spell and Thor banished Loki back to Asgard. From here Loki still interferes with Thor's life, by using his powers of mind control to force others to do his bidding and carry out his evil tasks.     Mr Hyde  Calvin Zeybor was a lab assistant for Dr Blake, but he was discharged once Blake found out that he was stealing medical supplies. Out to get his revenge on Blake, he concocted a potion that would turn him into Mr Hyde, who was a rather ugly man that had super strength and had a hatred for humanity. Once in this form he set off for Br Blake's lab to try to kill him by throwing him out of the window of the lab (a number of stories high). Little did Mr Hyde know that Dr Blake was Thor, who went on to battle Hyde who escaped to fight another day.     Mr Hyde also likes the sound of his name, as he utters the words 'Mr Hyde' in nearly sentence. Also he can concoct other potions that allow him to change his form into other people (very useful, I wonder if he's ever been Julia Roberts?).     The Absorbing Man  Loki searched for a person on earth who could be capable of defeating the Mighty Thor. The man he found was Crusher Creal an escaped convict and he transported him to Asgard to transform him into the Absorbing Man. Once he was transformed, then he could touch anything and absorb its power and use against an enemy. Creal was sent back to Earth to destroy the God of Thunder, but Thor worked out that Creal's hand was vulnerable and a mighty blow to it would turn him back to flesh and blood. He was just about to be defeated, when Loki returned him to Asgard where he fixed this weakness.    On return to Earth, the Absorbing Man gained the upper hand against Thor, by Absorbing all the elements of Earth. But using his trusty hammer, Thor was able to transform the elements into helium and the Absorbing Man just floated away.     The Grey Gargoyle During an experiment, Paul Duval spilled some solution on his hand. His hand turned to stone and anything that it touched. But if he touched his arm then the whole of his body turned into moving rock and so the Grey Gargoyle was born. He used this new power to rob banks and gain a massive fortune, but one thing that he didn't have was immortality. So he set off looking for Thor, to steal his hammer and become immortal.    He tracked down Dr Blake, who escaped from him and turned into Thor. The two of them battled until the Grey Gargoyle plunged into the ocean, but he returned and Thor used the power of electricity to fuse him into a solid slab of stone.     The Destroyer  The Destroyer is a metal monster that was entombed beneath a granite mountain by Odin to shield humanity. But again Loki interfered and sent a hunter into this tomb, where his spirit is transferred into the metal shell of the destroyer. Once awake The Destroyer is confronted by Thor and a mighty battle ensues. The Destroyer possesses every destructive force in the Universe and uses it against Thor. The God of Thunder is about to be beaten when Loki helps him (only to save his own life at the hands of Odin). Thor again uses his brain and takes the lifeless body of the hunter close to The Destroyer, where the spirit trapped inside of it returns back to the hunter. The Destroyer is again buried in his tomb.   The Mighty Thor - Getting Ready For Battle The Mighty Thor - Thor The Mighty Thor   T-Shirts - NONE The Mighty Thor DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Mighty Thor DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Mighty Thor Video The Mighty Thor - Fighting the Absorbing Man
The Mighty Thor Episodes Series 1 (1966)  1-1. Trapped By Loki  1-2. Vengeance Of Loki  1-3. Defeat Of Loki  2-1. Chained Evil  2-2. Sandu Master Of The Supernatural  2-3. Enchanted Hammer  3-1. Enchantress And Executioner  3-2. Giants Walk The Earth  3-3. Battle Of the Gods  4-1. At the Mercy of Loki  4-2. Trail Of the Gods  4-3. Return To Earth  5-1. The Absorbing Man  5-2. In My Hands, This Hammer  5-3. Vengeance Of The Thunder God  6-1. To Kill A Thunder God  6-2. The Day Of The Destroyer  6-3. Terror Of The Tomb  7-1. The Grey Gargoyle  7-2. The Wrath Of Odin  7-3. Triumph In Stone  8-1. Mysterious Mister Hyde  8-2. Revenge Of Mr. Hyde  8-3. Thor's Showdown With Mr. Hyde  9-1. Every Hand Against Him  9-2. The Power Of The Thunder God  9-3. The Power Of Odin  10-1. The Tomorrow Man  10-2. Return Of Zarko  10-3. Slave Of Tomorrow Man  11-1. Enter Hercules  11-2. When Meet Immortals  11-3. Whom The Gods Would Destroy  12-1. Victory Of Pluto  12-2. The Verdict Of Zeus  12-3. Thunder In The Netherworld  13-1. Molto The Lava Man  13-2. Invasion Of The Lava Man  13-3. Living Rock The Mighty Thor Images (click to enlarge) The Mighty Thor - Loki The Mighty Thor - Mr Hyde The Mighty Thor - The Absorbing Man The Mighty Thor - The Grey Gargoyle The Mighty Thor - The Destroyer The Mighty Thor - Everyone Is Worried The Mighty Thor - The Public Attacked The Mighty Thor - Throws His Hammer The Mighty Thor - Odin Steps In The Mighty Thor - Odin Tells Off Loki The Mighty Thor - Experiments The Mighty Thor - Nurse Jane Foster The Mighty Thor - Trouble Brewing The Mighty Thor - Shock Waves The Mighty Thor - A Knight Approaches The Mighty Thor - Loki Arrives The Mighty Thor - Transformed Into Thor The Mighty Thor - Loki And Thor Fight The Mighty Thor - Thor Fights Back The Mighty Thor - Asgard The Mighty Thor - Mischevious Loki The Mighty Thor - Titles The Mighty Thor - Visits The Hospital The Mighty Thor - Donald Blake ©
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