Wizbit Wizbit is an 80’s Children’s TV show which was presented and as far as I know, partly funded by Paul Daniels.  Don't you remember him?  Well Paul was a top Magician in Britain a number of years ago World Audio Visual Entertainment plc     Remember the catchy tune: “Wizbit Ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way, ha ha this-a-way, my oh my Ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way, ha ha this-a-way, my oh my Ostagazuzulum, that was the magic word Ostagazuzulum, my oh my He can do magic, magic, magic! Magic a rabbit, eight feet high Ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way, ha ha this-a-way, my oh my Ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way, ha ha this-a-way, my oh my”     Story  He introduced us all to the town of Puzzleopolis where strange and quirky people / things lived.  There were puzzles dotted around, which we could try to work out if we were bothered.  Remember, think about it'. The Story revolved around Wizbit (a magician) and a rather large Rabbit called Wooly.  The Inhabitants of Puzzleopolis would go about their lives, while the Dastardly Devilish Professor Doom would try to cook up some evil plans. Most of these plans would be thwarted by Wizbit, with a little help from his friends of Puzzleopolis. Wizbit Characters      Paul Daniels     (played by Himself) Our host was Paul Daniels, who used to introduce the show from Paul's Playhouse (No. 170) - an old fashioned theatre. In-between telling the viewers about Wizbits Adventures (as Paul talked directly to the viewers) heused to show everybody some of his tricks. I for one was sad to see his TV Magic Show cancelled by the BBC.     Wizbit     (played by Tony Friel) Wizbit is a very large Magicians Hat (who is also a Wizard) that came from the Planet WOW (World of Wizards).  He was visiting for a year and a day and had a knack for flying / spinning / zooming around, and never seems to keep still!! (he must have ants in his pants)..  His best friend is Wooly Rabbit. He was always trying to get you to use your mind - 'Remember, Think About It', is what he said when you were show a puzzle. Wizbit's magic word is 'OSTAGAZUZULUM.     Wooly Rabbit     (played by Kelvin Carter) Wooly was a rather large rabbit, infact he was enormous - over 7 feet tall.  He was a friendly rabbit, but a little bit thick, but this didn't stop him. When he was faced with a puzzle where he could win some carrots, he would normally figure it out with a little help from his best friend Wizbit.     Professor Doom     (played by Rob Inglis) Professor Doom lived in Castle Creep, which floated above Puzzleopolis on a rock, shaped like a clenched fist.  He wasn't a nice man and he tormented the inhabitants of Puzzleopolis constantly.  He wasn't alone in the castle, he shared it with his cat Jinx.  He hated Wizbit, because he always seem to thwart his devilish plans.      Jinx the Cat Jinx was Professor Doom's Cat.  She was just as evil as the professor and loved to bite him when she had a chance. Also she would go to Puzzleopolis to cause trouble too.     The Gate Keeper     (played by Vicky Licorish) The Gate Keeper was a Jobs Worth person (which means it was more than their Jobs worth to bend the rules a little).  She wouldn't let anybody into Puzzleopolis until they had solved the riddle of the day. This was probably very annoying if you were the Police / Fire Service or Ambulance Service and you needed to be in Puzzleopolis in a hurry! I thought she was quite Horny when I was a hormonal teenager :)      Squidgy Bog     (played by Kelvin Carter) He was a big blob of purple slime.  But this was no ordinary blob of slime, he was the coolest blob of slime.  He sounded like a hyper-active American DJ.     Spoof & Bluff     (played by Adrian Hedley & Alan Bodenham) Spoof and bluff were supposedly friends, but Spoof was just a nasty piece of work and kept picking on Bluff.  Bluff was the opposite of Spoof and was a friendly fellow.     Madame Martinka     (played by Heather Alexander) Madame Martinka was the Fortune Teller who owned the Magic Shop in Puzzleopolis.     Grocer Green     (played by Alan Bodenham) Grocer Green was the Green Grocer of Puzzleopolis.     Pierre Oe     (played by Adrian Hedley) Pierre Oe was the Mime Artist of Puzzleopolis.  As you can tell, he wasn't much of a talker.   Wizbit - Wooly Rabbit And Wizbit Wizbit - The Gate Keeper Wizbit - Paul Daniels Wizbit - Himself Wizbit - Wooly Rabbit Wizbit - Professor Doom Wizbit - Jinx The Cat Wizbit T-Shirts - NONE Wizbit DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Video On Demand (UK) - Wizbit Downloads Wizbit Video Wizbit - Welcomes A Sponge Ball
Wizbit Episodes Series 1 (1986 ?)  ?. Nasinamon Island  ?. The Conjuring Contest  ?. The Super Riddle Series 2 (1986)  ?. Treasure  ?. A Trick of Light  ?. Did You Know?  ?. Freeze Frame  ?. The Dancing Hanky  ?. Badbit  ?. The Origami War Part 1  ?. The Origami War Part 2  ?. The Wobblers Part 1  ?. The Wobblers Part 2 Wizbit - Puzzleopolis Wizbit Images (click to enlarge) Wizbit - Squidgy Bog Wizbit - Spoof And Bluff Wizbit - Madame Martinka Wizbit - Grocer Green Wizbit - Pierre Oe Wizbit - Meanwhile Outside Puzzlegate Wizbit - Paul Daniels And Woody Wizbit - Paul's Playhouse Wizbit - Professor Doom Goes For Jinx The Cat Wizbit - Professor Door Lights The Place Up Wizbit - Puzzleopolis Wizbit - Puzzleopolis and Titles Wizbit - Castle Creep Hovers Above Puzzleopolis Wizbit - Spoof And Bluff Watch A Clown Wizbit - Who's At The Door? Wizbit - Watches A Clown Juggle Wizbit - Castle Creep Wizbit - Wooly And Wizbit Avoid Large Wands Wizbit - Wizbit And Wooly Have A Rest Wizbit - The Gat Keeper Reads The Riddle Wizbit - Paul Daniels Says Hello Wizbit - Paul Daniels Shows Us A Card Trick Wizbit - Hello Wooly Wizbit - Lets Go Wooly Wizbit - Titles Wizbit - Spots Before Your Eyes Wizbit - Lupa Eldanis © JedisParadise.com
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