© JedisParadise.com The Raccoons Story  The Raccoons is an 80’s children’s TV cartoon. The Evergreen forest, is a peaceful, tranquil place. But this peace doesn’t last when you have a greedy millionaire called Cyril Sneer living nearby. All he thinks about is money and profit, and he wouldn't think twice about tearing the forest down to make a quick buck. He's helped on his quest for wealth by his many minions he employs, such as the 3 pigs (not the same ones in the fairy tale) who carry out anything he says. Luckily Ralph, Melissa and Burt stand in his way and thwart his evil schemes. They are a group of Raccoons who live together in the Evergreen Forest. Bert is the loudest and is always looking for adventure, where Ralph and Melissa the sensible ones and are a couple.   They have help from their friends, Cedric (the son of Cyril Sneer), Sofia (Cedric's girlfriend), Shafer (Old English Sheepdog) and Broo (Shafer's Son).   Don’t forget to look out for one of the funniest lines in the show - 'You guys aren't cops, you're pigs’. The Raccoons Characters Cyril Sneer     (voiced by Michael Magee) Cyril is an extremely rich aardvark. He lives in the Evergreen Forest in a huge Mansion with his son Cedric. Cyril has a distinct look, he's pink, has a gold tooth, looks like he hasn't slept in years and is always shouting at everyone. He loves nothing more than going into his vault and counting his money he has earned and smoking cigars, we think it relaxes him. A lot of his wealth comes from stocks and shares, but Cyril isn't content with the money he has and is always thinking up other ways to make money. Most of his ideas seem to entail destroying part of the environment and where people live, but this doesn't seem to concern him at all.   To help implement his plans, he has a network of spies and some muscle to enforce them (the Bears) and the 3 Pigs who coordinate his ideas. He gets very frustrated that a group of Raccoons can spoil his devious plans and is always trying to keep one step ahead of them. The trouble with being one of the most hated animals in the forest is that he’s always thinking that everyone is plotting against him. He even suspected his son, Cedric, who was only trying to throw him a surprise party.   Cyril is always giving his son Cedric a hard time, as he wants him to be a ruthless as himself. But when he Cedric ran away from home he was devastated. He even thought about writing him out of his will, to entice him back. But Cyril has never lost anything in his life and was afraid of losing Cedric, and even though he doesn't show it, He loves his son dearly and later on chose to save his son rather than gain a wealth in treasure, which for Cyril was a massive step.   His long dead Uncle Sammy is now an embarrassment to him, but this wasn’t the case when he was younger. You see, just before Uncle Sammy died he gave all his money away, which infuriated Cyril. Sammy also had Cyril promise to never destroy his beloved Evergreen Mountain, which he agreed to, as Cyril never goes back on a promise. So for 20 years Cyril kept everyone away from the top of the evergreen mountain, with stories of the Grim and traps he laid. This was to stop anyone ever knowing about his Uncle's generosity, and find the statue of Uncle Sammy on top of Evergreen Mountain. Bert Raccoon     (voiced by Len Carlson) Bert Raccoon is an extrovert who loves to be the centre of attention, and he certainly doesn’t blend in with the crowd wearing his red jumper with a large ‘B’ on it for Bert. He comes across as being loud and not caring for anyone apart from himself, but he has a heart of gold and would help you out if you were in trouble. His main aim in life is to be an explorer and to experience adventure. As a result he loves to tell anyone about the ones he’s already had, but as you can guess he embellishes them. He also has a job as a reporter at the local paper, The Evergreen Standard, where he tries to uncover the next dastardly plot of Cyril Sneer and find the biggest scoop.   Bert lives with his 2 best friends, Ralph and Melissa, in a tree in the Evergreen Forest (it's quite a spacious tree). In his spare time he likes to invents things, the trouble is that most of his inventions don't work. He also likes to play the Moose Horn, but again isn't very good at it, so he was ordered to play it elsewhere in the forest.   Bert acts very brave, but when he's faced with danger he'll run for cover and hide. He does face his fears every so often, such as the time he climbed to the top of Evergreen Mountain, even with the prospect of meeting the Grim.   Luckily for Bert, excitement is always around the corner. He was chosen by Cedric to race his solar powered car, The Solar Coaster, in a race with Cyril Sneer (or 'Hose Nose' as Bert calls him). The trouble is that Bert isn't very fast a driver, and took the slow but steady path. He even reverted to pedal power when Cyril used smoke to block out the sun to stop his solar powered car. But Cyril used every trick in the book to win, beating Bert into second place.   Bert's best friend is Cedric, and the two of them were were inseparable. He even said that Cedric could share his room, when he ran away from home. But as usual, the honeymoon period didn't last and Bert became jealous of all the time Cedric was spending with his girlfriend, Sofia. Luckily Cedric reassured Bert that even though their relationship had changed, that he would always be Bert's friend and there for him. Ralph Raccoon     (voiced by Bob Dermer) Ralph is the boyfriend of Mellisa Raccoon. But with Bert always around, they don’t seem to get any time together. Once he asked Bert to give them some space, which upset Bert who felt that they didn't appreciate him.   His idea of a quiet life was shattered when Cedric came to stay, after he ran away from home. He thought he was only staying for a few days, but Cedric was so upset with his father, that he said he'd be staying for the year!   Ralph is also the editor of the local paper, The Evergreen Standard, and sends Bert out on his assignments (mostly to snoop on Cyril Sneer). Mellisa Raccoon     (voiced by Rita Coolidge / Dottie West /                                   Susan Roman / Linda Feige) Mellisa is the girlfriend of Ralph, and they live together in a tree house with Bert. Even though she would like Bert to be a little quieter, she has noticed that he doesn't like to be alone. She is the sensible / practical one of the group, but became really emotional when she couldn't join the boys on their trip, as she was told it was a boys only club, Still, she managed to help the boys out by scaring away the 3 pigs with the Moose Horn, and earned the right to join their club.   Mellisa also works for the local paper, The Evergreen Standard, as its photographer. Cedric Sydney Sneer     (voiced by Fred Little / Marvin Goldhar) He is the son of Cyril Sneer, who sent him to college to toughen him up and eventually take over the family business. The trouble was that Cedric is a sensitive person, so came back from college with the idea of helping people. As you can guess Cyril Sneer was not pleased. Cedric just doesn't have the killer instinct like his dad, and likes to play things safe instead.   Still, Cedric works closely with his father, doing his accounts, and even designed a solar powered car. He was so proud of it, so was understandably upset when his father altered the design and made the car run on petrol.   This spurred Cedric into action, and with the help from his friends he built his solar powered car from the parts that were thrown away from his father’s car. Even though his car lost the race against his father’s one, Mammoth Motors were impressed with it so much that they agreed to build his car instead of his fathers.   Once, Cedric ran away from home because his father was giving him a hard time about going on a picnic and spending time with his girlfriend, Sophia, and his friends. He felt his father didn't appreciate him, so moved out and moved in with Bert. Poor Cyril tried a number of tactics to get him to come home, but eventually he returned when he found out how much his father really did love him (ah!).   If Cedric upsets his father, then he puts him in the dungeons of his mansion. Luckily for Cedric, its fully furnished and the door isn't locked. I think he quite likes going there. Sofia Tutu (voiced by Sharon Lewis) Sofia is Cedric's girlfriend and when they met it was love at first sight. She can wind Cedric around her little finger and get him to do anything, apart from being allowed in the boys secret fort. She wasn't happy about that. The 3 Pigs (voiced by Fred Little / Len Carlson / Nick Nichols / Keith Hampshire) They are identical triplet pigs, who are brothers. They work for Cyril Sneer and are very loyal to him, which is due to them being scared stiff of him. If Cyril has an idea about anything, the pigs always agree that its a good idea (even if it isn't).   Most of the time Cyril uses them to coordinate his dastardly schemes or spy on others in and around the Evergreen Forest. Even though Cyril is always using them to do his dirty work, he has never paid them for their services. Cyril insists that the cheque is in the post (what a meanie!).   They nearly always wear the same clothes as each other and like to finish off each others sentences. To get around they normally ride around on a motorcycle with side-car.   Even though they are normally loyal to Cyril, every once in a while they try to help Bert and his friends behind his back. Ranger Dan (voiced by Rupert Holmes / Leo Sayer / Murray Cruchley) He is the ranger of the Evergreen Forest, where he lives in a log cabin with his 2 children, Tommy and Julie, and their 2 dogs, Shafer and Broo. In his spare time he likes to sit down with his children and tell them stories about the inhabitants of the forest.   When he goes to work, he leaves Shafer and Broo to protect the children while he's away. Once, the children ran away from home, to avoid being shouted at by their dad. They took toys, food (ice cream and chocolate) and Broo. The trouble was that they got lost and scared. Luckily they were found safe and Dan was reunited with them. Schaeffer     (voiced by Carl Banas) He is an Old English Sheepdog who is owned by Tommy and Julie (the children of Ranger Dan). He tries to keep the children safe and his son Broo. Schaeffer is the friend of Bert, Ralph, and Mellisa, and he helps them out harvesting the vegetables from their garden and with their fight against Cyril Sneer. Even though Schaeffer talks, he never speaks when the children or their father are around. So they never know he can talk. Broo     (voiced by Sharon Lewis) He is the son of Shafer and loves to help his dad out. He was so proud when he asked him to look after the children during an emergency.   It was Broo who found a treasure map hidden in the old boot that Bert caught when fishing. Bert sprang into action to find the treasure, but was disappointed when they found the treasure, as it was a chest of dog biscuits, which upset Bert, but Broo was happy. Snag     (voiced by Michael Magee) He is Cyril's Dog and is very nasty. He tries to stay out of the way of Cyril when he's in a bad mood, as he's likely to be kicked, out of frustration. Mr Mammoth     (voiced by) Mr Mammoth is one of the richest Rhino’s and the biggest car manufacturer in the world. Cyril is always trying to suck up to him to get him to spend his money with him. But it was Cedric’s Solar Powered car that caught his eye. Still Cyril was happy, as he owns the rights to the car, and made a tidy profit.   The Raccoons - Together The Raccoons T-Shirts The Raccoons - TShirts The Raccoons Video Intro The Raccoons - Bert Leading The Way
The Raccoons Episodes Specials 1. The Christmas Raccoons (1980) 2. The Raccoons On Ice (1981) 3. The Raccoons and the Lost Star (1983) 4. The Raccoons: Let's Dance! (1984) Series 1 (1985) 1. Surprise Attack! 2. Going It Alone! 3. A Night to Remember! 4. The Evergreen Grand Prix! 5. The Runaways! 6. Buried Treasure! 7. The Intruders! 8. Opportunity Knocks! 9. Cry Wolf! 10. Rumors! 11. Gold Rush! Series 2 (1987) 1. Double Play! 2. The Sweet Smell of Success! 3. Blast from the Past! 4. Power Trip! 5. Stop the Clock! 6. The Artful Dodger! 7. Last Legs! 8. Read No Evil! 9. Courting Disaster! 10. Time Trap! Series 3 (1988) 1. The Prism of Zenda! 2. Paperback Hero! 3. The Chips Are Down! 4. Life in the Fast Lane! 5. Monster Mania! 6. Mom's the Word! 7. Picture Perfect! 8. Strictly by the Book! 9. The Evergreen Express! 10. Trouble Shooter! 11. The Paper Chase! 12. Simon Says! 13. Games People Play! Series 4 (1989) 1. Second Chance! 2. The Sky's the Limit! 3. Bully for You! 4. A Catered Affair! 5. Search and Rescue! 6. Spring Fever! 7. The Family Secret! 8. The Great Escape! 9. Making the Grade! 10. Science Friction! 11. Stealing the Show! 12. The Phantom of Sneer Mansion! 13. The Headline Hunter! Series 5 (1990) 1. Cold Feet! 2. Stress Test! 3. Moving In! 4. End of the Line! 5. Easy Money! 6. Endless Summer! 7. Promises Promises! 8. Black Belt Bentley! 9. The Wrong Stuff! 10. Join the Club! 11. The Evergreen Election! 12. The One That Got Away! 13. Go for the Gold! The Raccoons - Bert Takes the Quick Exit The Raccoons - Bert Having Fun The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer Plotting The Raccoons - Snag Keeps Guard The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer's Secret Police The Raccoons - Ralph and Melissa Raccoon The Raccoons - Sofia Tutu is in Trouble The Raccoons - Bert Raccoon to the Rescue The Raccoons - Cedric Sneer is Broken Out Of Jail The Raccoons - Escape By Balloon The Raccoons - Titles The Raccoons - A Peaceful Bike Ride The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer in Hot Pursuit The Raccoons - Tommy and Julie Go Camping The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer's Mansion From the Sky The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer Works For His Dad The Raccoons Images (click to enlarge) The Raccoons - Bert Swinging Around The Raccoons - Cedric Sneer Tries To Stop Them The Raccoons - Cyril Sneer The Raccoons - Schaeffer The Raccoons - Bert Raccoon The Raccoons - Melissa Raccoon The Raccoons - Ralph Raccoon The Raccoons - Cedric Sneer The Raccoons - Sofia Tutu The Raccoons - The 3 Pigs
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