The Woodentops The Woodentops is a 50’s Children’s TV puppet show. For 15 minutes every Friday, during 'Watch with Mother', Mummy, Daddy, Jenny, Willie, Mrs Scrubit, Sam and Spotty Dog would give viewers an insight into Woodentop's family farm life, complete with clearly visible strings! The Woodentops were created and scripted by Feda Lingstrom. Maria Bird wrote the music, narrated the programme and also assisted Freda with the scripts.   There were several puppeteers including Audry Atterbury, Molly Gibson and Gordon Murray, who went on to produce other Watch with Mother programmes such as Trumpton and Chigley. The voices were provided by Eileen Brown, Josephine Roy and Peter Hawkins.   Each episode began with: 'This is a story about the Woodentops. There was Mummy Woodentop and the baby and Daddy Woodentop. And then there were Willie and Jenny, the twins. And Mrs Scrubit who comes to help Mummy. And Sam who helps Daddy Woodentop. And last of all, the very biggest spotty dog you ever did see. And they all live together in a little house in the country'   The Woodentops - Spotty Dog Watches The Woodentops - Time To Ride The Horse The Woodentops - Spotty Dog Plays The Woodentops - The Horse Is Curious The Woodentops Images (click to enlarge) The Woodentops - Horse Riding The Woodentops - Goodbye The Woodentops T-Shirts - NONE The Woodentops DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Woodentops Video The Woodentops - Titles
The Woodentops Episodes Series 1 (1955)  1. Introduction  2. Boats and Pigs  3. Horse  4. Spotty’s Paw  5. Spotty’s Sheep  6. Spotty’s Joke  7. Dog Washing  8. Injured Bird  9. Bird Set Free  10. Twins’ Holiday  11. Soap Box  12. Baby’s Bath  13. Surprises  14. Show  15. Party  16. Buttercup  17. Belling the Cow  18. Hayfield  19. Horse Shoe  20. Steam Roller  21. Geese  22. Ducks  23. Pram  24. Dinner Bell  25. Sacks  26. Paper Hats         The Woodentops - Watch With Mother Exhibition 1 The Woodentops - Watch With Mother Exhibition 2 The Woodentops - Watch With Mother Exhibition 3 ©
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