Vicky the Viking Vicky The Viking is a 70’s Children’s TV cartoon that was created for television by Zuiyo Enterprises Company (Tokyo, Japan), later known as Nippon Animation, and Taurus Film GmbH & Co (Munich, Germany). He is known as Wickie in certain European countries. It was based on a book by Swedish author Runer Jonsson, called Vickie Viking, which won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis Award (German Children’s Book Award) in 1965. 78 episodes of the series were made, including a film (cartoon). A live action film was released in 2009, but wasn’t released in English (there is even talk of a sequel!). One thing we need to clear up, Vicky is a boy. Halvar refers to him as his 'son' and he doesn't wear a skirt, he is wearing traditional Viking clothes. In 2008 ‘Studio 100 Media’ acquired EM.TV who owned the rights to Vicky the Viking. It seems that Vicky the Viking will be returning to our screens in a new CGI adaptation in 2012, making the leap from 2D to 3D (take a look at their website and you will find Vicky looking back at you in 3D - Also Studio 100 is selling a number of downloadable Vicky the Viking episodes on (Video on Demand). As does not allow anyone from outside the US to download their videos, we haven’t been able to verify what version it is (voice cast). Can anyone help?   Story  Chief Halvar is the leader of a group of Vikings that travel the world pillaging treasure from other people. On his return home to his village, Flake, he is excited to see his wife and his son Vicky, who he hasn't seen since he was a baby. He expected his son to be as strong as himself and take the world head on, but is dismayed when he finds out that his son is being chased around the forest by a wolf. He believes that Vicky should be chasing the wolf. Vicky eventually escapes the wolf by using his brains, rather than his brawn. When Vicky gets to see his father he sees that he is disappointed with him. But his mother says that Vicky is very intelligent and would use his brain power to solve situations. Halvar puts this theory to the test by challenging Vicky to a contest to see who would move a pile of large boulders from one place to another in the quickest time. If Vicky wins then he can join the crew of the Viking ship and travel the world. Halvar thinks that Vicky has no chance of winning the contest, but Vicky's mother isn't so sure. The whole village turn out to see the contest and Halvar streaks into the lead. While Vicky lies in the meadow and thinks. The villagers are confused by his actions, but Halvar doesn't notice, he's more interested in winning and is half-way through his boulders. Vicky suddenly springs into action and runs off to his house. When he returns he is dragging the front door of his house and ties it to 2 nearby trees. He's made a catapult! In no time at all, Vicky has shot all the boulders across the meadow and wins the challenge. Poor Halvar has lost and he's exhausted, but is gracious in defeat and impressed with Vicky. But Halvar has a new problem, Vicky is so young to join the Viking Crew that the other crew members won't accept him on board. Vicky comes up with an idea to get around this issue. So when the crew wave goodbye to the village to go on their travels again, Vicky hides away in a barrel that is supposed to carry some of their water on the trip. Vicky is later discovered by one of the crew, as his snoring gives him away. But his plan worked and the ship is too far away from their village to turn back. Halvar doesn't let on that he knew about this deception all along and puts Vicky to work in the kitchen. So begins Vicky's adventures. Vicky the Viking Characters  Vicky  Vicky is a young boy, who is the son of the Chief Viking of Flake. His father doesn't think he acts like a real man, but he uses his intelligence to gain advantage. He is prudent and wise.   When a wolf tried to eat him, instead of trying to kill it, he looked at ways to outwit it, by tripping it up, and by finally putting his tunic over its eyes. The wolf didn't know where it was running and it ran into a tree, knocking itself out.   When Halvar comes up with the contest, to show that he is better than Vicky, he gladly agrees to it. If he wins, he wants to become part of the ships crew to learn of other lands and see his father in battle.   At the start of the contest Vicky tries the same tactic as his father, by carrying a boulder, but quickly works out that he hasn't the brawn to match him. So he thinks up a solution to catapult the boulders and win the contest.   When he's thinking he rubs his nose, and then clicks his fingers when he's got the answer to a problem.   It was Vicky that advised Halvar to send a scout ahead when attacking a town, but he didn't listen and they were all captured. Halvar wouldn't fall into the same trap a second time and uses Vicky as his advisor more and more. The crew come to respect him, when he gets them out of various situations, and refuse to go anywhere without him.     Halvar He may be one of the most feared Viking Chiefs, but the pillaging of villages is to bring wealth an prosperity to the village and their families. He lets no one tell him what he can or cannot do.   He was disappointed that his son didn't come to visit him when he arrived back home after a number of years. When he found out he was being chased by a wolf, he thought his son was a coward and was ashamed of him. He thinks he doesn't act like a real man.   Halvar likes to reminisce how strong and brave he is. He even said that he was known as Halvar the Terrible, when he was younger. How he fought and captured wolves, but in reality he was just lucky as he wore the wolf down as it chased him round a tree and they bumped into each other, knocking the wolf out.   He seems to have a similar amount of luck in battle, but he can be outwitted by his opponents in other ways, Such as the village who gave them bags full of salt to leave them alone. Only when they got it back home they found it was sand (with a small amount of salt on the top of it).   When his wife tells him that Vicky wouldn't have fallen for such a trick, he comes up with the idea of a contest to show who is the better of the two. Halvar is 100% confident that he cannot lose the contest and loves to gloat to Vicky about his pending victory.   After Halvar was beaten by Vicky in the Contest, his opinion of his son changed. He now realises that he is just as useful as the rest of his crew and can help get them out of a situation that brute force won't get them out of. He had a helmet made especially for Vicky.     Ylva  She is Vicky's Mother and like most mothers she is very protective of her son. She was extremely annoyed with Halvar when he called Vicky a coward. She knows how intelligent Vicky is and is happy each time he outwits her husband, Halvar. She was so busy with household chores that she didn't have time to greet Halvar from is latest voyage.   She upsets Halvar when she has more faith in Vicky winning the contest than her husband. If Vicky wins he will give her a necklace made from the teeth of a swordfish. But she wasn't happy with the bargain that Vicky made with Halvar, that he could go on their next expedition. She feels he is too young to go on such dangerous missions. She wants him to wait a few years and doesn't want to be left alone.   Ticky (Ylvi) She is Vicky's friend and is the one who told Halvar that Vicky was being chased by a wolf. Ticky also has no doubts that Vicky will use his brain power to win the contest against his father.   When she learns that Vicky has a secret concerning the next voyage of the Viking Ship, she threatens to tell the village the little bit of information she has (what s blabber mouth!). Vicky has no choice but to tell her that he plans to stow away on the Viking ship (with his fathers permission). She wants to come with him, but Vicky tells her she can't. But Ticky is a very stubborn girl and ignores him and stows away in a barrel on the ship. Just before it departs, she is discovered and thrown off the ship.   Ulrobe He is the wisest crew member and was called upon to be the impartial judge of the contest between Halvar and Vicky. He carries a shield on his back, just in case he needs to protect himself from any incoming arrows.   He also see how intelligent Vicky is and has no doubts that he will become the most courageous Viking of all.     Gorm  He is very excitable and seems to shout every time he speaks. He is very good a playing music on the conch shell and loves to click his heals together if he's happy.   Faxe He is a giant compared to everyone else and the strongest member of the crew. He is kind hearted if a little bit slow. He has 2 young boys. Vax is always threatening Snorre and Tjure with violence to stop them arguing, which works most of the time.   He also has a reputation for sleeping through anything, including a storm, on board the ship. Ulme He is a musician who carries a small harp with him everywhere, strumming it and singing along to the tune he is playing. He plays to cheer the others up and loves composing songs.   He is also the chief cook. It was Ulme that discovered Vicky in one of the water barrels, after he started snoring. He was happy to use him as his helper when cooking.      Snorre  He is one half of the quarreling duo. He is always arguing with Tjure and seem to take opposing sides on everything (including the contest between Vicky and Halvar). Snorre is always the last one to arrive before the next voyage begins. When Vicky was discovered on board ship he said that he was only a child and not a true Viking, but his opinion quickly changed. He seems to speak without thinking and has got in trouble a few times when he seems to take sides with Vicky, rather than his chief.   Tjure The second half of the quarrelling duo and the person that steers the ship.   When Vicky was discovered on board, he thought he was too young to fight with them.   Vicky The Viking - Vicky Has An Idea Vicky The Viking - Vicky Vicky The Viking - Halvar Vicky The Viking - Ylva Vicky The Viking - Ticky (Ylvi) Vicky The Viking - Ulrobe Vicky the Viking T-Shirts - NONE Vicky the Viking DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Video on Demand (USA) - NONE Vicky the Viking Video Vicky The Viking - Halvar Observes
Vicky the Viking Episodes Series 1 (1974) 1. The Race     (or) The Contest 2. The Trap 3. The Escape 4. The Hollow Tooth 5. The Terrible Sven 6. Cheated 7. The 19 Wolves 8. The Attack     (or) Sven Strikes Back 9. On Gull Island     (or) The Island of Seals 10. The Promise 11. The Red-Eyed Giants 12. The Liberation (or) The Rescue 13. Vicky Wins a Friend       (or) The Enchanted Sword 14. Storming the Fortress       (or) The Magnificent Castle 15. A Narrow Escape       (or) The Practical Jokers 16. The Water Pipes       (or) Water Warfare 17. World's First Fire Brigade       (or) Fighting Fire 18. Carrier Pigeon       (or) The Winged Messenger 19. The Flying Ship       (or) Airborne 20. The Fat King       (or) The Overstuffed Monarch 21. The Wicked Woman       (or) A Blow for Freedom 22. The Treasure Chest       (or) Halvar's Secret Treasure 23. The Revenge of the Sword Fish       (or) A Fishy Story 24. Faxe has a Bride       (or) Faxe Finds a Wife 25. The Ghost Ship       (or) The Phantom Ship 26. The Treasure of Greenland       (or) Frozen Assets Series 2 (1974) 1. Mother whale and baby whale     (or) The Small Whale 2. Carl the seagull versus Halvar the king     (or) The Trouble with Gulls 3. Greek Labyrinth 4. The Olympic Games 5. The Danish Adventure 6. Freeing the Women of Flake 7. The Man from the North 8. The Stone of Contention 9. High Flying Vicky 10. The Reunion 11. Exploring New Land 12. The Winca Indian Treasure 13. The Indians, the Vikings and Snoppe 14. Snoppe's Revenge 15. Snoppe's Last Stand 16. Circus Comes to Flake 17. The Battle of the Strawmen 18. The Women of Flake Fight Back 19. Vikings to the Rescue 20. Rescue in Bulgaria 21. Bulldozer Attacks 22. Bulldozer Tries Again 23. The Final Battle 24. The Eskimo Adventure 25. Vicky Invents the windmill 26. Voyage to a Volcanic Island Series 3 (1974) 1. Halvar's Fight with the Bear 2. Father Halvar has the Mumps 3. The Bitter Will be Bitten 4. Vicky and the Horse 5. Ylvie on the bird island 6. Vicky and the Wolf 7. Baltac is in a Sticky Position 8. The Journey to Tarlis 9. The Two Fighting Cocks 10. Help for the Ghosts 11. We are Really Vikings 12. The Prophesy 13. The Golden Sword 14. Vicky’s Victory 15. Journey with Obstacles 16. The Fight of Tjure and Snorre 17. Who will be the Next Chieftain? 18. The Fairy-Tale Teller 19. The Secret Treasure 20. The Cheese War 21. Stranded 22. Baltac and the Water Pipe-Line 23. Tjure's wife is no Longer Game 24. Urobe's Niece 25. The Banquet in Hanka 26. Gold from Denmark Vicky The Viking - Vicky the Viking Images (click to enlarge) Vicky The Viking - Gorm Vicky The Viking - Faxe Vicky The Viking - Ulme Vicky The Viking - Snorre Vicky The Viking - Tjure Vicky The Viking - Ulrobe Plots Their Course Vicky The Viking - Congratulations Vicky Vicky The Viking - Trouble Vicky The Viking - Halvar Attacked Vicky The Viking - Chased By A Wolf Vicky The Viking - Swallowed By A Whale Vicky The Viking - Time To Flee Vicky The Viking - Thinking Vicky The Viking - Has An Idea Vicky The Viking - A Flying Ship Vicky The Viking - Ulme Plays A Tune Vicky The Viking - Snorre And Tjure Fight Vicky The Viking - Ticky Is Pleased With Herself Vicky The Viking - Chased By Indians Vicky The Viking - Chased By A Polar Bear Vicky The Viking - Ticky And Vicky Play Vicky The Viking - Time To Move Out Vicky The Viking - Titles Vicky The Viking - Gorm Is Excited Vicky The Viking - Faxe Is Hungry Vicky The Viking - Vicky Is Discovered © Vicky The Viking - Faxe Looks On Vicky The Viking - Thinking Vicky The Viking - Halvar Is Pleased With Vicky Vicky The Viking - Halvar Talks To His Troops Vicky The Viking - Snorre And Tjure Arguing Again Vicky The Viking - The Crew Are Asleep Vicky The Viking - Vikings Prepare To Attack Vicky The Viking - Captured Vicky The Viking - Tied Up Vicky The Viking - Halvar Angry Vicky The Viking - Looks Forward To The Contest Vicky The Viking - Halvar Challenges Vicky Vicky The Viking - Imprisoned Vicky The Viking - The Crowd Watches Vicky The Viking - Fires A Rock Vicky The Viking - Halvar Arrives Home Vicky The Viking - Halvar Isn't Pleased Vicky The Viking - Attack Vicky The Viking - DVDs Vicky The Viking - Vikings Attack
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