Quick Draw McGraw Show History Quick Draw McGraw is a 50’s Children’s TV cartoon character who starred in his own show called The Quick Draw McGraw Show. The show consisted of 3 different cartoons: Quick Draw McGraw Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy Snooper and Blabber Quick Draw McGraw Quick Draw McGraw is a cowboy from the old west, who is a gun for hire. He roams around the countryside with his side kick Baba Louie, waiting to be called into action. Quick Draw also has a pet dog called Snuffles. He's a working dog, who he sends into difficult situations, such as the time he had to remove a skunk from a gold mine. But don't expect him to do it for free, as Snuffles gets paid in T-Bone Dog Biscuits.   You can tell he likes the biscuits, as once he's eaten one, he floats into the air, hugging himself making 'mmmmmm' noises (very similar to how Muttley reacts to his medals).   El Kabong is Quick Draw's alter ego. He looks very similar to Zorro, with a cape, mask and hat, but with one small difference, he's a bit rubbish at saving people.   His weapon of choice is the guitar. Not from playing it badly, instead he hits his enemies on the head with it (Ka-Bong!).   He seems to wreck everything around himself when trying to rescue someone. So much so that the rescued people have been known to gang up on him to scare him off, so he doesn’t cause anymore damage to their own property. Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy Augie is an excitable young pup, who lives at home with his dad. Augie is well educated and loves mathematics and science. He's even been know to check Einteins equations, as he thinks there is a mistake in some of them.   Augie has trouble interacting with other children. He thinks that Parties are for kids (as he doesn't class himself as a kid) and is not cut out for fun and frolicks. His dad used to love parties and tried to get him into the spirit of a party by telling him jokes, to break through his hardened exterior. But Augie doesn't find the jokes funny and also learns he's not very good at telling them either. So his dad told him to be himself, so he built a rocket at the party, which they loved.   Doggie Daddy is down to earth, but when Augie tried to cheer him, he found he was no longer on Earth! Augie has arranged with his martian friend, Akba, to transport them and their house to Mars to hunt Wild Greech.   Little did he know that a Greech is a cunning creature that bounces along and screams 'SCREECH!!' in your ear, before giggling and running off.   Eventually Doggie Daddy decided that he didn't want to hunt them, after it gave him a headache, and he realised that the Greech had a wife. What he didn't know was the Greech and his wife had stowed away in his house when it returned to Earth. This is when he found out that 'Greech' means 'Rabbit', after the house was being overrun by newly born Greeches. Snooper and Blabber Snoop and Blab, as they are otherwise know as, are two dectectives. It's easy to spot they are detectives, as both wear trench coats and Snoop wears a dearstalkers hat (lol). Snoop (a cat) owns the 'Snooper Dectective Agency' and employs Blab (a mouse), who is a trainee detective.   Snoop isn't very kind to Blabb and is always calling him names like a 'low grade numb skull Private Eye' etc.   They have even been called in to stop a jail break by 'Quick Change Quenton', at Sing Sing Prison. It's very difficult to spot him when he changes, but Snoop seems to have a knack for seeing through his disguises.   The same cannot be said for Blab, who when confronted by 2 identical Prision Governers choose the wrong one to let free, so ended up in prison for 30 years for letting 'Quick Change' go (until the next episode).   They have even been hired by a ghost to get rid of the people occupying his haunted house. They tried to use the law to evict them, but it just didn't work. The occupants were extrmemly spooky, had green faces, loved the morbid nature of the place. Their son, junior, even had an electrified cot, plus they had an octopus living in their basement. Quick Draw McGraw Show - Quick Draw McGraw Show - On the Stage Coach Quick Draw McGraw Show - Baba Louie Quick Draw McGraw Show - Snooper and Blabber in pursuit Quick Draw McGraw Show - Titles Quick Draw McGraw Show Images (click to enlarge) Quick Draw McGraw Show - With Snuggles Quick Draw McGraw Show - El Kabong Quick Draw McGraw Show   T-Shirts - NONE Quick Draw McGraw Show DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Quick Draw McGraw Show Video Intro
Quick Draw McGraw Show Episodes QDM = Quick Draw McGraw AD & DD = Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy S & B = Snooper and Blabber Series 1 (1959) 1-1. Baby Rattled (S&B) 1-2. Million Dollar Robbery (AD & DD) 1-3. Lamb Chopped (QDM) 2-1. Bad Guys Disguise (QDM) 2-2. Puss N' Booty (S&B) 2-3. High And Flighty (AD & DD) 3-1. Nag! Nag! Nag! (AD & DD) 3-2. Masking For Trouble (QDM) 3-3. Switch Witch (S&B) 4-1. Fee-Fi-Fo Fumble (S&B) 4-2. Watchdog Augie (AD & DD) 4-3. Bow-Wow Bandit (QDM) 5-1. Scat, Scout, Scat (QDM) 5-2. Disappearing Inc. (S&B) 5-3. Big Top Pop (AD & DD) 6-1. In The Picnic Of Time (AD & DD) 6-2. Scary Prairie (QDM) 6-3. Desperate Diamond Dimwits (S&B) 7-1. Slippery Glass Slipper (S&B) 7-2. Talk It Up Pup (AD & DD) 7-3. El Kabong (QDM) 8-1. Choo-Choo Chumps (QDM) 8-2. Big Diaper Caper (S&B) 8-3. Good Mouse Keeping (AD & DD) 9-1. Foxhound Hounded Fox (AD & DD) 9-2. Riverboat Shuffled (QDM) 9-3. Masquerader Raider (S&B) 10-1. Real Gone Ghosts (S&B) 10-2. Skunk You Very Much (AD & DD) 10-3. Cattle Battle Rattled (QDM) 11-1. Double Barrel Double (QDM) 11-2. The Flea And Me (S&B) 11-3. Tee Vee Or Not Tee Vee (AD & DD) 12-1. Pop's Nature Pup (AD & DD) 12-2. Slick City Slicker (QDM) 12-3. Not So Dummy (S&B) 13-1. Motor Knows Best (S&B) 13-2. Whatever Goes Pup (AD & DD) 13-3. El Kabong Strikes Again (QDM) 14-1. Six-Gun Spook (QDM) 14-2. Cloudy Rowdy (S&B) 14-3. Pup Plays Pop (AD & DD) 15-1. Cat Happy Pappy (AD & DD) 15-2. Sagebrush Brush (QDM) 15-3. Adventure Is My Hobby (S&B) 16-1. Gopher Goofers (S&B) 16-2. Pipsqueak Pop (AD & DD) 16-3. Gun Gone Goons (QDM) 17-1. Dizzy Desperado (QDM) 17-2. Monkey Wrenched (S&B) 17-3. Fan Clubbed (AD & DD) 18-1. Gone To The Ducks (AD & DD) 18-2. Doggone Prairie Dog (QDM) 18-3. Impossible Impostors (S&B) 19-1. Snap Happy Saps (S&B) 19-2. Ro-Butler (AD & DD) 19-3. Treasure Of El Kabong (QDM) 20-1. Bronco Bustin' Boobs (QDM) 20-2. The Case Of The Purloined Parrot (S&B) 20-3. Mars Little Precious (AD & DD) 21-1. Crow Cronies (AD & DD) 21-2. Locomotive Loco (QDM) 21-3. The Lion Is Busy (S&B) 22-1. Doggone Dog, Gone (S&B) 22-2. Swats the Matter (AD & DD) 22-3. Elephant Boy Oh Boy (QDM) 23-1. The Lyin' Lion (QDM) 23-2. Laughing Guess (S&B) 23-3. Fuss N' Feathers (AD & DD) 24-1. Peck O' Trouble (AD & DD) 24-2. Bull-Leave Me (QDM) 24-3. Poodle Toodle-Oo! (S&B) 25-1. Hula-Hula Hullabaloo (S&B) 25-2. Hum Sweet Hum (AD & DD) 25-3. Kabong Kabong's Kabong (QDM) 26-1. Chopping Spree (QDM) 26-2. Wild Man, Wild! (S&B) 26-3. Snagglepuss (AD & DD) Series 2 (1960) 1-1. Yuk-Yuk Duck (AD & DD) 1-2. El Kabong Meets El Kazing (QDM) 1-3. Ala-Kazoop! (S&B) 2-1. Hop to It (S&B) 2-2. It's a Mice Day (AD & DD) 2-3. Bullet Proof Galoot (QDM) 3-1. Two Too Much (QDM) 3-2. Fleas Be Careful (S&B) 3-3. Bud Brothers (AD & DD) 4-1. Pint Giant (AD & DD) 4-2. Twin Troubles (QDM) 4-3. De-Duck-Tives (S&B) 5-1. Big Shot Blab (S&B) 5-2. It's a Worm Day (AD & DD) 5-3. Ali-Baba Looey (QDM) 6-1. Shooting Room Only (QDM) 6-2. Observant Servants (S&B) 6-3. Patient Pop (AD & DD) 7-1. The Musket-Tears (AD & DD) 7-2. Yippee Coyote (QDM) 7-3. Scoop Snoop (S&B) 8-1. Big Cat Caper (S&B) 8-2. Little Wonder (AD & DD) 8-3. Who is El Kabong? (QDM) 9-1. Extra-Special Extra! (QDM) 9-2. Prince Of A Fella’ (S&B) 9-3. Let's Duck Out (AD & DD) 10-1. The Party Lion (AD & DD) 10-2. Scooter Rabbit (QDM) 10-3. Bear-ly Able (S&B) 11-1. Surprised Party (S&B) 11-2. Horse Fathers (AD & DD) 11-3. Talky Hawky (QDM) 12-1. Gun-Shy Gal (QDM) 12-2. Flea For All (S&B) 12-3. Treasure Jest (AD & DD) 13-1. Playmate Pop (AD & DD) 13-2. El Kabong, Jr. (QDM) 13-3. Eenie, Genie, Minie, Mo! (S&B) Series 3 (1961) 1-1. Zoom-Zoom Blabber (S&B) 1-2. From Ape to Z (AD & DD) 1-3. Baba Bait (QDM) 2-1. Dynamite Fright (QDM) 2-2. Outer Space Case (S&B) 2-3. Growing, Growing, Gone (AD & DD) 3-1. Dough-Nutty (AD & DD) 3-2. El Kabong Was Wrong (QDM) 3-3. Gem Jams (S&B) 4-1. Person to Prison (S&B) 4-2. Vacation Tripped (AD & DD) 4-3. Mine Your Manners (QDM) 5-1. The Mark of El Kabong (QDM) 5-2. Chilly Chiller (S&B) 5-3. Party Popper Pop (AD & DD) 6-1. Hand to Mouse (AD & DD) 6-2. Big Town El Kabong (QDM) 6-3. Bronco Bluster (S&B) Quick Draw McGraw Show - Ghoulish Owners Quick Draw McGraw Show - Doggie Daddy Relaxes Quick Draw McGraw Show - Snoopy and Blabbers Ghostly Client Quick Draw McGraw Show - Augie Doggie plans a rocket © JedisParadise.com
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