Wacky Races Story Wacky Races is a 60’s children’s TV cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera. Welcome to the Wacky Races, a racing championship across the USA to see who can be the Wackiest Racer, with a field of racers from all of the world trying to win each race. But these are no ordinary races, instead they take place on the public roads and there are no rules, so any dirty trick is allowed. If you see a Wacky Racer hurtling towards you, the best thing to do is get out of their way, as they would likely shunted you out of the way. It must pay well, as it’s televised. The announcer keeps everyone informed on how the race is going and even shows us a radar picture of the cars (they go in different directions!). He even has the technology to talk to each of the racers, during the race. Keep an eye out for Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley, as they are the number one cheaters in the race.   Wacky Races Characters Dick Dastardly     (voiced by Paul Winchell) Dick Dastardly is a cad, who will do anything to win the Wacky Races, such as leaving oil slicks on the road, setting up fake diversion and getting the locals to stop the other racers. One of his favourites tricks is to chain other racers to a post near the start line, so he can get a head start. These tactic only slow the racers down slightly, which upsets Dick Dastardly, who can be heard say ‘Drat, Drat and Double Drat!’. The trouble is he could have won some of the races if he didn’t try to cheat. If his dog, Muttley, sniggers at Dick Dastardly when his schemes don’t go to plan, then he likes to bash him on his head, to keep him in line. He drives the unusually numbered ‘double Zero’, which is streamlined car, powered by a jet engine, and bristling with Gadgets to take down other racers. But it consistently comes in last due to the cheating back firing. It has even been a whisker from the finish line before breaking down! Muttley     (voiced by Don Messick) Muttley is Dick Dastardly’s dog, co-pilot and henchman. He helps him to set the traps for the other racers and intimidate them. Muttley is also the Mechanic who helps keep the ‘Double Zero’ on the road. When a sneaky plan comes together or Dick Dastardly gets his comeuppance, then Muttley loves to give a funny wheezy laugh. But poor Muttley is always shouted at and told he’s stupid by Dick Dastardly, he even bashes him on the head if he steps out of line. But Muttley can only take so much of this before he snaps and tries to bite a chunk out of him (serves him right). It is always Muttley who is called upon to help if one of Dick Dastardly’s schemes backfires, which normally means Dick Dastardly is on the receiving end, who screams ‘Muttley Do Something!’. If you want to keep Muttley on your side, then try ticking his belly, as he loves it. Slag Brothers     (voiced by Daws Butler) Car Number 1 is the Boulder Mobile, which is a stone age vehicle made out of rock. It is driven by the Slag Brothers who are two caveman brothers called Rock & Gravel. We aren’t sure which one is which and who actually drives the car, as they both look the same and are covered from head to toe in hair. They are always arguing with each other as they are racing and can be seen hitting each other with clubs. That isn’t the only thing that they hit with their clubs, as any of the racers can be on the receiving end of one of them. But the clubs come in very useful when their car smashes into little bits, as they can keep bashing the pieces and reconstruct their car again (We’d love to know how to do this, as it could save us a fortune in car repairs!). For an extra boost in speed they use their clubs to bash the backend of the car, thus driving it forward They speak their own language & use push power for that extra boost. The Gruesome Twosome     (voiced by Daws Buttler & Don Messick) Car Number 2 is the Creepy Coupe, which has a small haunted house on the top of it. It is driven by Little Gruesome a small vampire that can just about see over the steering wheel and is the brains of the two. He is accompanied by Big Gruesome, a large monster whose hair is so long that you can barely see his eyes, who is the muscle out of the two. They have no qualms in cheating and when needed they call upon the power contained within the haunted house. Such as dragon power, where a dragon pokes his head and wings out of the haunted house, flapping its wings and giving them a boost. It can also set other racing cars on fire! They even have the ability to send out witches to hex the others and stop them in their tracks. As racing pushes cars to their limit, occasionally they can overheat and catch fire. Luckily for the Gruesome Twosome, they have the power to  summon up storm to put it out. Professor Pat Pending     (voiced by Don Messick) Car Number 3 is the Convert-a-Car, which is a car that can convert to nearly anything, such as boats, jetpacks etc. It was made by inventor Professor Pat Pending, who also drives the car. He uses the gadgets on his car to get past Dick Dastardly’s traps, such as the time he used a huge pancake flipper to get past a rubber road. The Professor does not use his gadgets to stop others in the race and has even used his gadgets to help out the other racers. Red Max     (voiced by Daws Butler) Car Number 4 is The Crimson Hay Bailer, which is a plane come car, driven my Red Max. If he needs to get past anyone infront of him, then he can fly the car over them (normally he can only fly over 1 car only at a time). But if he really wants to put other racers our of commission, then he can use the mounted guns to shoot them down or use the propeller to cut away the other vehicles.   Penelope Pitstop     (voiced by Janet Waldo) Car Number 5, The Pink Compact Pussycat, is a pink car driven by southern bell Penelope Pitstop. But racing doesn’t seem to be her number one priority and she seems to be more concerned on how she looks. Luckily for Penelope the car is designed to pamper to a girl’s needs. It has a parasol sticking out of the top of it to keep the sun and rain off her, plus the on board gadgets ensure she always looks good, such as the one that applies her lipstick as she drives. Penelope doesn't seem to know much about car engines, and when repairs are required, she seems to take out many parts and not put them all back in. But somehow gets the car working again! Her secret weapon is to use her girly charms on others, who are drawn to helping her out. Army Surplus Special     (voiced by Daws Butler & Paul Winchell) Car Number 6 is really a tank, the Army Surplus Special, driven by Private Meekly, who does what he is told by the domineering Sergeant Blast, who barks out his orders from the top of the tank turret. To shoot into the lead they can call on mine power, where they use the explosion to catapult themselves to the front of the field. The Anthill Mob     (voiced by Daws Butler & Paul Winchell) Car Number 7 is the Bulletproof Bomb, which as a car driven by 7 small gangsters. If they need an extra burst of speed, they can use ‘Getaway Power’, which entails the group putting their feet through the floor of the car and using leg power to drive it forward (just like the Flintstones). The Archinsas Chuggabug     (voiced by John Stephenson) Car Number 8 is the Archinsas Chuggabug, which is powered by a wood burning furnace. It is driven by a hillbilly called Luke who likes to steer using his feet, as he’s very laid back. This can be a disadvantage when driving, as he can relax too much and fall asleep. Maybe this is why his co-driver, Blubber Bear, is so nervous all the time and is known to start crying all of a sudden. Luke is also good a tracking, which is why he’s sometimes called Hound Dog Luke. If they need a boost to get ahead of the opposition then they can call on tiger power, where tiger legs sprout from the car which then bounds ahead of everyone. But if anyone gets close to passing them, then they use smoke from their furnace to blind their opponents and make them crash. Peter Perfect     (voiced by Daws Butler) Car Number 9 is the Turbo Terrific, a long dragster with huge back wheels. It is driven by Peter Perfect who is a gentleman who never uses underhanded means against other drivers, and just concentrates on racing. But his gentleman ways means that other racers can fool him and get him to stop and help them / others, while they speed off into the distance. There is one racer that Peter would do anything for and that is Penelope Pitstop, who he has a crush on. Whenever she is in trouble you know Peter will arrive to rescue her. Penelope just loves the attention and flutters her eyelashes at him. He likes to show off by saying he is a karate expert. Rufus Roughcut     (voiced by Daws Butler & Don Messick) Car Number 10 is the Buzzwagon, a vehicle made of logs and saw blades as wheels. Try not to get in its way as your car is likely to be cut in half. It is driven by the muscle powerhouse, Rufus Roughcut, who constantly has a smile on his face while driving. He is accompanied by Sawtooth the beaver. He has the option to go into pulverised overdrive which makes the saw wheels bigger to cut through any obstacles, and he can even extend his neck to win races (which is useful). Wacky Races - Dastardly and Muttley Wacky Races Episodes Series 1 (1968)  1-1. See Saw To Arkansas  1-2. Creepy Trip To Lemon Twist  2-1. Why Oh Why Wyoming  2-2. Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock  3-1. Mish Mash Missouri Dash  3-2. Idaho A Go-Go  4-1. Scout Scatter  4-2. Free Wheeling to Wheeling  5-1. The Baja-Ha-Ha-Race  5-2. Real Gone Ape  6-1. By Rollercoaster To Upsans Downs  6-2. The Speedy Arkansas Traveller  7-1. Rhode Island Road Race  7-2. The Great Cold Rush Race  8-1. Eeny Miny Missouri Go  8-2. The Super Silly Swamp Sprint  9-1. The Zippy Mississippi Race  9-2. Traffic Jambalaya  10-1. Hot Race at Chillicothe  10-2. The Wrong Lumber Race  11-1. Wacky Race to Ripsaw  11-2. Oils Well That Ends Well  12-1. Whizzin’ to Washington  12-2. The Dipsy Doodle Desert Derby  13-1. Speeding For Smogland  13-2. Race Rally to Raleigh  14-1. The Dopey Dakota Derby  14-2. Dash to Delaware  15-1. Ballpoint Penn. Or Bust  15-2. Fast Track to Hackensack  16-1. Race to Racine  16-2. The Carlsbad or Bust Bash  17-1. The Ski Resort Road Race  17-2. 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