Visionaries Visionaries is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon which was based on Hasbro toy figures (in the same manner that He- Man was). Only 13 episodes of Visionaires were made. One of Visionaries voice actors is very famous - Johnathan Harris. He provided the voice of Mortdred and is more well known for his role as Dr Zachery Smith in the 1960's TV series 'Lost in Space'. Jim Cummings provided the voice of Witterquick and has supplied voices for many characters on TV and Film. He is better known for providing the voice of Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger).     Story  For 7000 Years the Planet Prismos prospered, until the realignment of its 3 Suns. It this point the whole planet was sucked dry of its electrical energy and every piece of technology stopped working. The Age of Technology ended and the Age of Magic began. The old order collapsed and two primitive orders rose. One led by a good and noble man (Leoric) and the other by an evil, scheming man (Dark Storm). This was a time of Knights & Castles, but still magic was not believed in. Merklynn the wizard appeared before both orders and said that the whoever reached the Magical Shrine on Iron Mountain would be rewarded with magic beyond their wildest dreams. Dark Storm dismissed this challenge, as there was no such thing as magic, but Leoric listened. Once Dark Storm's spy (Mortdred) had told him of Leoric's interest then he also took up the challenge.   The Knights from both orders were warned that the way to the shrine was littered with traps and only the best Kights would reach it. Some turned back, others failed, but a few made it, even the ones who battled against Dark Storm's dirty tricks. The ones that made it, Merklynn said they had the vision to reach the shrine and that they are the Visionaires. given symbol of Each Knight who made it to the shrine was magical powers. On the Knights' chest plate a an animal appeared, which matched their skill and when animal. Also he told the Knights that carried staffs' to dip them in a magical pool, these were then charged with special power. After a number of uses these staffs' would lose their power and they would have to be recharged at the Magical Shrine. The Knights that didn't have staffs' were told that they would discover their hidden power in time.   Dark Storm then formed the Darkling Lords and declared war on Leoric and his Spectral Knights. Dark Storm constantly tries to steal the Spectral Knights' Power Staffs and steal their Magical Totums. He is an ambitious man and even had the audacity to overthrow Merklynn, but this path lead to disaster and the release of three dangerous wizards - Falkama, Weazaskweaza and Bogavas. The Spectral Knights love to shout - 'May the Light Shine Forever'. Visionaries Characters      Merklynn  He has his own agenda and wants to see the Dark Lords and the Spectral Knights fighting each other.  He even gave the Dark Lords a magical key that transported them out of the New Valarak Prison. He is a moody wizard and likes his own way. Once the Power Staffs were exhausted, he told the Knights that the only way he will allow them to recharge them is by going on quests for him! He was part of a Wizards Circle, which included Falkama, Weazaskweaza and Bogavas.     SPECTRAL KNIGHTS Leoric Leader of the Spectral Knights of New Valarak. His Magical Totem is a Lion. When he used his Power Staff (wisdom), it talked aout becoming one with the circle of light. It was not understood what this meant, until eventually he worked out that it meant he should form the sacred brotherhood of Spectral Knights to bring light to the darkness of their world. He also wields a powerful whip. One thing about Leoric is that he is easily captured. He blindly goes into battle, without any of the other Knights backing him up! He has grown fond of a young maiden called Fletchin, who helped he regain his human form when Dark Storm had trapped him in his animal form.     Galadria  Galadria and Cryotek are romantically involved. Her Magical Totem is a Dolphin.       Arzon  Captured by the Darkling Lords. His Magical Totem is an Eagle. He uses his power staff (knowledge) to give guidance to the Spectral Knights and steer them to victory.     Witterquick His Magical Totem is a Cheetah and he uses its strength and agility to gain the upper hand. When needed he uses his power staff (light speed) to become the fastest man on the planet. He also has a metal boomerang to defend himself.     Ectar  His Magical Totem is a Fox and is useful for being sly and squeezing through tight places. Before the Age of Magic he was a Police Detective. On one of his assignments he set a trap for a thief who had robbed a bank. The thief was Reekon and he was caught and imprisoned. Ectar and Reekon have a mutual respect for each other. Now in his role as a Spectral Knight, he comes across a number of people he had previously caught and imprisoned. If he wants answers from these people, he does not hesitate in roughing them up to gain the information.     Feryl  His powers were removed by Dark Storm's machine (the Dagger Assault) and returned to him once the Spectral Knights escaped from Dark Storm's Castle. His other claim to fame is that he left the order of the Spectral Knights after his failure defending a village from Pirates. Dark Storm then tried to enlist him as a Darkling Lord, but he refused. He rejoined after saving Leoric He carries a Power Dagger and his Magical Totem is a Wolf.     Cryotek Cryotek and Galadria are romantically involved. His Magical Totem is a Bear and uses his Power Staff (Strength) to summon a Magical Archer that fires arrows to defend the Knights and their friends. He is dependable and a little predictable and is the eldest of the Spectral Knights. When Cravex and Cryotek ended up in the the Dagger Assault's Magical Dungeon (normally removes a Knight's Magical Power) their powers merged and Cyrotek developed a split personality (one moment good, the next evil). He decided that he wanted to create a new order with the aid of three power staffs and set out to wreak havoc on Dark Storm and destroy his castle (which he partly achieved). With the help of his friends (and the Darkling Lords) they were able to restore him back to his former self.      DARKLING LORDS Dark Storm  He is head of the Darkling Lords and has declared war on Leoric and the Spectral Knights of New Valarik. He masterminded the capture of the Spectral Knights and confiscated their Power Staff's. He wants all Knights to swear their allegiance to him. He even had the audacity to take on Merklyn and banish him (temporarily) to the Wizards Jail and wield the power from his orb. The trouble was is that he misused the power and started forces that could destroy the planet. He uses the Magical Dungeon, which is part of a vehicle called the Dagger Assault, to steal a Knight's Magical Totum! With his Power Staff (Decay) he can age a person. His Magical Totem is a Mollusc.     Sindar Used his Power Staff (Destruction) to smash down the walls of New Valarik. He is a simple man and an animal lover. It is surprising that he is a Darkling Lord as he has great compassion. His Magical Totem is a Gorilla.     Cravex He is very aggressive and loses his temper very quickly. He uses his Power Staff (Fear) to bring to life a persons nightmares. His Magical Totem is a Filot. For such a fearful Knight he has a rather high pitched voice!     Mortdred  A boot licker, Mortdred does exactly what Dark Storm says and has no will of his own. He will also defend the name of his master. He and Reekon find out that together they can infuse energy into a flying vehicle to make it work again. His Magical Totem is a Beetle.     Virulina Dark Storm insulted her by saying that he would never give a shark a Power Staff. She said that she would never forgive or forget this insult to her. She was aged to an old woman and turned to stone when Dark Storm was in possession of Merklyns orb after a number of Knights wanted compensation for their efforts. She is a master of disguise. Her Magical Totem is a Shark.     Lexor A coward, who has to be constantly ordered to carry out his duties as a Darkling Lord. When Dark Storm was in possession of Merklyns orb and a number of Knights wanted compensation for their efforts. Dark Storm created a duplicate of him to translated what Lexor was really thinking and was then frozen in stone. His Magical Totem is a Armadillo, which comes in useful as he can curl up into a ball in this form and hide. His power staff (invulnerability) has the ability to shield him and others around him from dangers.     Reekon  Wants a Power Staff of his own. He and Mortdred find out that together they can infuse energy into a flying vehicle to make it work again. His Magical Totem is a Lizard. He is the only Knight that looks like he is wearing fishnet tights!! He is a mercenary and his number one love is money and wealth. Dark Storm put a spell on him (when he was in possession of Merklyns orb) to sound like a cash register when he moved and was turned to stone because he was one of a number of Knights who wanted compensation for their efforts. Before the Age of Magic he designed a fool proof security system for a bank, but because of his greed he switched the system and robbed the bank. He was later caught and imprisoned by Ectar, who was a Police Detective. He escaped soon after and started the most infamous crime wave New Valarik had ever seen. Ectar and Reekon have come to have a mutual respect for each other.   Visionaries - Leoric Rallies The Knights Visionaries - Merklynn Visionaries - Leoric Visionaries - Galadria Visionaries - Arzon Visionaries - Witterquick Visionaries - Ectar Visionaries T-Shirts - NONE Visionaries DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Visionaries DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Visionaries Video Visionaries - Gaining Their Powers
Visionaries Episodes Series 1 (1987)  1. The Age Of Magic Begins  2. Dark Hand Of Treachery  3. Quest For The Dragon's Eye  4. The Price Of Freedom  5. Feryl Steps Out  6. Lion Hunt  7. The Overthrow of Merklynn  8. The Power Of The Wise  9. Horn Of Unicorn Claw Of Dragon  10. Trail Of The Three Wizards  11. Sorcery Squared  12. Honour Among Thieves  13. Dawn Of The Sun Imps Visionaries Images (click to enlarge) Visionaries - Feryl Visionaries - Cryotex Visionaries - Dark Storm Visionaries - Sindar Visionaries - Cravex Visionaries - Mortdred Visionaries - Dark Storm Commands Visionaries - A New Order Is Born Visionaries - Sexy Virulina Visionaries - Spectral Knights Totems 1 Visionaries - Spectral Knights Totems 2 Visionaries - Spectral Knights Totems 3 Visionaries - Spectral Knights Totems 4 Visionaries - Darkling Lords Totems 1 Visionaries - Darkling Lords Totems 2 Visionaries - Darkling Lords Totems 3 Visionaries - Charging Their Totems Visionaries - Galadria And Leoric Visionaries - Darkling Lords Totems 4 Visionaries - Darkling Lords Scheme Visionaries - Sexy Galadria Visionaries - Disaster On Prismos Visionaries - A Time Of Turmoil Visionaries - Titles Visionaries - Leoric Defends His Castle Visionaries - Lexor Is Cautious Visionaries - Trouble Ahead Visionaries - Virulina Visionaries - Lexor Visionaries - Reekon ©
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