The Tomorrow People The Tomorrow People is a 70’s Children’s TV show which was created by Roger Price. The show seemed to come from the Doctor Who class of dodgy sets and monsters. They even encountered some baddies that had tin foil on their heads, who wore silver oven gloves and used a stun stick that resembled a walking stick! They didn't seem to spend the money on making realistic backgrounds, as they didn't look real at all. In 1992 the show returned with a new cast and stories, and in 2001 some of the original cast members were brought together to make a number of Tomorrow People audio adventures. Here is a small amount of history about some of the actors.   Nicholas Young  Starred in a number of shows, including Space 1999, Doctor Who (Jon Pertwee). He was the only cast member to appear in all 8 series of the Tomorrow People. After the series ended, he was better known for helping Jeremy Beadle setup pranks on members of the public in Game for a Laugh and Beadle's About. Recently he has became an agent (which represented Philip Gilbert) and even reprised his Tomorrow People role for a number of audio adventures.   Mike Holoway  Was talent spotted when he played in the band called Flintlock. He appeared in You Must be Joking, which created a fan base for him. On the crest of this popularity, he was hired for the Tomorrow People and starred in it from series 4 to the end. After the show ended he starred in a number of theatrical shows, like Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Robin Prince of Sherwood.   Elizabeth Adare  Prior to the Tomorrow People, she appeared in The Guardians (about a totalitarian society) and a science fiction series called Mad Dog. Once she joined the Tomorrow People, she stayed to its final end, but she did miss series 7, as she had time out to have a baby. After the show ended, she starred in the highly successful nursing drama, called Angels and an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. She eventually gave up acting and became a Child Physiotherapist.   Philip Gilbert  He has had a long and experienced career, starring next to Kenneth Williams and being congratulated by Noel Coward for he performance in one of his plays. Once he joined the show, again he stayed right up till the last episode and claims that he semi-retired. I'm not sure we can take this retirement too seriously, as he has since starred in Howard's Way, Superman 3 and became Head of Drama at the Prince Regents Theatre School at Farnborough. He recently reprised his Tomorrow People role for a number of audio adventures.     Story  The Tomorrow People are a group of young people who have evolved to the next level (Homo Superiors). They posses telekinetic powers and can read minds. They can't kill or do anything that would lead to people getting harmed. Nature gave them their special powers, but took away their aggressive instincts, but they can use stun guns to tackle people. They are sworn to protect Earth and they represent Earth to the Galactic Federation, and the Federation to the Governments of Earth.   Each Tomorrow person wears a belt that is a teleportation device, which they can use to jaunt (appear/disappear) to other locations. Also they can use the spectra shift to make clothes materialise out of thin air, which is useful when trying to blend in on other planets. If they need to boost their powers, then they can link hands and combine their powers.   Their base is hidden underground, where TIM their supercomputer is. They don't get involved with the military of any country, including their own. The UK Government promised them immunity and that they would be left alone. Unknown to them the Government set up the S.I.S. (Secret Intelligence Service) to deal with an potential threats from the Tomorrow People or extraterrestrial life. The Tomorrow People Characters      John     (played by Nicholas Young) He is the leader of the group and was the first one to break out. He is an inventor and he invented T.I.M. and the Tomorrow People Lab. He is the level headed one, that thinks about situations, before going in. He sells some of his inventions to raise money for their cause, and has become quite wealthy.   He joined the religious cult the Heart of Sogguth, to find out why they were interested in Mike's Band. During this investigation, he became the first ever Tomorrow Person to be controlled by another's will, and to override their programming - 'you must not kill another'. He isn't into discos and he thinks they are too loud.     Mike Bell     (played by Mike Holoway) He always lead with his heart, but not with his head, which leads them into all sorts of trouble. He likes to write pop songs and has a group called 'The Fresh Hearts'. But being in a group isn't always healthy for Mike and his friends, such as the time when a guy called Jake offered to manage the band.    Things were going well until they discovered that Jake was head of a religious cult, who was using them to play their sacred African drum called the Heart of Sogguth (which is also the name of the cult).     Elizabeth M'Bondo     (played by Elizabeth Adare) She was the second person to break out. She is a trainee teacher, who has a knack for helping younger Tomorrow People deal with their powers and experiences. She was the force of good that was the only Tomorrow Person who was immune to the will of Sogguth.   She destroyed the African drum called the Heart of Sogguth. Once this had happened then Sogguth retreated into the centre of the earth, taking Jake's soul with him. One word of warning, Sogguth is also known as The Devil!!!     T.I.M.     (played by Philip Gilbert) He is the Tomorrow Peoples biological computer, who was given to them by the Galactic Trig (Tomorrow People Guardians) and partly built by John. He finds out important information about the groups missions.     Timus     (played by Philip Gilbert) He is a representative of the Galactic Federation Council, who spends a lot of time and energy talking about a 200 year old problem, but still they don't take any action. The problem is the Cleptons who have got away with the antisocial practice of invading planets and using the local inhabitants as slave labour to strip the planet of its resources.   Luckily Timus stepped in to help guide the Tomorrow People to one such planet to help the locals. But the council know nothing of his interference and he tries to keep a low profile. He was pleased that the Tomorrow People became involved, as they sent the Cleptons packing, after freeing some of the slaves. The Cleptons, weren't happy (shame!). The Tomorrow People The Tomorrow People - Nicholas Young The Tomorrow People - T.I.M. The Tomorrow People - Timus The Tomorrow People T-Shirts - NONE The Tomorrow People DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Tomorrow People DVDs Region 1 (USA) - The Tomorrow People DVDs The Tomorrow People Video The Tomorrow People - Is There Anyone There?
The Tomorrow People Episodes Series 1 (1973)  1. The Slaves of Jedikiah - Part 1  2. The Slaves of Jedikiah - Part 2  3. The Slaves of Jedikiah - Part 3  4. The Slaves of Jedikiah - Part 4  5. The Slaves of Jedikiah - Part 5  6. The Medusa Strain - Part 1  7. The Medusa Strain - Part 2  8. The Medusa Strain - Part 3  9. The Medusa Strain - Part 4  10. The Vanishing Earth - Part 1  11. The Vanishing Earth - Part 2  12. The Vanishing Earth - Part 3  13. The Vanishing Earth - Part 4   Series 2 (1974)   1. The Blue and the Green - Part 1  2. The Blue and the Green - Part 2  3. The Blue and the Green - Part 3  4. The Blue and the Green - Part 4  5. The Blue and the Green - Part 5  6. A Rift in Time - Part 1  7. A Rift in Time - Part 2  8. A Rift in Time - Part 3  9. A Rift in Time - Part 4  10. The Doomsday Men - Part 1  11. The Doomsday Men - Part 2  12. The Doomsday Men - Part 3  13. The Doomsday Men - Part 4   Series 3 (1975)   1. Secret Weapon - Part 1  2. Secret Weapon - Part 2  3. Secret Weapon - Part 3  4. Secret Weapon - Part 4  5. Worlds Away - Part 1  6. Worlds Away - Part 2  7. Worlds Away - Part 3  8. A Man for Emily - Part 1  9. A Man for Emily - Part 2  10. A Man for Emily - Part 3  11. The Revenge of Jedikiah - Part 1  12. The Revenge of Jedikiah - Part 2  13. The Revenge of Jedikiah - Part 3    Series 4 (1976)   1. One Law - Part 1  2. One Law - Part 2  3. One Law - Part 3  4. Into the Unknown - Part 1  5. Into the Unknown - Part 2  6. Into the Unknown - Part 3  7. Into the Unknown - Part 4    Series 5 (1977)    1. The Dirtiest Business - Part 1         (A Spy is Born)  2. The Dirtiest Business - Part 2         (A Spy Dies...)  3. A Much Needed Holiday - Part 1         (Spilled Porridge)  4. A Much Needed Holiday - Part 2         (Just Desserts)  5. The Heart of Sogguth - Part 1         (Beat the Drum)  6. The Heart of Sogguth - Part 2        (Devil in Disguise)   Series 6 (1978)   1. The Lost Gods - Part 1         (Flight of Fancy)  2. The Lost Gods - Part 2         (Life Before Death)  3. Hitler's Last Secret - Part 1         (Men Like Rats)  4. Hitler's Last Secret - Part 2         (Seeds of Destruction)  5. The Thargon Menace - Part 1         (Unexpected Guests)  6. The Thargon Menace - Part 2         (Playing with Fire)    Series 7 (1978)   1. Castle of Fear - Part 1         (Ghosts and Monsters)  2. Castle of Fear - Part 2         (Fighting Spirit)  3. Achilles Heel - Part 1         (A Room at the Inn)  4. Achilles Heel - Part 2         (Everything to Lose)  5. The Living Skins - Part 1         (A Harmless Fashion)  6. The Living Skins - Part 2         (Cold War)    Series 8 (1979)   1. War of the Empires - Part 1         (Close Encounter)  2. War of the Empires - Part 2         (Contact!)  3. War of the Empires - Part 1         (Standing Alone)  4. War of the Empires - Part 2         (All In The Mind) The Tomorrow People Images (click to enlarge) The Tomorrow People - Mike Holoway The Tomorrow People - Elizabeth Adare The Tomorrow People - Philip Gilbert The Tomorrow People - John The Tomorrow People - Mike Bell The Tomorrow People - Elizabeth M'Bondo The Tomorrow People - Watch Out The Tomorrow People - Titles 4 The Tomorrow People - Its Not Going To Plan The Tomorrow People - Time To Teleport In The Tomorrow People - They Appear From Nowhere The Tomorrow People - Titles 6 The Tomorrow People - Teleporting The Tomorrow People - Mike's In Trouble The Tomorrow People - Plan Their Next Mission The Tomorrow People - Titles 3 The Tomorrow People - What Does It Mean? The Tomorrow People - Trouble The Tomorrow People - Titles 5 The Tomorrow People - Fire The Tomorrow People - Titles 2 The Tomorrow People - Titles 1 The Tomorrow People - John Looks Worried The Tomorrow People - The Group ©
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