Fimbles History The Fimbles is a 00’s Children’s TV show for pre-school children. The show was based on characters from the children’s book ‘Lucy Anna and the Finders’ by Sarah Hayes. In the book, they were called Finders, who were quite scary, so for the show they only used the look of the characters only. The programme was commissioned by Novel Entertainment for the BBC, which was their first ever show. 200 episodes of the show was produced between 2002 and 2004, along with a further 12 Fimbly Songtime’s, where they sang their favourite songs. There have been two spin offs from The Fimbles, the first being the Roly Mo Show, where he reads further sties to his friends. The second was a radio show called 'Rock It's Pocket (2009) for CBeebies Radio. Story 'Fimbles, Fimbles, Fimbles, We're the Fimbles...' The Fimbles are 3 strange looking creatures (Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom) who are children of varying ages. They live in Fimble Valley, a hidden place, with their friends Rockit, a Tree Frog, plus Bessie and Ribble who are birds. In the valley there are many strange and exotic plants, with areas such as Bubble Falls, Comfy Corner, Tinkling Tree, Play Dips, Happy Hollows, Busy Base and Purple Meadow. The Fimbles also have a talent for finding things, as they get that Fimbly Feeling, where their fingers tingle and glow and all the surrounding flowers move to look at them. Then they burst into song about their Fimbly Feeling, whilst looking for the object. The items that they try to find seem to magically appear, and we have no idea where they come from. Bessie tells them all about the objects they find and they even get the opportunity to see children using them in the real world, such as the time they found a sleeping bag, then they watched a young girl use one. They love to learn about new objects, sing together and make things, and they especially like playing games with Rockit. When its time for bed they sing 'We close our eyes when we go to sleep, we close ears when we go to sleep'. Fimbles Characters Fimbo     (voiced by Aidan Cook, played by John Tobias / Adam Blaug / Steve Poole) Fimbo is the yellow one with green stripes. One of his favourite foods is Crumble Crackers, and when he sings, he likes to shake his Shimmy Shaker, a sort of maraca. Florrie     (voiced by Shelley Longworth, played by Holli Hoffman / Leah Green / Jenny Hutchinson) Florrie is the blue one with purple stripes. She can be seen clutching her teddy, called 'Little One', who looks like a yellow and red miniature Fimble, Baby Pom     (voiced by Tasmin Heatley, played by Samantha Dodd / Denise Dove) Baby Pom is the youngest Fimble and is the green one with pink stripes. Because of her young age, her speech isn’t as developed as the others and can have trouble getting her words out. Once, they found a hairbrush, but thought it was a hedgehog. It was Bessie that pointed out it was a hairbrush, so Baby Pom renamed it a hairhog, which the others thought sounded just right. Baby Pom can also be seen pushing her trundle truck around, collecting objects.. Rockit     (voiced by Wayne Forrester) Rockit is a Blue Tree Frog and one of the Fimble’s best friends, He seems to act like the Fimbles morale officier, who tries to keep them happy by acting silly, making them laugh and playing games with them He especially likes to play a game he made up called Sleeping Frogs, where he pretends to be asleep and jumps out on people when they get close. Yippidy Jippidy. Roly Mo     (voiced by Wayne Forrester) He is a small purple animal with green rings on him and seems quite chilled with life. He lives underground in his burrow, where you will find a vast library of books. As you could probably tell, he tries to find any excuse to read the books, and what better way than read stories to the Fimbles and their friends. When he’s looking for a storybook, he likes to sing to himself 'When you take a look inside a book, its fun as fun can be...' Roly Mo has a unique way of getting around quickly. He tucks his legs in and rolls off. Bessie     (voiced by Tasmin Heatley) ‘Hello my lovelies’ is how she greets us all. Bessie is a plump fluffy pink bird who overlooks the Fimbles from her nest at Bubble Falls, and keeps a motherly eye on them. She’s not the fastest flyer, as she’s only got little wings. She uses her knowledge of the outside world to explain to the Fimbles what objects are and what they do. Bessie doesn’t stay in one place for very long, as she’s always got to be somewhere else. At the end of each adventure Bessie asks Ribble if he can remember what happened today. She then recaps what the Fimbles did and asks us to draw what we saw and to come and see them next time, before saying ‘Tatty bye, I've got to fly’. Ribble     (voiced by Shelley Longworth) He is Bessie's chick, who greets him by saying ‘Hello my little chickadee’. Ribble looks like an orange fluff ball, with a little yellow beak poking out of it. He was so fluffy that you couldn’t see his eyes (he looked quite funny), but the older he got you could eventually see his eyes (maybe he had a haircut?). We don't understand what he says when talking to Bessie, as he just cheeps away, but Bessie seems to understand what he's saying. Fimbles - Baby Pom and Fimbo Fimbles - Bessie flies to Bubble Falls Fimbles - Fimbly Feeling Fimbles - Fimbo loves to slide Fimbles - Titles Fimbles Images (click to enlarge) Fimbles - We're the Fimbles Fimbles - Baby Pom Plays Fimbles - Fimbo Fimbles  T-Shirts - NONE Fimbles Video Intro
Fimbles Episodes Series 1 (2002) ??? Series 2 (2003) ??? Fimbles - Baby Pom and her Trundle Truck Fimbles - Florrie and Little One Fimbles - Roly Mo in his library Fimbles - Fimbo and Rockit find something © Fimbles - Florrie Fimbles - Baby Pom Fimbles - Rockit Fimbles - Bessie Fimbles - Ribble Fimbles - Bessie at Bubble Falls Fimbles DVDs Fimbles - DVDs Fimbles - DVDs Fimbles - Rockit has fun Fimbles - Fimbo gets in his sleeping bag Fimbles - Roly Mo
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