The Adventure Game Story The Adventure Games is an 80’s Children’s TV show. The Planet Arg was a small planet on the other side of the galaxy. It was visited by time travellers. The inhabitants of the planet (Argonds) had a sense of humour and would love to test their visitors (which became one of the top rated TV shows on Arg-o-Vision). Argonds looked like small dragons, who could change shape into anything (shape shifters). Dragon is a word that would crop up throughout the show, but did you spot them, as they were hidden (more of this later). The planet was ruled by His Royal Highness the Rangdo of Arg (who you should greet by saying - Gronda, Gronda). He was seen in various forms, which consisted of either an aspidistra plant or a very large teapot (both made wonderful gargling noises). Some of his subjects helped/showed the celebrities the tasks. These were Gandor (in the form of a man with wild white hair), Dorgan (in the shape of a woman), Dagnor (in the form of an Australian who speaks backwards - doogy rev!) and Angord (who retained the Argond shape). Some of the tasks the 'B' List celebrities faced were - The Drogna Game - A floor full of multicoloured shapes (which were shaped like Drogna's, the Argonds currency). Each contestant had to step on a coloured shape in a certain sequence to get to the other side. The Password Maze - To get a password the contestants had to huddle around a BBC micro computer with a maze shown on the screen. They had to move around this virtual maze and pick up things and use them to get to the exit & the password. The computer would speak to them in a scouse (a person from Liverpool - UK) accent. The Great Crystal Mine of Arg - One contestant would have to go into the mine (which was pitch black) and be guided by the others (who could see them an a screen via infra red) to the object/keys that they needed. The Vortex - This was the finale of the show. The contestants would be presented with a large grid that was suspended in Space between Arg and the space port (so they could go home). They started on one side and the Vortex started on the other. With the contestants trying to get to the other side and the Vortex trying to stop them (which was controlled by an Argond). To make matters worse, humans could not see the Vortex, but we could on the TV. They would then take it in turns to move to one intersection at a time. The Vortex could not be moved onto the same intersection as the contestant, but if the contestant walked into the same place as the Vortex, then they were disintegrated and would have to walk home to Earth. Green cheese rolls were especially useful for rolling to the next intersection, to see if the vortex was there. Did you spot all the Dragon references? The words used throughout the show were an anagram of Dragon. Gronda = Dragon Argond = Dragon Rangdo = Dragon Gandor = Dragon Dorgan = Dragon Dagnor = Dragon Angord = Dragon The Adventure Game - Puzzle The Adventure Game - Argonds Are Tidy The Adventure Game - Argonds The Adventure Game - Maggie Philbin The Adventure Game - Titles The Adventure Game Images (click to enlarge) The Adventure Game - The adventurers work out a puzzle The Adventure Game - James Burke Ponders The Adventure Game  T-Shirts - NONE The Adventure Game DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Adventure Game Video Intro
The Adventure Game Episodes Series 1 (1980) 1. Elizabeth Estensen, Fred Harris,     Mark Dugdale 2. Liza Goddard, Michael Rodd,     Stephen Cox 3. James Burke, Maggie Philbin, Pat Cater 4. Denise Coffey, Dr Garry Hunt,     Toby Freeman 5. Lesley Judd, Paul Darrow, Robert Malos Series 2 (1981) 1. Carol Chell, Graeme Garden,     Nicholas Hammond 2. David Yip, Derek Gale, Madeleine Smith 3. David Singmaster, Philip Sheppard,     Sue Cook 4. Derek Griffiths, Nerys Hughes,     Tessa Hamp 5. Bill Green, John Craven, Kirsty Miller Series 3 (1984) 1. Anne Miller, Richard Stilgoe,     Sarah Greene 2. Duncan Goodhew, Emma Disley,     Sue Nicholls 3. Adam Tandy, Chris Serle,     Sandra Dickinson 4. Bonnie Langford, Christopher Hughes,     Paul McDowell 5. Janet Fielding, Neil Adams, Nigel Crocket 6. Fern Britton, Noel Edmonds, Ray Virr Series 4 (1986) 1. Ian McNaught-Davis, Roy Cane,     Sheelagh Gilby 2. Barbara Lott, Johnny Ball, Liz Hobbs 3. David Sanderman, Fiona Kennedy,     Ian McCaskill 4. Deborah Leigh Hall,     Professor Heinz Wolff, Ruth Madoc 5. George Layton, Joanna Munro,     Val Prince 6. Adam Gilby, Heather Couper,     Keith Chegwin The Adventure Game - The Vortex Zaps an Adventurer The Adventure Game - Moira Stuart is an Argond The Adventure Game - The Vortex is Active ©
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